The Gilchrist County Board of County Commissioners, in and for Gilchrist County, Florida, convened in regular session Monday, March 2, l992, at 9:30 A.M., in the Commissioner's Meeting Room at the Courthouse in Trenton, Florida. The following members were present to-wit:

Jimmie Sheffield, Chairman

Addy Jones

W. B. Mathis, Jr.

Emory Philman

Fred Wilkerson

Other persons present were Jackie R. Barron, Ex-Officio Clerk; Sherree Pitzarell, Deputy Clerk; Ted Burt, County Attorney and D. Ray Harrison, Jr., Property Appraiser.

Devotional was provided by Commissioner Philman.

D. Ray Harrison, Jr. Re: Agendas

Mr. Harrison spoke to Commissioners about constitutional officers being placed on the agenda on a routine basis each month. Following discussion of this, board members agreed to schedule them on the agenda each month late in the day.

Discussion of the mapping system followed with Mr. Harrison reporting the Head of the Mapping Dept. at the University of Florida is bringing someone from Charlotte County here and there may be some services we can provide them for a fee. Clay County may also be able to utilize some of our services to eliminate them from having to purchase a scanner.

Approval of Minutes of Prior Board Meetings

Upon motion of Commissioner Philman and second by Commissioner Jones, the following sets of minutes presented were agreed to for approval.

Workshop Held l0/28/9l

Public Hearing of ll/l8/9l

Regular Meeting Held 2/3/92

Special Meeting Held 2/l0/92

Workshop Meeting Held 2/l8/92

Mr. Burt commented he has been advised by the County's finance department that a bond has been received from Diamond Waste with a guaranteed line of credit.

Transportation Advisory Committee

Commissioner Wilkerson reported that Verna Mae Eady has agreed to represent his district as a member of the Transportation Advisory Committee. Board members unanimously agreed to this.

Attorney's Report

Mr. Burt, County Attorney, reported he is continuing his research into legalities and feasibility of impact fees for jail operations, roads, recreation as well as permitting fees. There is a management short course to be held next month in Tallahassee that deals specifically with these and other county related matters. Commissioners agreed that Mr. Burt, Mr. Barron and one Commissioner is requested and authorized to attend this meeting.

Interlocal Agreement with Town of Bell Re: Building Inspection

Request has been made of the County to enter into an interlocal agreement with the Town of Bell for building inspection services. Motion was made by Commissioner Jones to approve this agreement, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson and agreed to as follows.

Jimmie Sheffield-Yes

Addy Jones-Yes

W. B. Mathis, Jr.-Yes

Emory Philman-Yes

Fred Wilkerson-Yes

Terms of Agreement are as follows.

l. Gilchrist County, through its Building Department, will provide the building construction regulation responsibilities for the Town of Bell.

2. The Town of Bell agrees that all permit fees, including any impact fees that may be levied in the future, will be the sole property of the Board of County Commissioners of Gilchrist County, Florida and shall be budgeted as the Board of County Commissioners shall determine.

3. Either party, may withoutout cause, terminate this agreement by delivery of written notice of termination no less than sixty (60) days prior to the termination date.

Gilchrist County Land Use Plan

Mr. Burt announced a public hearing needs to be held to accept and adopt what action was recommended at the last workshop meeting. Commissioners agreed to advertise for such a public hearing March l2th at 7:00 P.M.

Ken Frey Re: Suwannee River Regional Library

Mr. Frey addressed the Board concerning the Gilchrist County Library. He stated in his opinion the success of this library has been due to the Friends of the Library organization. These people are completely out of the decision making and there is little supporting documentation of how money is spent in relation to the amount funded per contract. He stated they want input to library policies, etc. Also, documentation of expenses on contracts. Mr. Frey pointed out to board members the Gilchrist County Library Board was dissolved in l988 at the request of the Board.

Discussion ensued regarding the cost we are charged for books, as opposed to what Suwannee County is reportedly paying for them. Mr. Hales has a book that outlines how to set up a library board and the Board of County Commissioners asked that this book be reviewed before any action being taken. Mr. Hales will bring back to the Commission a list of cost per book.

Richard Parker, Public Defender Re: Increase in Budget

Mr. Parker requested the assistance of the Board in convincing the legislature (especially Senator Kirkpatrick) of the need to increase the budget for the Public Defender's office due to cuts from the State. The Public Defender's office has laid off each employee one day per month without pay to save money. Approximately $800 is needed for the remainder of this budget year to pick up operating expenses for the State's Bronson office. On an annual basis this would come to $l2,400, 20% being our share of the expense and Levy County absorbing 80%. Motion was made by Commissioner Wilkerson, seconded by Commissioner Jones and agreed to unanimously to increase the Public Defender's budget by $800 for the balance of the state's fiscal year. This money is to come from the county's fine & forfeiture fund.

David Martin-Establishment of Fire Dept. in North East Part of

Mr. Martin discussed with board members the need to establish a volunteer fire department in the north east part of the county. There is poor response time from the North Gilchrist Volunteer Fire Dept. because of locale and many persons in this area agree there is a need to establish another fire department. He offered to donate property for a fire station and through a fund raiser work toward donations for a well and shelter for a truck. Board members advised Mr. Martin to work with the North Gilchrist Volunteer Fire Dept. to receive training for himself and other volunteers and advised they also have a fire truck that can be utilized. If this does not work out then further consideration can be given to a new department.

Commissioners recessed for lunch at this time.

Following the EMS Authority meeting, Commissioners reconvened their regular meeting.

Plat Approvals

Replat of Lots 18 & 19 & W. 1.55' of Lot l7-Gilcrest Farms

Mr. Parrish presented for board consideration final plat on replat of Lots l8 & l9 & W. l.55' of Lot l7, Gilcrest Farms, Sl7,T9, Rl5, Gilchrist County. Motion was made for approval by Commissioner Philman, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson and unanimously agreed to subject to title opinion being approved by County Attorney, Ted Burt.

Public Hearing Re: Zoning Change

Joan D. Strong S12, T9S, R15E

Public Hearing was opened with Mr. Burt explaining request for zoning change of Ms. Strong had been heard by the Zoning Board in December and it was their recommendation for approval. Motion was made by Commissioner Philman to approve the zoning change and adoption of Ordinance No. 92-04, seconded by Commissioner Mathis and unanimously approved. Copy of Ordinance is attached and made a part of these minutes.

Buddy Joyner, Road Superintendent

Mr. Joyner reviewed with commissioners quotes received on sign posts for the new road numbering system. Quotes were received as follows.

Gilchrist Building Supply 4x4x6' #2 @ $3.00 ea.

4x4x6' #3 @ $2.24 ea.

Overstreet's Building Supply 4x4x12' @ $6.l6 or $3.08 each 6'

Gold Kist 4x4x6' @ $4.00

Motion was made by Commissioner Philman authorizing the purchase from Gilchrist Bldg. Supply @ $2.24 each based on an order for l,000. Commissioner Mathis seconded the motion and vote of board members was unanimous.

Discussion of rock ensued with Mr. Joyner reporting the Road Dept. has on hand a one week's supply. White Construction has stated they would dig with a one yard drag line for $60 hr. or $l20/hr. for 2 yd. machine. A one yard machine can dig to a 25 foot depth and a 2 yard can dig 35 feet deep. Motion was made by Commissioner Philman, seconded by Commissioner Jones and agreed to authorizing Mr. Joyner to purchase rock from Florida Rock, Luther White or elsewhere, up to a limit of $3.00 per yard.

The need for radios being put on graders and dump trucks was reviewed with Mr. Joyner being requested to obtain more detailed information to determine if this equipment should be bid out. Prices on purchasing and/or lease of equipment was requested.

Mr. Joyner reported a total of l2 complaints and/or inquiries were received during February . Summary of maintenance and repair costs was submitted showing parts purchased totaled $2,536.45, tires $ll3.20 and tire repairs $33. Rock loads purchased during February totaled 30l large and 62 small. Breakdown of rock loads by road per district was submitted by Mr. Joyner.

There will be no more inmate labor from Lancaster Correctional Institution due to shortage of guards. Mr. Joyner did report, however, the county can make use of the inmates if our employees are certified.

Clark Cannon of the road department will be retiring shortly. Mr. Joyner requested approval of a 50 cents a hour raise in salary. No action was taken with the Board suggesting this be reconsidered at budget time.

Terry Young, DOT, has agreed to work with the county in putting in a paved apron at the dairy road off Hwy. l29 and across from 232 if the county will provide the materials. Motion was made by Commissioner Mathis, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson and approved authorizing this action.

Morris Conner, Solid Waste Supervisor

Mr. Conner reported to Commissioners Earl Gray Sanders, Solid Waste Dept. employee, will be going into the hospital March 9th and requested permission to hire someone temporarily. Motion was made by Commissioner Philman, seconded by Commissioner Mathis and agreed to authorizing Mr. Conner to advertise and employee a temporary position.

Copy of the l99l Gilchrist County Recycling Education telephone survey completed last summer was made available to Commissioners. This was conducted by Mills Engineering Co. with the assistance of volunteers from the Trenton Woman's Club.

Motion was made by Commissioner Mathis. seconded by Commissioner Philman and approved to make payment for bill for paint that was used on the old Bell voting precinct.

Clerk's Presentation of Bills & Transfers to Board

Bills were examined after which motion was made by Commissioner Mathis authorizing the Clerk to issue warrants under date of March 2, l992 and ratifying those issued under dates of March l, l992, February l3th and 24th, l992, and approval of transfers as attached and made a part of these minutes.

Vote of Commissioners was unanimous.

Authorization for Sheriff to Retain Services of Engineer

Commissioners discussed the necessity of the Sheriff securing the services of an engineer to prepare a set of plans for the proposed jail administration building. Motion was made for approval of this request by Commissioner Jones, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson and unanimously agreed to.

Gene Parrish Re: Division of Acreage

Mr. Parrish discussed with board members request of his client, Marvin Terry, to divide l60 acres into 6 parcels. A variance is needed as it doesn't meet county subdivision requirements. Platting the property division would be in compliance with the subdivision ordinance.

Upon motion of Commissioner Wilkerson board members agreed to grant a variance to the subdivision ordinance to the Frances K. Osteen Estate on the 9.206 acre breakout to Bethel Baptist Church and to grant a variance to allow 5 other breakouts of 2l.75, l0, l5 and 79 acres in Sl0, Tl0S, Rl4E. Commissioner Jones seconded motion which carried unanimously.

Approval of Reimbursement on Special Assessments

Based on recommendation of Tax Collector, W.W. Welch, motion was made by Commissioner Jones to approve reimbursement of special assessments paid by Spring Ridge Church of God for l990 on their church building in the amount of $l03.68, and reimbursement to Mt. Nebo Church in the same amount of special assessments paid on two parcels for l990. Commissioner Mathis seconded the motion and vote of board members was unanimously agreed to

Authorization to Issue Duplicate Tax Certificates

Request from W. W. Welch, Tax Collector, to authorize him to issue duplicate tax certificates on the following described properties was reviewed.

Cert. No. Year of Issuance Description Cert. Holder

l99 l989 Lots 9&l0, Blk

l,West & Johnson

Addition R.E. Nichols

424 l989 Lot l8 Metes &

Bds. Desc.(See

Tax Roll) R.E. Nichols

Motion was made for approval by Commissioner Philman, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson and agreed to.

Request to Amend Tax Collector's Budget

Motion was made by Commissioner Wilkerson to approve request of Mr. Welch to amend his budget in personal services in the amount of $485 to cover additional health insurance increase. Commissioner Jones seconded the motion and vote of board members was unanimous.

Proposal for Microfilming of Validated Tax Assessment Rolls

Mr. Barron presented written quote from Micrographics, Inc. in the amount of $l,600 for conversion of validated tax assessment rolls to microfilm. Commissioners questioned Mr. Barron if he could assist in the cost of this project with him agreeing to budget $200 toward it. Motion was made by Commissioner Philman to approve this expenditure with $l,400 coming out of the General Revenue Fund and Mr. Barron contributing $200 towards it. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Mathis and unanimously agreed to.

Suwannee River Economic Council, Inc.-Housing

Preservation Program

Motion was made by Commissioner Philman, seconded by Commissioner Mathis and agreed to authorizing a letter be written supporting the Economic Council's efforts to obtain additional funding from the Farmers Home Administration for the Housing Preservation Program. Funds would be used in concordance with the Economic Council's weatherization program for low-income homeowners.

Approval of Emergency Management Assistance Agreement

Motion was made by Commissioner Jones for approval of the Fiscal Year l992 Emergency Management Assistance Agreement between the Department of Community Affairs and Gilchrist County. Our FY-92 allocation is $6,374. Commissioner Wilkerson seconded the motion and vote of board members was unanimous.

Clerk's Report on Jan. l992 Disbursements to

Board of County Commissioners

Local OT $ l30.00

Law Library 97.00

St. Atty. & Public Defender 2l8.00

Court Costs 520.00

County 3,369.l4

Court Facility 97.00

Interest 2,7l0.08

Total......................................... $7,l4l.22

Discussion of Appointment to District 3 Alcohol, Drug Abuse &

Mental Health Planning Council

Final Draft of the l993-99 Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Plan was presented to board members. This is scheduled for final action at the April board meeting, however Commissioners were asked to consider appointment of an individual representing Gilchrist county to serve on the above described Council. Mr. Barron agreed to discuss this with Iris Roberts and request her consider the Board's appointment.

Refund on Drug Grant

Motion was made by Commissioner Wilkerson to refund to the State of Florida, Dept. of Community Affairs, $723.59 which represents unexpected grant funds. Commissioner Jones seconded the motion and vote of Commissioners was unanimous.

Proposal of Salvation Army Contract

Mr. Burt presented proposed contract he had received from the Salvation Army to provide probation services for Gilchrist County. Mr. Burt stated he had never seen one and neither has Mr. Barron. This is, however, at no expense to the county. Motion was made by Commissioner Jones to approve the contract subject to Mr. Burt's approval, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson and unanimously agreed to.

There being no other business to come before the Board at this time the meeting was adjourned at 6:45 P.M.

Approved: ____________________




Ex-Officio Clerk