The Gilchrist County Board of County Commissioners, in and for Gilchrist County, Florida, convened in a budget workshop/special meeting August 16, 1993, at 9:10 a.m., in the Commissioner's Meeting Room at the Courthouse in Trenton, Florida, with the following members present to-wit:

Fred Wilkerson, Chairman

Wilbur Bush

V. C. Cannon

Jimmie Sheffield

Sue B. Suggs

Other persons in attendance were: Jackie R. Barron, Ex-Officio Clerk, Ted Burt, County Attorney, Sherree Pitzarell, Kelly Johnson, and Denise Troyer, Deputy Clerks, Carl Rehberg, Building & Zoning Official, Buddy Joyner, Road/Solid Waste Superintendent, Richard Perryman, Civil Defense/Veteran's Service Officer, Kort Greenfield, Soil & Water Conservation, Tammy Sanders, Sheree Lancaster, Doug Crawford, Gwen Rexroat, Corliss Smith, and D. Ray Harrison, Chamber of Commerce, Jean Ridgeway, IDA, Mike Casey, Gilchrist Recreation Authority, Representative Randy Mackey, Cheryl Smith, Director, Community Counseling Center, Janice Woods, Tri-County Council for Senior Citizens, Marvin Weaver, County Agent, and Sara Collis, county resident.


Mr. Barron stated that all department's salary increases were cut back to 4% or $600, whichever is greater.

Building, Zoning, Competency, & Code Enforcement

Mr. Rehberg presented his budget request for the 4 departments he supervises. He explained to the Board that the only areas in need of an increase are for postage and salaries. The Board discussed a need for salary increase for the recently hired secretary. It was the understanding of the Board that she would not be eligible for an increase on October 1st. Mr. Barron reminded the Board that their previous action was to hire Ms. Strickland and evaluate her performance after 90 days. Mr. Barron stated that the computer expenses for Mr. Rehberg's office are not budgeted for in next year's budget.

Civil Defense/Veteran's Services

Mr. Perryman submitted his budget request for next fiscal year. He stated that he figured a 15% increase for each budget item. Mr. Perryman suggested that the Board consider a contingency fund for future disaster-related expenses.

Soil & Water Conservation

Mr. Kort Greenfield submitted their budget request, which includes funding for a part-time secretary. Currently, all secretarial work for Gilchrist County is being handled through Levy County. He requests that the Board fund a 30 hour per week position that would be shared with the Chamber of Commerce, located in the same building. He has met with the Chamber's President, and they agree that the position could be utilized 20 hours per week by the Soil & Water Conservation Office and 10 hours per week by the Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Barron asked if fringe benefits were included in his figures, with Mr. Greenfield replying they were not.

Chamber of Commerce

Ms. Tammy Sanders, President of the Chamber of Commerce submitted their budget for next fiscal year. Ms. Sanders explained that the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council no longer provided funding for the Chamber. Ms. Sanders stated that due to increased activities, the Chamber is in need of more staff funding. According to Ms. Sanders, the Chamber responds to approximately 25 tourism/relocation requests each week. The Chamber is requesting $6927.

Industrial Development Authority

Ms. Jean Ridgeway, consultant for the IDA appeared before the Board to discuss their budget request. Ms. Ridgeway stated that the IDA is currently working on a project with Florida West Coast Railroad for a tourist train. In addition, Ms. Ridgeway stated that the IDA is working on a promotional video for the county, filming in various locations. The IDA is requesting $10,500.

Gilchrist Recreation Authority

Mr. Mike Casey submitted a budget request on behalf of the Gilchrist Recreation Authority, along with a set of plans for the development of the Field of Dreams. In addition to baseball fields, the plans include tennis and basketball courts. Mr. Casey thanked the Board for the work that's been provided by the county's road department, in clearing the field. The Recreation Authority is requesting funding at the level of $20 per Gilchrist County participant.

The Board recessed for lunch at 11:43 a.m. and reconvened at 1:08 p.m.

State Representative Randy Mackey

Representative Randy Mackey appeared before the Board to receive their input regarding the proposed landfill for Lafayette County. Representative Mackey asked whether the Board was opposed to the proposed location or the landfill. The Board responded that they are opposed to the location. In addition, Representative Mackey advised the Board that a merger between the Florida Game & Fresh Water Fish Commission and the Florida Marine Fisheries Commission has been proposed. Some of the functions of each commission are the same or very similar, and a merger could possibly eliminate duplication. The Board views this merger as favorable.


Mr. Danny Hales, regional library director, submitted his budget request for next fiscal year, which includes a state grant of $67,000. This grant can be used for renovating and/or expanding the existing library building, however, it will require a $10,000 match by the county. Mr. Hales stated that he has reduced the amount of funding request from the county for Aid to Suwannee River Regional Library to $1500, and hopes to reduce it to $1, as the regional library has sufficient funds to operate.


Mr. Brittin presented a proposed budget for 911, which included all operational costs, except for personnel. According to Mr. Brittin, Southern Bell offers a system which, if ordered before December 12th, would save the county $500 per month. The Board discussed the costs related to the 911 system and methods of funding those costs. Mr. Burt reminded the Board that if they wish to impose a special assessment for 94-95, they would need to take action by December 31, 1993. Mr. Bush suggested that a voter referendum be held to determine whether the county residents are willing to bear the expenses of a 911 system.

Community Counseling Center

Ms. Cheryl Smith, Director of the Community Counseling Center, appeared before the Board to answer any questions they may have regarding their budget request. Ms. Smith stated that their request has increased by $611 for next fiscal year. She further stated that the state matches $3 for every $1 funded by the county.

Tri-County Council for Senior Citizens

Ms. Janice Woods spoke briefly to the Board regarding their budget request for next fiscal year. According to Ms. Woods, their request reflects an increase of $1476, for total funding of $7500.

County Extension Services

Mr. Marvin Weaver, County Agriculture Agent, presented his budget request for next fiscal year, for a total funding of $64,047.52. Included in his request are salary increases for himself and his secretary at the rate of 4%, however, Mr. Weaver would like to see the salary raised higher than that for his secretary, as she has been a good employee for many years. The Board advised Mr. Weaver to review his budget and see if funds in another line item can be moved to salaries.

Presentations by various departments and agencies were concluded at this time, and the Board began it's review of General Fund, on a line by line basis, making cuts (reductions) where feasible. The Board discussed the amount being spent on repairs and services, and agreed that in the future, repair and services for air conditioning should be bid.


The Board discussed the request received from the Levy Association of Retarded Citizens. Commissioner Suggs made a motion to fund them at a rate of $2000 for next fiscal year. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Cannon, and approved by split vote as follows:

Suggs- Yes

Cannon- Yes

Bush- Yes

Wilkerson- Yes

Sheffield- No

There being no further business to discuss, a motion to adjourn was made by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Cannon, and unanimously approved.