The Gilchrist County Board of County Commissioners, in and for Gilchrist County, Florida, convened in special session November l, l99l, at l0:l0 A.M., in the Commissioner's Meeting Room at the Courthouse in Trenton, Florida. The following members were present to-wit:

Addy Jones, Chairman

W. B. Mathis, Jr.

Jimmie Sheffield

Emory Philman

Fred Wilkerson

Other persons in attendance were Jackie R. Barron, Ex-Officio Clerk; Glenda Patterson, Deputy Clerk; Ted Burt, County Attorney; Lee Mills, P.E. & Dixie Sharpe, Mills Engineering, Doug Smith, Hydrotec; Morris Conner, Solid Waste Supervisor and Richard Rachael, Mike Fitzsimmon, Mary Nogas and Patricia Reynolds of the Department of Environmental Regulation, State of Florida.

Invocation was provided by Commissioner Wilkerson.

Mr. Burt opened discussion announcing the meeting had been called to discuss with representatives of DER the county's proposed ground water monitoring plan at the landfill. An Administration Hearing is scheduled for December 7th as requested by the County. The County's position is that there are some things in the final permit issued to them that had new plans and criteria set forth and were not orginally in the application. DER has changed their requirements while the County is in the process of the closure plan of the old county landfill site. DER issued the final permit without the County having been given the opportunity to review it for content.

DER Representative stated that basically what Mr. Burt stated was true. Additional information was requested so that they would have enough material available to them to issue the permit. The permit issued was different than the groundwater plan submitted. They stated they would not discuss the legal aspects of this matter today only the technical portions.

Several topics of concern of both the County and DER were thoroughly discussed with each providing oral argument as to their objections and reasons for same. A tape recording of this meeting is on file in the Clerk's Office at the Courthouse.

Upon advise of County Attorney, Ted Burt, motion was made by Commissioner Wilkerson authorizing he and the Engineer's to look into the feasibility of a continuance of the hearing and extension of the parameters of the discharge area now proposed and to continue discussions and negotiations with DER. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Mathis and vote of Commissioners was as follows.

Addy Jones-Yes

W. B. Mathis, Jr.-Yes

Jimmie Sheffield-Yes

Emory Philman-Yes

Fred Wilkerson-Yes

There being no other business to come before the Board at this time the meeting was adjourned at l2:35 P.M.

Approved: ___________________


Attest: ____________________

Ex-Officio Clerk