The Gilchrist County Board of County Commissioners, in and for Gilchrist County, Florida, convened in a workshop meeting June 9,l992, at 9:30 A.M., in the Commissioner's Meeting Room at the Courthouse in Trenton, Florida, with the following members present to-wit:

Jimmie Sheffield, Chairman

Addy Jones

W. B. Mathis, Jr.

Emory Philman

Fred Wilkerson

Other persons in attendance were Jackie R. Barron, Ex-Officio Clerk; Glenda Patterson and Charlotte Burley, Deputy Clerks; Ted Burt, County Attorney; Lee Mills, Engineer, Doug Smith, Hydroteck; Kathryn Deen, City Manager of Trenton; Morris Conner, Solid Waste Supervisor, David Brittin, Director EMS; Carl Rehberg, Building Official, Buddy Joyner, Road Supt.; Richard Perryman, VA/Civil Defense Director; Sheriff Jim Floyd; Danny Hales & Wilma Mattuci, Suwannee River Regional Library and Ken Frey, county resident.

Invocation was by Commissioner Wilkerson, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Agenda Changes, Additions & Deletions

Chairman Sheffield requested appointments to committees be taken up later in the meeting under Old Business and/or New Business.

Wilma Mattuci & Danny Hales Re: Gilchrist County Library

Ms. Mattucci raised for discussion the feasibility of having the library, located in Trenton, remaining open one night a week.

She has explored ways of accomplishing this and it appears now that Monday night is the only practical night. The library would open at l:00 P.M. on Monday's and remain open until 9:00 P.M. Request was made for a sub during this period initially until it is seen how the work flow picks up. Mr. Hales acknowledged the library budget is prepared to handle this additional increase for the remainder of this fiscal year. It is anticipated this new schedule will begin in July. Motion was made by Commissioner Jones, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson and unanimously agreed to authorizing the proposed library hours.

Sea Shells Donated to County by the Joe Griffin's

Request was made by Ms. Mattuci that the County authorize those sea shells now on display at the library be placed on loan to the School Board for display in their new administrative building. This request is being made to provide for additional space needed at the library as well as security purposes.

Motion was made by Commissioner Wilkerson, seconded by Commissioner Jones and unanimously agreed to officially accepting the sea shells donated by the Joe Griffin's and authorizing them being on loan to the Gilchrist County School Board. Mr. & Mrs. Griffin will first be contacted as a courtesy to see if they have any objections to this.

Discussion Re: Library Budget for FY9l-92

Mr. Hales advised board members the library is experiencing shortages in certain areas of the current budget, i.e., utilities, and if unable to transfer from one account to another he will be coming back requesting additional funding to cover these expenses.

Report previously requested by Commissioners will be made available at the regular meeting in July.

Authorization to Ken Frey Re: Evaluation of Suwannee River

Regional Library

Mr. Frey requested Commissioners consider authorizing him to continue his efforts in conducting an objective evaluation as to the current and historical operation of the Suwannee River Regional Library. Motion was made by Commissioner Philman approving this request, seconded by Commissioner Mathis and unanimously carried with the understanding this is being done on a volunteer basis and no compensation is expected from the county.

Mona Masters & Mrs. N. B. Dorman-Presentation of Portrait

Mona Masters and the former Madelyn Weeks presented to Commissioners a portrait of her late parents Dr. Lester Reginald Weeks and Annie Carter Weeks, to be hung in the Weeks Building, now owned and used by the County as offices. Motion was made by Commissioner Jones officially accepting the portrait to be hung and the building to be designated as the "Weeks Building". Commissioner Wilkerson seconded the motion which carried unanimously.

Approval of Minutes of Prior Board Meetings

Motion was made by Commissioner Jones for approval of the following minutes, seconded by Commissioner Mathis and unanimously agreed to.

Regular Meeting April 6, l992

Special Meeting Held April 27, l992

Regular Meeting of May 4, l992

Special Meeting May l9, l992 (3:00 P.M.)

Special Meeting May l9, l992 (7:00 P.M.)

Workshop Meeting of Local Planning Agency Held May l9, l992

Fred Fox-CDBG Update

Mr. Fox presented for Board review written update on homes selected thus far for renovation. Chairman Sheffield noted he and the Building Official had made an onsite inspection of several of the properties under consideration for repairs and now has a better understanding of the method being used in determining types of repairs needed. Following a short discussion on this project, motion was made by Commissioner Jones authorizing Chairman Sheffield and Carl Rehberg, Building Official, to go over estimates presented and review workups and drafts for approval for work to be bid. Commissioner Philman seconded the motion which carried unanimously on roll call.

Motion was made by Commissioner Jones authorizing rental of a storage shed for Euralee O'Steen from Picks Storage in Gainesville. Costs of this will come out of grant monies. Commissioner Mathis seconded the motion which passed by unanimous vote.

Clerk's Report on Pending Projects and/or Meetings Attended

Mr. Barron updated Commissioners on a recent meeting he and Chairman Sheffield attended on proposed new rules of HRS. There is much concern among counties concerning these as they would place each county in the position of being a surrogate state agency. They would be responsible for such functions as septic tank permitting, etc.

Mr. Barron and Chairman Sheffield met in Tallahassee last week with the new Secretary of the Department of Community Affairs, Linda Shelley, concerning comprehensive land use plans. Rural counties met to discuss with this agency concerns they have in coming into compliance . He left with the impression that Ms. Shelly has a thorough understanding of the intent of the legislature was when the l985 Growth Management Act was passed and she appears to have a working knowledge of small city and rural county situations.

Report on project undertaken by the Clerk's Association was given by Mr. Barron. HRS has contracted with the Clerk's Assn. to provide a statewide child support computer program to help HRS meeting federal guidelines placed on them. This project is being funded through an increase in fees being paid by the payor.Mr. Barron is chairing the Operations Committee for this project. When the project is completed each county will have the ability to directly interface with anyone on the state area communication network.Purpose of the project is to ultimately bring about uniformity in the child support depository program.

First Response Service/Assistance

Kathryn Deen, City Manager of Trenton, was in attendance and discussed with board members request made by the Florida Highway Patrol for the City of Trenton Volunteer Fire Department to provide First Response service or assistance to all automobile accidents. There followed a lengthy discussion among board members, David Brittin, Director EMS and Ms. Deen regarding the pros and cons of this. John Helton, City Commissioner of Trenton and Adult Education Coordinator for Lake City Community College, has set up a training class for this purpose. At a later point in the meeting and following further consideration of this request, by motion of Commissioner Philman, seconded by Commissioner Mathis and agreed to, the following action was taken.

A total of 20 participants from the five fire departments throughout the county are authorized to participate in a training program to provide first response services when needed. Two persons from each department will participate in 2 separate sessions. Each fire department is responsible for determining who they wish to participate and and at which session. These sessions are to be coordinated with John Helton. The county agrees to pay the cost of the course at $38.50 per participant, however should the fire departments wish to compensate their volunteers for first response services, they are to cover this cost out of their fire budgets. David Brittin, Director EMS, will make available to the participants additional equipment needed other than the City's First Response truck. Those participating in the First Response program are not to take the place of the EMS and EMS will continue to be required to respond to all calls.

Upon motion of Commissioner Mathis the Board recessed at ll:l5 A.M. for the EMS Authority meeting and lunch, reconvening at approximately l:20 P.M. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson and carried. All board members were present. Mr. Burt was not.

David Brittin, EMS Director

Mr. Brittin advised Commissioners he has learned that Lee County has available some various types of communication equipment. He requested the County write to them officially requesting they consider donating any such equipment to Gilchrist County. Motion was made authorizing this action by Commissioner Philman, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson and approved.

Mr. Burt arrived at this time.

Authorization to Make Application for State EMS Grant

Motion was made by Commissioner Wilkerson authorizing Mr. Brittin to make application on behalf of Gilchrist County for a State EMS Grant, 75% state/25% county match, which if approved monies would be utilized for a 9ll System. Commissioner Jones seconded motion which carried unanimously.

Plat Approvals

Preliminary plat was submitted on behalf of Hugh Pool on property located in Sl6 Tl0 Rl4, Gilchrist County. Plat consist of 9.45 acres. Motion was made for approval by Commissioner Wilkerson, seconded by Commissioner Jones and unanimously agreed to.

Buddy Joyner, Road Superintendent Report

Summary of complaints and inquiries was provided to board members by Mr. Joyner. Total number of rock loads purchased during May was 2l4.

Request was made by Mr. Joyner to purchase additional rock other than that approved by the Board for road work to the County Line Road. Mr. Barron cautioned against this noting budgeted monies for the remainder of this fiscal year to be obligated and the county does not have the cash flow now to support such a purchase. Mr. Joyner reported Levy County had advised him that if the county would furnish the asphalt while they are doing work on the County Line Road they would top Hilltop Dairy Road.

Mr. Barron raised for consideration the feasibility of the county restructuring their existing bond issue on roads. There are several miles of roads in the county in bad condition and need of repair. With interest rates down, now might be an appropriate time to look further into this. If something isn't done shortly the roadbeds are going to continue to deteriorate. Chairman Sheffield suggested Mr. Burt request the Transportation Advisory Committee be requested to appear at the next regular meeting to update Commissioners as to any progress and/or recommendations they have. Mr. Barron was requested to research the economic impact of restructuring the current bond issue and report back to the Board.

Mr. Joyner discussed with Commissioners and Lee Mills, Engineer who was in attendance, the need to purchase 24" corrugated pipe to go around the landfill and to a hole for a drainage system. Mr. Joyner had been requested to check on the cost. Mr. Burt recommended this be declared an emergency measure and to obtain three proposals going with the best meeting specifications. Motion was made by Commissioner Jones approving this action, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson and agreed to.

Jim Sullivan,Lube Specialists of Lake City Proposal Re: Above

Ground Fuel Storage Tanks

Mr. Sullivan was present at the request of Mr. Joyner to present proposal on above ground fuel storage tanks. Above ground storage tanks are approximately one-half the cost of below ground plus visual inspections can be made.

Key vs. card systems were explained and it was the consensus of the Board that a card system would be more effective. Total installation and equipment to install a two tank facility was quoted at $4l,000.00, not including DER permitting and electrical work needed. It has been estimated the county can save a minimum of $7,000 annually in what they are now paying for fuel if they go with this type of system as they will then be in a position to purchase fuel in bulk. Mr. Barron stated financing of such a project could be spread among the several different departments that would be using the fuel.

No action was taken at this time.

Solid Waste Report

Lee Mills, Engineer, acknowledged letter has been received from DER regarding the county's request for an extension of the Zone of Discharge for the Gilchrist County Landfill.

Verbal report on landfill closure was given by Mr. Mills and Mr. Conner, Solid Waste Supervisor. The project still needs some top soil added, it has to be fertilized and seeded and the storm water system completed.

Doug Smith of Hydrotec provided copy of map of proposed monitoring well system and revised groundwater monitoring plan.

Larry Martin, Florida Game & Fresh Water Fish Commission

Mr. Martin requested Commissioners consider adding to their no wake ordinance an additional site, the l29 Bridge on the Santa Fe River. This area has become increasingly dangerous due to the increase of boater use and Suwannee County has agreed to adopt such an ordinance on that side of the river. It was suggested by Mr. Martin the Board revise their current ordinance to include the wording "idle speed minimum wake" and include all areas approved in one ordinance. Motion was made by Commissioner Wilkerson authorizing Mr. Burt to advertise for a public hearing to formally consider such action. Commissioner Philman seconded the motion which carried unanimously.

Chairman Sheffield presented petition submitted by Santa Fe Oasis Property Owners Association asking that a part of the Santa Fe River between river mile 8 and 9 bordering both Columbia and Gilchrist Counties be designated a "no wake zone". Commissioners agreed to amend the motion to include this area.

Richard Perryman, VA & Civil Defense Director

Morris Conner, Solid Waste Supervisor

Applicants Re: Construction Supervisory Positions

Two applications were received and reviewed for the temporary position of construction supervisor on proposed expansion of the county jail. Commissioners reviewed and discussed with the two applicants, Albert Martin and George Hart, work expected of them and the scope of what the project would entail.

When questioned by the Board, Mr. Hart quoted a hourly rate of $l5 for supervisory services and Mr. Martin stated $l0 a hour.

By motion of Commissioner Jones, the Board took action to retain the services of Albert E. Martin based on hourly rate quoted and prior experience known to them. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson and unanimously agreed to.

Authorization to Pay to Jeffrey Dollinger, Attorney, Partial
Costs for Services Related to Seizure of Property by Sheriff's Dept.

Mr. Burt requested the Board authorize payment to be made to Jeffrey Dollinger, Attorney, out of the Law Enforcement Trust Fund in the amount of $527 for partial costs of services related to a recent seizure made by the Sheriff's Dept. of personal property in a drug case. Motion was made by Commissioner Jones approving this request, seconded by Commissioner Mathis and unanimously agreed to.

Discussion Re: Facility Physician for County Jail

Mr. Burt reviewed with Commissioners letter from the Office of the Attorney General concerning a health care provider for regular medical services at county jail. The county has been given until July 2nd to resolve this matter. After substantial discussion by the Board and Mr. Burt, motion was made by Commissioner Jones authorizing Mr. Burt, Mr. Barron and Sheriff Floyd to negotiate with Dr. Nguyen for these services for the remainder of this fiscal year contingent on him accepting a fee of $750 monthly. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Mathis and unanimously agreed to.

Mark Johnson Road Matter

Mr. Burt advised discussions are ongoing with Mark Johnson and his Attorney concerning a controversy in an existing road matter previously discussed by the Board. There is still some disagreement as to the description discussed on the actual roadway. An existing mortgage on the property with Farm Credit Service may have an exception for the existing roadway and a release be required on the part of the county. Mr. Johnson has been reported as stating he would not pay for this. Mr. Burt was advised to discuss the legal description agreed to with Gene Parrish, Surveyor.

Replat of Lot 3-Rolling Oaks

Preliminary Plat of replat on Lot 3, Rolling Oaks, was examined and moved for acceptance by Commissioner Mathis, seconded by Commissioner Philman and unanimously agreed to. Property consists of two tracts, l at 4.92 acres and l at five acres.

Attorney's Comments Re: Special Assessments & Collections

Verbal report was made by Mr. Burt concerning procedures now being used in the collection of special assessments and filing of liens. Mr. Barron commented the most cost effective method would be for special assessments to go out on ad valorem tax bills but this has not been agreed to by the Property Appraiser.

Adequate audit controls must be put into place on liens and he doesn't want the responsibility unless some system is put into place to accomplish this. Mr. Welch, Tax Collector, has advised once his office has collected the special assessments he no longer wants to be a part of the procedure of filing of liens and/or collection for same.

Following further discussion of this matter, Mr. Barron agreed to work with Mr. Burt in implementing such a procedure with the understanding any costs to his office will be passed on to the Board as a non advalorem assessment cost.

Clerk's Presentation of Bills to Board for Approval

Motion was made for approval of bills under dates of May l5th, June lst and June 9, l992 by Commissioner Jones, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson and unanimously agreed to.

Approval of Transfers-Budget Entry No. 35

Upon motion of Commissioner Jones, seconded by Commissioner Mathis and agreed, transfers under budget entry no. 35, copy attached, were approved.

Authorization to Enter Into Lease-Purchase Agreement

With Ring Power for Loader

Following review of an invoice received from Ring Power on equipment leased from them and Mr. Barron explaining to board members ongoing negotiations to have the amount due reduced, motion was made by Commissioner Mathis that Mr. Burt and Mr. Barron be authorized to notify Ring Power of its intent to enter into a lease-purchase agreement with them for a loader with that amount paid in rental of equipment used at the landfill closure site going toward the purchase price upon satisfactory negotiation. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Philman and unanimously agreed to.

Approval of Refunds on Solid Waste Special Assessments and/or

Exemption Due to Indigency

Motion was made by Commissioner Wilkerson approving the following actions on reimbursement of special assessments and exemption due to indigency. Commissioner Jones seconded the motion which carried unanimously.

Commissioners reviewed memo from W. W. Welch, Tax Collector, recommending approval of an exemption from the solid waste special assessment fee for Margaret Ann Langford, Parcel No.

35-09-l6-0000-0006-0000, based on indigency.

E. F. & Anna K. Treaster-Parcel No. l5-l0-l6-056l-3l90-0000

Mr. Welch recommended reimbursement to the Treaster's for solid waste special assessment paid in error for l988. The Treaster's moved to Gainesville in l988 and there has been no one living in the dwelling nor has there been electric service to it.

Margaret Arnold-Parcel No. 09-l0-l5-0l08-0l36-0000-Request for refund on solid waste assessments for l989 and l990 was approved. Mr. Welch advised Ms. Arnold had paid for two units on the property for the 2 years where there was, in fact, only one.

Jorge & Janet Lorie-Parcel No. 36-l0-l6-0058-0005-0000-Special Assessment was billed in error on vacant land and it was Mr. Welch's recommendation reimbursement be made.

Fred Fox Enterprises, Request for Funds No. 2-CDBG Grant

Motion was made by Commissioner Jones, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson and unanimously agreed to authorizing to the State of Florida their Request for Funds No. 2 to Fred Fox Enterprises in the amount of $3,837.99.

Appointment to Gilchrist County Zoning Board

Applications were received from Mark Bishop, Julian Weeks and Jean Wonser to fill the vacancy created recently as a result of the resignation of Sherry Rogers on the Zoning Board. Following review of these, motion was made by Commissioner Jones appointment Mark Bishop, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson and unanimously agreed to.

Other Board Appointments/Nominations

Motion was made by Commissioner Jones, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson and agreed to nominating Ken Frey and Billy Wilkerson to the HRS Committee and Shirley Frey to the Mental Health Planning Council position for Gilchrist County.

Commissioner Emory Philman-Committee Resignations

Commissioner Philman announced he wished to resign immediately from the Park Board, Transportation for Disadvantaged and 9ll Committees he has been serving on.Motion was made by Commissioner Mathis appointing Commissioner Wilkerson to serve on these committees, seconded by Commissioner Jones and agreed to.

There being no other business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:35 P.M.

Approved: ______________________




Ex-Officio Clerk