The Gilchrist County Board of County Commissioners, in and for Gilchrist County, Florida, convened in a regular meeting on March 15, 1993, at 6:00 p.m., in the Commissioner's Meeting Room at the Courthouse in Trenton, Florida, with the following members present to-wit:

Fred Wilkerson, Chairman

Wilbur Bush

V. C. Cannon

Jimmie Sheffield

Sue B. Suggs

Other persons in attendance were: Jackie R. Barron, Ex-Officio Clerk, Ted Burt, County Attorney, Sherree Pitzarell, Deputy Clerk, Richard Perryman, Civil Defense Director, Wilma Mattucci, County Librarian, Danny Hales, Regional Librarian, Albert Martin, Jail Administration Construction Supervisor, Martha Mahalick, CDBG Program, Sara Collis, Bob Matusik, Jean Wonser, James Moore, and Craig Hennis, county residents.

Minutes of the previous meeting, held March 8, 1993, were unanimously approved, upon a motion from Commissioner Sheffield, which was seconded by Commissioner Bush.


Mr. Perryman reported to the Board the damage reported to him during the storm which occurred over the weekend. He stated that an outside antenna is needed at the Sheriff's Department so that they can communicate with the Road Department. During the weekend, many trees fell, blocking roads, and communications with the Road Department were less than adequate. Mr. Perryman reported that the Damage Assessment Team is continuing to assess property damage in Gilchrist County, with Mr. Bill Mikell assessing crop damage. Mr. Perryman also stated that he is running an article in the Gilchrist County Journal and making statements on the local radio station, informing people to report their property damage to him.

In addition to the report of storm damage, Mr. Perryman said the Santa Fe River is continuing to rise, and expects Three Rivers Estates to be flooded.


Mr. Hales reviewed with the Board his proposal for expending the grant funds awarded to Gilchrist County. This year the funding was increased by $38,330. The expenditure proposal, according to Mr. Hales, consists of recommendations from the library staff and the Friends of the Library, as well as input from the public. The Board stated they would consider the proposal, and make a decision regarding expenditures at a later date.

Mr. Barron inquired as to the status of the implementation of an inventory system. Mr. Hales stated that the consultant recommends that they stay with the same computer company they are currently with. Upon Mr. Barron's request, Mr. Hales stated that he would send a copy of the consultant's recommendation for his review.


Mr. Burt presented revised travel forms to the Board for their approval. These forms were signed by the Board members, and the original is on file in the Clerk's office.

Mr. Burt reported that the term of office for three Code Enforcement Board members will soon expire. Each of the three members have expressed an interest in reappointment. Following discussion, a motion was made by Commissioner Sheffield, seconded by Commissioner Suggs, to reappoint Kenneth Frey, Donald Sorrell, and James Dwyer. The motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Burt stated that he had received a call from Alachua County, and they are working on a contract to host Gilchrist and Dixie Counties for the Hazardous Waste Collection Site.

Mr. Burt reported that he had spoken to Houstan Babcock. In a previous meeting, the Board agreed to trade their one acre tract of land, for Mr. Babcock's 1/2 acre of land, however, records search indicate that the Gilchrist County property is 2 acres, rather than one acre. The Board agreed to table further discussion until the April 5th meeting.

Mr. Burt stated that the 911 Committee met and one possible problem identified by the committee was a need for more dispatchers, once the system is in place. Mr. Barron stated that a budget will need to be defined for the 911 service, and the cities within the county will need to decide whether they wish to participate by having their fire, rescue, and/or police service dispatched through the county's 911 system. Mr. Barron stated that a representative from each of those cities should be included on the 911 committee. A motion was made by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Cannon to appoint Richard Perryman, Civil Defense Director, to the 911 committee, and to appoint Commissioner Bush as chairman of that committee. The motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Burt reported that the Affordable Housing Committee will meet next week.

Mr. Burt stated that the SHIP ordinance will be discussed in the April 5th meeting.

Commissioner Suggs asked whether she should continue to represent the Board on the Tri-County Council Board. Although she was appointed to the Tri-County Council Board, they have not recognized this, and continue to notice Commissioner Sheffield of the meeting dates. Commissioner Sheffield stated that he would be glad to continue serving on the Tri-County Council Board.


Mr. Barron spoke to the Board about the letter received from Santa Rosa County, opposing the House and Senate bills that would reduce the county's ability to make amendments to their comprehensive plans. Commissioner Suggs stated that she would contact the Small County Coalition to ascertain their feelings towards these bills. Mr. Barron reminded the Board that we need to work with the Florida Association of Counties, and that they are supporting these bills.

Mr. Barron reported to the Board that he has received a letter from Central Florida Electric. According to them, they used the wrong multiplier for figuring the cost of electricity for the microwave tower. When figured by the correct multiplier, the Board owes an additional $743.94, which covers a period of time from December 1991 through March 1993. The Board unanimously approved payment of this bill, upon a motion from Commissioner Suggs, which was seconded by Commissioner Sheffield.

Mr. Barron stated that he received a letter from Mr. Joyner, Transportation Superintendent, approving the roads in Weirsdale and Canemill Woods subdivisions, releasing the bonds on those roads.


Ms. Mahalick presented a bid on D. Stalvey of $4500 for the Board's approval. This was the low bid received from William L. Smith Construction. A motion was made by Commissioner Bush, seconded by Commissioner Sheffield, to accept the bid. The motion carried unanimously.

Ms. Mahalick presented a bid on the home of C. Morris for $23,050, or $21,550 if the well installation is eliminated. This will be the last home rehabilitated under this program. The Board asked Ms. Mahalick and Ms. Collis, member of the Task Force, why E. Langford's home is not being considered for rehab since she had signed up for the program before Ms. Morris, and her bid was lower than either of the above two bids on Ms. Morris' home. The Task Force felt that Ms. Morris' home was in poorer condition than Ms. Langford. Commissioner Sheffield stated that he has visited both homes, and both homes are equally in need of repairs. Following discussion, Commissioner Bush made a motion to reject the bid on the Morris home, and accept the bid on the Langford home since the Langford home was on the list to be repaired before the Morris home. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Suggs, and unanimously approved.


The Board discussed complaints received by residents living near boat ramps. According to those residents, people using the ramps are frequently using alcoholic beverages and making noise, disturbing those living near the ramps. The Board tabled this issue until they can discuss the problem with the Sheriff.


Mr. Martin, jail construction supervisor, reported to the Board that the lumber at the landfill is rotten and can not be used. Mr. Martin stated that the additional work on the road department shop will require about 100 2x4's. The Board advised Mr. Martin to proceed with that project, and make the necessary purchases.

The Board asked Mr. Martin to repair the roof at the Tri-County Council for Senior Citizen's Meal Site building. Mr. Martin stated that he had looked at the roof and felt it would be easy to repair. The roof sustained damage due to the recent storm.


Mr. Burt asked the Board to consider purchasing a computer for Mr. Rehberg's office. If he is to use the GIS system to determine zoning, his office will need a computer. Estimate of approximately $8000 for the cost of the computer was received from the consultants working for the Property Appraiser on the mapping system. Mr. Barron stated he would like to see a break down of the cost quoted by the consultants.


Mr. Burt discussed with the Board a problem brought to his attention regarding the amount of time required to complete construction on G. Hilliard's home. The contractor who worked on this home was penalized $250 by the Board, as recommended by Fred Fox, project administrator. The homeowner feels she should be compensated for the inconvenience of being out of her home longer than necessary. It is Mr. Burt's opinion that the problem is between the contractor and the homeowner, since the contract for construction was between those two parties.


Chairman Wilkerson stated that he had received a call from Mr. Ray Barron. According to Mr. Barron, a tree fell on the county grade in such a way as to suspend in the air over his fence during the recent storm, and when the road department crew responded to remove the tree, they allowed the tree to fall on his fence, when it could easily have been prevented. A motion was made by Commissioner Cannon, seconded by Commissioner Suggs to authorize the road department to repair the fence to Mr. Barron 's satisfaction. The motion carried unanimously.


Commissioner Sheffield discussed the condition at Water's Lake, and requested Mr. Barron to look at the county's budget to see if any money is available for improvements to that picnic pavilion. Commissioner Sheffield would like to discuss this in the next Board meeting.

There being no further business to discuss, a motion to adjourn was made by Commissioner Cannon, seconded by Commissioner Sheffield and unanimously approved.