The Gilchrist County Board of County Commissioners, in and for Gilchrist County, Florida, convened in a regular meeting May 4, l992 at 9:30 A.M., in the Commissioner's Meeting Room at the Courthouse in Trenton, Florida, with the following members present to-wit:

Jimmie Sheffield, Chairman

Addy Jones

W. B. Mathis, Jr.

Emory Philman

Fred Wilkerson

Other persons in attendance were Jackie R. Barron, Ex-Officio Clerk; Deputy Clerks Glenda Patterson, Charlotte Burley and Sherree Pitzarell, Ted Burt, County Attorney; Alan Nast & Robert Beauchamp, County Auditors; Lee Mills, P.E. and Phil Chancey of Mills Engineering; Morris Conner, Solid Waste Supervisor; Buddy Joyner, Road Superintendent; Sheriff Jim Floyd and Chief Deputy, Jim Cooper; Charles Bell, P.E.; Gene Parrish, Surveyor; Wilma Mattuci, Gilchrist County Library; Jim Troke and other representatives of Florida Power Corporation.

Invocation was provided by Commissioner Mathis.

Agenda Changes, Additions/Deletions

Added to the Agenda since its publication was Audit Report; Discussion of No Wake Resolution; Central Florida Electric Coop., Inc. Re: Easement; Jail Expansion; Joint Meeting with School and Park Boards Re: Hart Springs and Lee Mills Re: Landfill Closure.

Approval of Minutes of Prior Board Meeting

Motion was made by Commissioner Jones, seconded by Commissioner Mathis and unanimously agreed to approving minutes as submitted for board meeting held March l2, l992.

Wilma Matucci, Gilchrist County Librarian

Verbal report was given by Ms. Matucci on library activities. New books are now coming in with invoices and are being checked for verification. A fax machine has been ordered to assist in expediting interlibrary loans of books.

Discussion for the need of an inventory of books and other library materials on hand followed. Ms. Matucci will followup on this.

Discussion of Minutes of March 2, l992 Meeting

Chairman Sheffield called to board members attention verbal request from Ken Frey that the portion of minutes of the March 2nd meeting at which he appeared and spoke be amended to reflect more detail of comments he made. Commissioners unanimously agreed the minutes accurately reflected what had taken place and are not intended to be a verbatim of that meeting. No action was taken to amend these minutes.

Sample Duties & Responsibilities of a Library & Its Board

Written explanation of the difference between an Advisory Board and Administrative Board for operation of public libraries was made available for Commissioner's review. These guidelines were taken from The Library Trustee: A Practical Guidebook by Virginia Young. It was the general consensus of those present it would be more appropriate to use those guidelines outlined in the Advisory Board section than Administrative, if any.

Chairman Sheffield questioned if Mr Hales had been requested to present background information requested by the Board for a twelve month or 3 year period. Commissioner Mathis suggested it be submitted for l2 months and if the Board is not satisfied additional information can be requested at that time. Mr. Barron noted Mr. Hales has advised him the information requested will be available by the time the Board starts looking at proposed budgets for the next fiscal year.

Mike Casey Re: Gilchrist County Recreation Authority

A brief informational report was received from Mr. Casey, President of the Gilchrist County Recreation Authority. Assistance from the County in the form of in-kind services toward development of a recreational facility on land donated to them by Sandy McArthur.

Following review of needs of the Recreation Authority, motion was made by Commissioner Wilkerson authorizing the Road Superintendent to discuss with Mr. Casey what is needed and for Mr. Joyner to come up with a cost estimate on the county's part and present to the Board for formal action. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Philman and unanimously agreed to on roll call.

Audit Report for Fiscal Year l990-91

Alan Nast of Davis Monk & Company presented to Commissioners Audit Report for fiscal year ending September 30, l99l. Mr. Nast briefly explained the audit process as required by Chapter ll Florida Statutes. Gilchrist County's financial condition was found to be relatively strong. The County has done a good job of controlling expenditures and preparing realistic budgets.

Motion was made by Commissioner Jones formally accepting the Audit as presented, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson and unanimously agreed to by Commissioners. Copy of this report is on file in the Clerk's Office.

Attorney's Report

Discussion of Mark Johnson Road Dispute

Mr. Burt advised that based on results of the last discussion Mark Johnson had with the board concerning a dispute over a fence line location, a verbal agreement has been reached that will meet the concerns of Mr. Johnson and the county. A legal description is in the process of being drawn up by Parrish Surveyors for final consideration.

Zoning Change (Strong-McAlpin)

Following discussion with the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council, Mr. Burt announced it is his recommendation the Board authorize him to advertise a plan amendment in the near future to the County's Comprehensive Land Use Plan relative to a recent zoning change approved upon request of Joan Strong McAlpin, advising them the County will go ahead on its own and propose a zoning amendment. Motion was made by Commissioner Jones authorizing this action, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson and unanimously agreed to.

Lee Mills, P.E., Mills Engineering

Mr. Mills was in attendance and verbally updated Commissioners on status of closure of the old county landfill. Extension for final cover has been granted until May 20th. This should be completed this week. Final documentation is due July 20th. There still remains some soil testing to be done. Application for extending parameter of the zone of discharge has been made.

Discussion of the installation of the water system at the solid waste transfer site facility followed with Mr. Mills advising board members his firm did not bid the plumbing, someone else did that. There is some question of specifications used and this is being looked into.

Commissioners recessed for the EMS Authority meeting at ll:20 A.M., reconvening at ll:40 A.M.

David Brittin-Discussion of Fuel Usage

Mr. Brittin requested authorization to use gasoline from the Transportation Dept. on a temporary basis. Motion was made by Commissioner Wilkerson approving this, seconded by Commissioner Mathis and unanimously agreed to.

Morris Conner, Solid Waste Supervisor

Number of persons participating in the county's recycling program at the recycling facility and mobile units has almost reached l,000 Mr. Conner advised. An alternative method of disposing of tires needs to be considered by the Board.

Discussion of the feasibility of the county purchasing a roll-off truck followed. It is felt this would cut down on the high cost of rental as well as freight.

Upon motion of Commissioner Jones, which was seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson, board members agreed to declare a moratorium on the cost of disposal of white goods at the solid waste facility through the remainder of this month.

Letter from Gail Wynne, Manager Environmental Affairs & Communications of Bell South was noted as having been received. This letter commended Mr. Conner for the efficient manner in which the directory recycling program was accomplished.

Jim Troke, Florida Power Corporation

Mr. Troke appeared along with other representatives of Florida Power Corporation to review with board members proposed site location for 230 KV transmission line and new substation in Wilcox. Also discussed was construction of a 500 KV transmission line that will interconnect bulk power systems between Florida and Georgia. Florida Power Corporation is attempting to come up with a preferred corridor by July lst. There is a public hearing scheduled May 2lst in Fanning Springs and others will be scheduled throughout the Tri-County area.

Commissioners recessed for lunch at l2:25 P.M., reconvening at l:35 P.M., with all members present.

Plat Approvals

Gene Parrish for Elizabeth Campbell

Mr. Parrish was present with a proposed preliminary plat for Elizabeth Campbell on Lot 30 located in S3,Tl0S, Rl6E, Rolling Oaks. Following discussion of this among board members, Mr. Burt and Mr. Rehberg, Building Official, it was determined what Ms. Campbell needs is a zoning variance or change and to replat the property. Motion was made by Commissioner Wilkerson approving a replat of this property contingent on Mr. Parrish's preparing a property plat. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Philman and agreed to. Ms. Campbell was advised that a proposed final plat will have to come back before the Board and she should make application through the Building Dept. for any zoning changes she wishes to have considered.

Final Plat Approval-O'Steen Acres

Motion was made by Commissioner Wilkerson, seconded by Commissioner Jones and unanimously agreed to approving final plat on O'Steen Acres, located in Sl0, Tl0, Rl4.

Carl Rehberg, Building Official

Mr. Rehberg discussed with Commissioners what he considers to be a safety problem and one which is economically a detriment to the county's revenue sources. He and Mr. Burt have discussed this and Mr. Rehberg's opinion is the county should adopt some type of policy dealing with the age of mobile homes being allowed to obtain building permits, perhaps in the form of impact fees or an increase in building department fees. Motion was made by Commissioner Philman authorizing Mr. Burt and Mr. Rehberg to research this area further. Commissioner Jones seconded the motion which carried unanimously.

Buddy Joyner, Road Superintendent

Summary of complaints and requests received by the Road Department for the month of April was 12. A total of 330 rock loads were purchased during this time period.

Review of budget followed with Mr. Barron announcing if current trends continue the remainder of this budget year on repairs, monies will have to be transferred from reserve or equipment to cover repair expenses.

Commissioners were encouraged by Mr. Joyner to begin looking at other sources from which to obtain rock.

Central Florida Electric Coop., Inc. Re: Easement

Greg Beauchamp, Attorney for CFEC and Ed Ricketson, Manager of Chiefland Office, were in attendance to ask the county grant them an easement on the county's right-of-way at the Rock Bluff Bridge on CR340. This easement is being requested so that a feeder extension line can be installed on concrete poles. Bell now has excess power that is needed by the Old Town and Gulf Hammock areas. There will be two poles installed, one on the Dixie County side and one in Gilchrist County.

Motion was made by Commissioner Mathis approving this requested easement, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson and agreed to. Mr. Burt will followup on this with Mr. Beauchamp.

Approval of Extension on Preliminary Plats on Kensington & The

Letter from Ronald W. Fussell requesting extension on preliminary plats for Kensington and The Moors was reviewed. Mr. Fussell was requesting an extension for a one year period. Permit from the Water Management District has been received and they have plans to begin construction by the middle of this month. Motion approving this request was made by Commissioner Philman, seconded by Commissioner Mathis and unanimously agreed to.

Sheriff Jim Floyd Re: Construction of Administrative

Offices and Remodeling of County Jail

Sheriff Floyd advised the County a lawsuit has been filed against him in federal court by an inmate claiming he did not receive necessary medical attention. Mr. Burt recommended our insurance carrier be put on notice of this action. He will followup on this.

Discussion of the need for remodeling of the county jail to allow for additional bed space followed. Mr. Charles Bell, P.E., presented to the Board proposed set of plans to accomplish this and construction of an administrative building to house offices and Emergency Medical Services in Trenton. Commissioners agreed the most practical and economical course of action to take in this project is to advertise for a construction supervisor, to become a temporary employee of the county's, who will supervise inmate labor who will actually do most of the physical work.

Mr. Barron examined with board members the financing method that would have to be used to accomplish this. The monies will have to be borrowed with the county pledging general revenue sharing. Any monies received for federal inmates and not budgeted for other expenses could be used to retire the loan.

Motion was made by Commissioner Philman authorizing a topographacal survey being done on the property, seconded by Commissioner Mathis and unanimously agreed to.

Upon motion of Commissioner Philman, Mr. Burt was instructed to advertise for one temporary position for a contracting supervisor to be an employee of the county's. Commissioner Wilkerson seconded the motion which carried unanimously on roll call.

Larry Rogers Re: Paving Portion of Shady Grove Road

Mr. Rogers presented verbally to Commissioners a proposal whereby he and others would contribute toward the paving of a certain part of the unpaved portion of Shady Grove Road. This would be done in the form of contributions of equipment, materials and cash. Mr. Rogers proposes to provide the rock and have it hauled to the location, Larry Watson will furnish the truck, and Mr. Whitehurst will haul the rock. Mr. Wesley, who owns property on this road, will donate $l,000 cash after completion of the project. He was requesting the county make an in-kind donation toward this in the form of equipment and manpower for traffic control. Board members agreed this appears to be a viable offer. Request will be made of Water Management District for a no permit ruling, if not it will cost approximately $l,000-$2,000 in 3 years to rock and maintain the road and it still wouldn't be paved. Commissioner Jones commended Mr. Rogers and others who are willing to participate in this project for making the effort.

Mr. Barron questioned Mr. Rogers, for the record, if he or any of the others who have volunteered their resources for this project and own property in this area, have any immediate plans to subdivide this property. Mr. Rogers responded no.

Motion was made by Commissioner Jones authorizing this project be undertaken as outlined, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson and unanimously agreed to.

Clerk's Presentation of Bills to Board for Approval

Following review of bills authorized for payment by the Chairman and those under consideration today, motion was made by Commissioner Jones approving vouchers under dates of April l6th, 23rd, 27th and May l and 4th, l992. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Philman and unanimously agreed to.

Clerk's Presentation of Budget Transfers to Board for Approval

Mr. Barron and Ms. Burley reviewed with Commissioners budget transfers for approval. Motion was made by Commissioner Jones for approving attached transfers, seconded by Commissioner Mathis and unanimously agreed to.

Attorney's Report Continued

Mr. Burt reported he has determined county employees serving on the Competency Board are not considered to be dual office


Amendment to Lease Option-Lancaster Oil Company, Inc.

Mr. Burt presented for consideration Amendment to Lease Option between Lancaster Oil Co., Inc. and Gilchrist County. This Lease Option is on property presently occupied by the Tri County Senior Citizens, Inc. Amended Lease-Option changes the date for delivery of notice of intent to exercise option to purchase only.

Motion was made by Commissioner Jones for approval of amendment, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson and unanimously agreed to.

Title Opinions-Closing of County Roads

Mr. Burt recommended the board consider a policy whereby properties deeded to the county, for whatever reason, be required to provide a title opinion and/or have the person holding the mortgage join in a petition for the road closing.

Payment of Special Assessments

A discussion was led by Mr. Burt with him recommending the county take action to allow for those old unpaid special assessments for calendar year l986 be paid in installments. Motion was made by Commissioner Philman and seconded by Commissioner Mathis and approved.

Resignation of Sherry Rogers from Zoning Board

Mr. Barron noted letter of resignation has been received from Sherry Rogers, Zoning Board member. Ms. Rogers is resigning to run for County Commissioner in District l.

Sherree Pitzarell Re: CDBG Grant

Commissioners were updated by Ms. Pitzarell on bids recently received for improvements to those homes authorized under the CDBG Grant Program the county is presently participating in. A lengthy discussion followed among board members as to economics of the amount of money being considered to be spent from grant funds for older mobile homes when a new mobile home could be purchased for less. Mr. Barron voiced his and other staff member's dissatisfaction with the administrative performance of the Fred Fox firm in this project.

Motion was made by Commissioner Jones that the renovations proposed to the home of Euralee O'Steen be authorized, seconded by Commissioner Philman and agreed to.

Commissioner Philman moved that the remainder of those dwellings under consideration and approved for renovations be deferred for the time being and a letter be written to the Fred Fox firm requesting they attend a meeting to discuss this in more detail. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Jones and agreed to.

Miscellaneous Correspondence

Florida DNR-Longleaf Pine Ecosystem (Davidson Ranch)

Letter from Florida Dept. of Natural Resources was noted as being received stating on April 7th the above project was selected by the Land Acquisition Advisory Council for further study for possible purchase. This property is located in Gilchrist County.

Resignation of Eugene Hyde from North Gilchrist Volunteer

Fire Department

Written resignation from Eugene Hyde, member of North Gilchrist Volunteer Fire Department, was received. Mr. Hyde has sold his property in Gilchrist County and is moving.

Resignation of Joseph Dixon from Waccasassa Volunteer

Fire Department

Letter from Mr. Dixon resigning from the Waccasassa Volunteer Fire Dept., effective April ll, l992, was noted as having been received.

Clerk's March l992 Disbursements to Board of County


Local OT $ l20.00

Law Library l23.00

State Attorney & Public Defender 329.00

Court Costs l,ll0.00

County Fines 3,652.65

Court Facility l23.00

Interest 2,903.38

Total $8,36l.03

Jerry Stevenson-Reimbursement for l989 & l990 Ad Valorem Tax

Memo from Mr. Welch, Tax Collector, providing information on Jerry Stevenson who was assessed in l989 and l990 for a building that was not located on his property was reviewed. Copy of approval for reimbursement of this was noted as being received from the Dept. of Revenue. Motion was made by Commissioner Jones approving reimbursement of this for l989 in the amount of $76.47 and $77.5l for the tax year l990. Commissioner Wilkerson seconded the motion which carried unanimously. This is on Parcel #110715000000120000.

Request for Refund of Ad Valorem Taxes for Verna Mae Eady &

Jeannette Johnson

Approval from the Dept. of Revenue for refunds on ad valorem taxes on mobile home and outbuilding that were assessed after they were removed from said property was discussed. These were for tax year l989 in the amount of $52.59 and $53.26 for l990, Parcel #201014028100080030.Motion was made for approval by Commissioner Mathis, seconded by Commissioner Jones and agreed to.

Request for Reimbursements on Special Assessments

Margaret Arnold

Paid receipts for l989 and l990 special assessments on property owned by Margaret Arnold for which she paid for two units when she should have been assessed for only l were examined. Mr. Welch, Tax Collector, reported the amount to be refunded to be $l05.84 for l989 and $l06.92 for l990. Motion was made by Commissioner Wilkerson to approve this request and seconded by Commissioner Jones. Following further discussion it was agreed this request would need to be considered by the EMS Authority also and Commissioners withdrew their motion for approval. This will be reconsidered at the June meeting. Parcel # is 09l0l50l080l360000.

Also tabled until the June meeting was request for reimbursement to Jorge & Janet Lorie for refund on parcel $36-l0-l6-0058-0005-0000 on special assessment billed in error.

Approval of Postage Reimbursement to Tax Collector

Motion was made by Commissioner Jones approving reimbursement to Tax Collector, Mr. Welch, for postage used in mailing ad valorem tax bills in the amount of $99l.5l. Commissioner Mathis seconded the motion which carried on roll call.

Resolution No. 92-08-A

Motion was made by Commissioner Mathis, seconded by Commissioner Jones and agreed to for unanimous adoption of the following Resolution.

WHEREAS, the State of Florida has a well established historical dual allocation of responsibility for the handling of prisoners through a local jail system, and a State prison system; and

WHEREAS, the dual allocation of prisoner responsibility has worked very well and has clearly established lines of responsibility between the State and the various Counties, and

WHEREAS, the State and the Counties have been able to budget and fund their respective corrections responsibilities out of revenues respectively available to the State and the Counties; and

WHEREAS, both the State and the Counties are currently faced with significant budget and revenue problems; and

WHEREAS, solving the State revenue and budget problems by reallocating traditional State corrections functions by placing them on the Counties is grossly unfair, is burdensome on the Counties, and is budget solving by "legislative slight-of-hand:.


SECTION l. Gilchrist County opposes any and all provisions of the Community Corrections Partnership Act, or any other provision of law, which would decrease the responsibility for corrections at the State level and which would impose more responsibility at the local County level.

SECTION 2. Gilchrist County opposes proposed legislative changes which would reallocate corrections responsibilities so as to increase corrections cost at the local government level.

SECTION 3. Gilchrist County opposes solving the State revenue and budget woes by passing cost of corrections to the local government level.

SECTION 4. Gilchrist County hereby announces its support for the Florida Sheriff Association's position on the "Community Corrections Partnership Act".

SECTION 5. Gilchrist County expresses its opposition to any legislation which would seek to solve the State Prison Bed Shortage problem by reallocating jail responsibility to the Counties.

SECTION 6. Gilchrist County opposes any effort to shift the cost for the punishment of State prisoners from the State to the Counties.

SECTION 7. Gilchrist County opposes any modifications to the State Sentencing Guidelines which would have the design of shifting the responsibility for State inmates to the Counties.

SECTION 8. The Gilchrist County legislative delegation is hereby urged to support Gilchrist County's position on the issues of corrections responsibility allocation.

SECTION 9. Copies of this resolution shall be furnished to the Florida Association of Counties and to the 67 counties of the State of Florida with a request that they actively oppose any such changes.

ADOPTED in Regular Session this 4th day of May, l992.

Approved: /s/ Jimmie Sheffield, Chairman


/s/ Jackie R. Barron

Ex-Officio Clerk

Tri-County Council for Senior Citizens, Inc.

Motion was made by Commissioner Jones approving Co-operative Agreement between Gilchrist County and the Tri-County Council for Senior Citizens, Inc., copy of which is on file in the Clerk's Office. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Mathis and unanimously agreed to.

Joint Meeting with School Board & Park Board

Mr. Barron announced it is going to be necessary to hold a joint meeting with the Park Board and School Board to discuss future plans of the Park Board in the near future. The date of May l9th was agreed to and Mr. Barron asked to follow-up on.

There being no other business to come before the Board at this time, motion was made to adjourn at 6:45 P.M. by Commissioner Jones, seconded by Commissioner Philman and the meeting adjourned.

Approved: ____________________




Ex-Officio Clerk