The Gilchrist County Board of County Commissioners, in and for Gilchrist County, Florida, convened in a regular meeting on March 7, 1994, at 8:30 a.m. in the Commissioner's Meeting Room at the Courthouse in Trenton, Florida, with the following members present to-wit:

Fred Wilkerson, Chairman

Wilbur Bush

V. C. Cannon

Jimmie Sheffield

Sue B. Suggs

Other persons in attendance were: Jackie R. Barron, Ex-Officio Clerk, Ted Burt, County Attorney, Sherree Pitzarell, Carolyn Thomas and Cheryl Watson, Deputy Clerks, Maggie Edwards, Gilchrist Titles, John Russell, Bell Volunteer Fire Department, Carl Rehberg, Building & Zoning Official, Buddy Joyner, Solid Waste/Road Depts, Gene & Herbie Parrish, Parrish Land Surveyors, Albert Martin, Construction Supervisor, Danny Hales, Wilma Mattucci, and Ann Carraway, Suwannee River Regional Library, Gene Davis, Davis Architecture, Robert Phillips, developer, Ralph Cellon & Stan Livingood, Lee Mills, Mills Engineering, Terry Parrish, Trenton City Commissioner, Bob Nabors, Nabors, Giblin, & Nickerson Law Firm, W. W. Welch, Tax Collector, Edgar Langford, Deputy Tax Collector, Jim Floyd, Sheriff, Paul Dorshlander, Donald Mitton, and Sarah Collis, county residents.

Minutes of the meeting held December 6, 1993, were unanimously approved, following a motion from Commissioner Cannon, which was seconded by Commissioner Bush.


Mr. Burt stated that during the December 6, 1993, board meeting, the Board reviewed a plat of an unrecorded subdivision, developed by Norman Rivers. This plat was approved by the Board, which showed where 2 five acre tracts had been previously approved some time ago. The plat is confusing since there are no dimensions, and Mr. Burt asks the Board for clarification. The Board agreed that there will be no further break down of acreage on the plat, which was approved with only 2 (two) five acre tracts. After further review, Commissioner Sheffield made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Suggs, that out of parcels 14 and 15 of Section 16, Township 8, Range 16, there is one five acre tract, which was previously approved, and the balance can include one tract of at least 15 acres, one tract of at least 20 acres, and in the southwest corner of Section 16, a ten acre tract can be divided into two five acre tracts. The motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Burt advised the Board that Chapter 125, Florida Statutes, stated that a county may determine its own building codes. Mr. Burt stated that he is waiting for a copy of the Southern Building Codes to be mailed. According to the Land Development Regulations, minimum building codes are included.

Mr. Burt stated that Chief Circuit Judge, Elzie Sanders sent him a copy of a draft ordinance, which he would like the county to consider adopting. This ordinance would provide for a family mediation program. Following discussion, Commissioner Suggs made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Bush, to authorize Mr. Burt to advertise for a public hearing to consider the proposed ordinance.

Mr. Burt reported that Dixie County Board of County Commissioners are considering a three county regional library concept, and would like Gilchrist and Lafayette counties to join them. Three counties would be eligible for $250,000 in state aide to libraries.

Mr. Burt stated that he has reviewed the federal laws regarding eminent domain and utilities. According to Mr. Burt, when an order of taking has occurred, the utility company (in this case, Florida Gas Transmission), has the right to the property. Delaying a decision on issuing permits could possibly jeopardize the county's ability to collect permit fees. The Board tabled discussion of this subject until 2:00 p.m.


Mr. Barron stated that he has not bid the pump for the water system at the jail because he understands that Levy County has a similar pump which has been declared surplus property. He is going to contact them.

Mr. Barron presented bills for the Board's consideration. Following review and discussion, Commissioner Suggs made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Bush, to approve the bills. The motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Barron presented journal entry # 9309, totalling $96,349. This amount represents the amount of carry-over from all constitutional officers, which will go back into the general fund reserve. They are as follows:

Law Enforcement $17,707

Detention & Corrections $14,000

Supervisor of Elections $8,077

Tax Collector $1,849

Clerk- County Court $921

Detention & Corrections $20,000

Property Appraiser $32,752

Clerk- Board of County Commissioners $1,043

Mr. Barron stated that the reserve currently has $651 without the last transfer of $4000 included. He never anticipates carry-overs coming back from the constitutional officers. These carry-overs can be added back to the budget as unanticipated revenues, which would increase the total amount of the general revenue budget. Commissioner Suggs made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Sheffield, to declare these funds surplus, by resolution, and adding it back to the general revenue fund reserve. The Board unanimously approved the motion and the resolution follows:




WHEREAS, Chapter 129, Florida Statutes, sets forth the requirements for adoption of the annual county budget; and

WHEREAS, Gilchrist County did lawfully and appropriately adopt an annual budget for the General Revenue Fund for Fiscal Year 1993-94; and

WHEREAS, Chapter 129.06, Florida Statutes authorized amendments of the budget by resolution to lawfully expend unanticipated revenues; and

WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners of Gilchrist County are in receipt of $96,349 of unanticipated revenues for the General Revenue Fund;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Gilchrist County Board of County Commissioners, that the General Revenue Fund is hereby amended in an increased amount of $96,349.


/s/Fred Wilkerson,



/s/Jackie R. Barron, Clerk

Mr. Barron presented journal entries 9301-9304 and 9306-9313 to the Board for their consideration. Following discussion, a motion was made by Commissioner Bush, seconded by Commissioner Sheffield, to approve those journal entries. The motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Burt presented a petition from Maxie Love to close a road in section 30, an extension of S. W. 100th Street. Those familiar with the road state that it was never a through road. Chairman Wilkerson asked if anyone present had any comments or concerns regarding this petition. There being no comments, Commissioner Bush made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Sheffield, to close that portion of S. W. 100th Street, by resolution of the Board. The motion carried unanimously, and the resolution follows:






WHEREAS, LOVE FARMS, a partnership, through its general partner Maxey D. Love, has petitioned this Board to vacate a portion of a road known as Southwest 100th Street in Gilchrist County, Florida; and

WHEREAS, notice has been provided pursuant to Chapter 336, Florida Statutes; and

WHEREAS, it appears that the vacating of the road will not affect the ownership or right of convenient access of persons owning other parts of nearby lands, and the road is not being otherwise utilized and there being no taxes due against the land on which the roadway is located;

BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Commissioners of Gilchrist County, Florida that:

1. The Petition of LOVE FARMS to close and vacate that

portion of a road described as follows:

That portion of the road known as Southwest 100th

Street, lying West of Southwest 22nd Court includ-

ing that roadway running South from Southwest 100th

Street at the midsection of Section 30, Township

10 South, Range 15 East, Gilchrist County, Florida.

is hereby granted.

2. The roadway as above described is hereby vacated, and the Clerk of this Board is authorized and directed to record a certified copy of this Resolution in the Public Records in Gilchrist County, Florida and publish a Notice of Adoption of the Resolution within thirty (30) days of the date of this Resolution in Gilchrist County Journal. Thereafter, the Clerk to the Board is directed to record in the Official Records of Gilchrist County, Florida the following:

a. Proof of Publication of Notice of Hearing on the


b. The Resolution.

c. Proof of Publication of Notice of Adoption.

RESOLVED at the regular meeting of the Board of the Gilchrist County Commissioners on March 7, 1994.



/s/Fred Wilkerson, Chairman


/s/Jackie R. Barron, Clerk


Gene and Herbie Parrish, of Parrish Land Surveying, along with Mr. Bob Phillips, acting agent for subdivider A. J. Cox, appeared before the Board, seeking preliminary plat approval for Suwannee Shores, located in Section 25 & 26, Township 7 South, Range 15 East. According to Gene Parrish, they have met with the Board of Adjustment, and it is the Adjustment Board's recommendation that the Board of County Commissioners approve this plat, also recommending that a variance of the length to width ratio be approved. Mr. Burt stated that he attended the Adjustment Board meeting and heard the recommendation. Since that meeting, he has met with the Planning Council, and it appears that the Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Regulations address the issue of length to width ratio differently. According to the LDR's, the Board has the ability to grant a variance to the length to width ratio if they feel it is justifiable, however, the Comprehensive Plan requires that lots can not deviate from the ratio which states the length of the lots can not exceed 3 times the width where dwelling units are allowed. If the Comprehensive Plan did not address this issue, the Board could grant a variance, however, since the Plan specifically addresses this area, the Board can not grant a variance. The Board may want to consider an amendment to the Plan, and Mr. Burt recommends this action. When questioned by the Board as to the length of time this process would require, Mr. Burt replied that it would take approximately 6 months. Following discussion, Commissioner Bush made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Sheffield, to amend the Comprehensive Plan so that lots greater than 10 acres do not have the meet the length to width ratio, and that the length of lots below 10 acres will not exceed 4 times the width. The motion carried unanimously. Mr. Phillips stated that several of the lots in this subdivision have been sold, contingent upon them being able to get a building permit. He would like to resolve this problem before the anticipated 9 months it may take to receive a Plan amendment. Mr. Burt stated that there are three options that he is aware of that would allow Mr. Phillips to complete his transactions: 1. the property bordering the river could become a common area, shared by a property owners association, and the remaining lots could be conformed to comply with the current 3 to 1 ratio; 2. have 3 lots greater than 10 acres or 2 lots less than 10 acres without the need for subdividing, with the remaining lot(s) meeting the current ratio and the others with metes and bounds requirements; 3. amend the comprehensive plan so that for lots greater than 10 acres, the county has the ability to grant a variance to length to width ratios. Mr. Phillips replied that he would like to be able to offer the residents access to the river, even if it requires shared access. Commissioner Bush made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Suggs, to allow Mr. Phillips to drop the lots back to conform with the current length to width ratio, and develop a common area on the river front for property owners access. The motion carried unanimously. Mr. Parrish stated that he would revise the preliminary plat as approved by the Board's action.


Mr. Rehberg submitted a report requested by the Board indicating the total cost of new construction for the last two years at $6,620,789. The Board discussed building codes with Mr. Rehberg, and Mr. Rehberg stated that he spoke to someone with the state office and they told him that the county did not have to accept each change that is made in the building codes, as long as minimal codes have been adopted. Commissioners Sheffield and Suggs stated they have received complaints about Mr. Rehberg's reluctance to assist people. Commissioner Sheffield stated that he had received a call that alerted him to a situation which occurred between Mr. Rehberg and Mr. Mince. Commissioner Sheffield stated that it is his understanding that there is an issue of whether or not 2 trailers can be placed on Mr. Mince's property. Mr. Rehberg stated that he had received phone calls from residents in the area complaining about the mobile home in question because it is in a bad state of repair. According to Mr. Rehberg, no permits were pulled to place a second mobile home on the property. Commissioner Sheffield asked Mr. Rehberg if zoning for that property would allow a second mobile home. Mr. Rehberg stated that it could be allowed, however, as previously stated, no permit fees or impact fees were collected for the second mobile home. Mr. Mince advised the Board that it is his intention to use the second trailer for storage only. Commissioner Sheffield stated that he was told that Mr. Rehberg stated that "what he's got out there is a bunch of crap". Mr. Rehberg replied that the property is in bad condition, along with the trailer and he has received numerous complaints. Commissioner Sheffield asked Mr. Rehberg what Mr. Mince needed to do in order to keep the storage trailer on the property. Mr. Rehberg replied that he would need to pull a $50 permit for the mobile home, repair the electrical, and obtain a power pole permit. Mr. Rehberg advised the Board that he has tried to please both the Board and the county residents and it is his opinion that he can not do both, therefore, he will resign from his position, and submit a letter to the Chairman tomorrow. Chairman Wilkerson asked Mr. Rehberg not to make a decision at this time. Mr. Barron stated that Mr. Rehberg is making decisions based on what he believes in his heart to be right, rather than the rules and regulations currently in place. Chairman Wilkerson stated that the Board needs to look at those rules, regulations, and ordinances in order to determine what should be enforced.


Mrs. Mattucci, county librarian, reported a 26-33% increase in book circulation, since the library program has been incorporated into the school, both in Trenton and Bell. Evening programs have begun and a self-protection program has tentatively been scheduled to begin May 12th.

Mr. Danny Hales, regional library director, spoke to the Board regarding the construction plans for the library. He stated that the state has verified that Mr. Martin can supervise the project. Mr. Hales added that there are bidding requirements that are very stringent with specific time frames, and Mr. Martin can oversee the construction and the bidding. Mr. Gene Davis, architect, advised the Board that there are roof problems greater than shingles going bad. It appears the king posts in the trusses were removed years ago, probably when the duct work was installed. Because of this the roof is sagging, which has caused the ceiling to bow. According to Mr. Davis, the problem could possibly be corrected without taking the roof off. He recommends that when the ceiling is removed, put in insulation and drop the ceiling. A separate 3 ton air conditioner unit will need to be added for the addition to the library. The Board asked if the roof repairs could be done using grant funds. Mr. Barron replied that it is his understanding that only new construction can be done with grant funds. Mr. Martin stated that he would like to start as soon as possible while he has inmate labor available. Commissioner Suggs made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Sheffield, to authorize Mr. Martin to make the repairs to the roof. The motion carried unanimously.

The Board recessed for lunch and reconvened, following the EMS Authority meeting, which adjourned at 1:30 p.m.


Commissioner Sheffield stated that he has been advised that Clarence Feagle bought some property from a Mrs. Summers. A county road was located on the Summers' property, up until a portion of the property was sold to Mr. Feagle. Mr. Feagle has requested a letter from the county, stating that the road is a county road, and the county does not intend to move it. Commissioner Sheffield believes the property has been surveyed by Parrish Land Surveying. Mr. Burt stated that before the Board does a letter to Mr. Feagle, he would like to see the survey.


Mr. Ralph Cellon and Mr. Stan Livingood, representatives from Raymond James & Associates, spoke to the Board about various revenue alternatives available to the county for road financing debt capacity. They informed the Board that there is currently an additional one to five cents gas tax that the county could impose. Several Board members stated that the imposition of an additional gas tax could result in Gilchrist County loosing some of it's gasoline stations. It is Mr. Cellon and Mr. Livingood's opinions that the county could borrow funds, however, since the county is using it's cash to operate, it would be difficult to payback any loan without reducing current services or establishing another revenue source.


Mr. Perryman submitted his report for the month of February, indicating that a total of 10 veterans were served.

Mr. Perryman stated that the computer for disaster preparedness has been received and will be installed at the Sheriff's office.


Mr. Lee Mills, engineer, spoke to the Board about it's road paving projects. According to Mr. Mills, both county roads 344 and 341 are basically simple resurfacing projects, however, 341 has a culvert where sand appears to be shifting. On county road 337, they may encounter problems, due to a large number of uneven linear cracks that look as though large ground moles were under the road. This road did not have limerock beneath the pavement, and he recommends this road be torn out and completely rework. This process would include milling and will add an additional $20,000 to the cost of repaving this road. The total cost will be approximately $150,000. On county roads 344 and 341, it will cost approximately $35,000-$40,000 per mile. Mr. Mills stated that his fee will include a quality assurance person on the project daily. He estimates the total cost of the 3 roads to be approximately $340,000-$350,000. Mr. Mills stated that he would bid all three roads under a single contract or two separate contracts, depending upon time constraints.

Mr. Joyner, road superintendent, requested authorization to purchase a packer to roll asphalt. He has located several at an auction in Ocala, and the approximate cost will be $5000. The only alternative is to rent one for $100 per day. Commissioner Bush made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Sheffield, to authorize Mr. Joyner to purchase a packer. The motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Barron advised the Board that since the county is currently involved in several projects, he would like to know the priority to be placed on requesting proposals for a county-wide garbage collection service. Commissioner Suggs made a motion to rescind the Board's previous action to request proposals. This motion was seconded by Commissioner Bush, and unanimously approved by the Board.


Trenton City Commissioner Terry Parrish spoke to the Board about the offer made by the City to extend the city's water line to the new jail administration building. Upon questioning, Mr. Parrish stated that the new medical center building, currently under construction, will join the line which is running behind Odell Mikell's property, and should not affect the water pressure at the jail nor the administration building. He emphasized that the new line will need to be a 6 inch line. Mr. Parrish stated that he has a city commission meeting this evening and he will verify that the city's previous offer is still in effect.


Mr. Bob Nabors, of Nabors, Giblin & Nickerson, attorneys at law, spoke to the Board about their proposed work plan for imposition of non-ad valorem assessments in Gilchrist County. Mr. Nabors outlined the plan and their fees for services. According to Ted Burt, county attorney, Mr. Nabors firm specializes in non-ad valorem assessments, as well as other governmental revenues. Mr. Nabors stated that the ordinances will have to be precise and able to stand up in court, should the county ever be challenged. He further stated that the notice of intent will be the first step the county takes to impose a special assessment for fire services, however, it is too late to be considered this fiscal year, and the next fiscal year will be the earliest time possible. Mr. Nabors estimates the total cost of their services to be $75,000 and added that his firm is willing to defer their fees over a three year period. Commissioner Suggs made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Bush, to authorize Mr. Nabors' firm to proceed with their work plan, as outlined. The motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Edgar Langford, Deputy Tax Collector, spoke to the Board regarding vacant properties and whether they are assessed for solid waste and EMS. According to Mr. Langford, there are instances where properties were assessed and should not have been and also where properties should have been assessed, but were not. Mr. Barron stated that when a certificate of occupancy is issued by the Building Department, the property should be assessed. The Property Appraiser will put the property on the tax roll when he is notified that construction is completed, or he can pick it up by actually looking at the property and determining that it is substantially complete. The Board discussed the need to exempt vacant buildings, and how to determine when a building that is exempted because of vacancy will be picked back up again upon occupation. Another consideration would be the fact that the City of Trenton issues its owns building permits and certificates of occupancy. Mr. Burt suggested that the exemptions for vacant properties be issued on an annual basis. Any changes would have to be done by ordinance.

Mr. Langford submitted a letter on behalf of W. W. Welch, Tax Collector, requesting a refund for property assessed in error for 1992. Donald and Patricia Deyo were assessed for three units when in fact they should have been assessed for only one unit. Commissioner Suggs made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Bush, to refund $216 to the Deyos. The motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Barron submitted a request from Mr. Rehberg, asking for a reimbursement to Mr. and Mrs. Merle Ricker for impact fees paid in error. Apparently, the Ricker's property is located in the City of Bell, and therefore should not have been assessed an impact fee. Commissioner Sheffield made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Cannon, to refund $400 to the Ricker's. The motion carried unanimously.


Sheriff Floyd appeared before the Board to request an expenditure from the Law Enforcement Trust Fund for the purchase of two vehicles. Mr. Barron stated that the Board previously took action to allow the Sheriff to make purchases from this fund, without Board action, providing the expenditure is coordinated with the clerk. Mr. Barron advised the Sheriff to bill the Law Enforcement Trust Fund for the expenditure.

The Board advised Sheriff Floyd that they will know soon whether the city's offer to run a 6" line is still firm.


Commissioner Cannon stated that Ms. Peggy Sapp has completed most of the work at the "scout house" in Bell, however, there is no water to the building. She is using the water from NAPA, located next door. According to the manager of NAPA, their water is not for consumption, according to the agreement they have with DER. Following discussion, Mr. Burt stated that he would advise Ms. Sapp to find another source of water for that building.

Commissioner Suggs reminded the Board that Legislative Day is March 16th. She stated that she is planning on attending, and encouraged other to do so.

Commissioner Sheffield stated that there needs to be rules and regulations for the county's parks and boat ramp areas. Upon checking the records, Hart Springs Park is the only park with rules and regulations, and he has received several complaints from residents living near other county parks regarding the noise. Mr. Burt stated that rules would need to be in the form of an ordinance to be enforceable. Commissioner Sheffield stated that he would like a representative from the Sheriff's Department present during further discussions.

Commissioner Sheffield stated that he has received several complaints regarding the new radio station in the north end of the county. Residents complain that the station's signals are interfering with their television reception. Mr. Burt suggested the station be contacted, and if their response is not satisfactory, the Board could contact the FCC.

Commissioner Bush asked if there are any grant funds available for boat ramp improvements. Mr. Barron explained that the Florida Freshwater Game and Fish Commission have maintenance agreements on several ramps in the county, however, they are limited in their resources and many of our ramps are not covered under their agreement. Currently there may be a minimum of Florida Boating Improvement Funds, however the majority of those funds which had accumulated over the years are now being spent on the boardwalk project at Hart Springs. In addition to FBIP funds, there may also be other grant funds available through the former Department of Natural Resources (now the DEP). Mr. Burt stated that he will contact them to see if grant funds are available.

Chairman Wilkerson asked if the 25 cents per call between Trenton and Newberry could be extended to include Gainesville numbers. Mr. Burt replied that he would inquire.

Commissioner Suggs asked if the Board had an ordinance regulating speed limits within subdivisions. Mr. Barron replied that the Board had extended that authority to post limits to Mr. Joyner by resolution several years ago. Commissioner Suggs added that she has received several complaints from residents in the Rolling Oaks area.

Mr. Burt and Mr. Barron reviewed with the Board a draft job description for the Emergency Management Coordinator/County Coordinator position. The Board unanimously agreed to adopt the job description, setting the starting salary range from $30,000 to $40,000 annually, authorizing the position to be advertised with a cut off date for submittal of applications for May 6, 1994, upon a motion from Commissioner Suggs, which was seconded by Commissioner Bush.

Mr. Barron stated that Tom Worthmann, from Comfort Temp Co. submitted a proposal to repair the air quality problems within the courthouse, for a total of $2860. Commissioner Bush made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Suggs, to approve the proposal. The motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Martin spoke to the Board about air conditioning problems occurring at the jail. He has received two quotes, however, he feels the contractors need to be quoting on the same work. Mr. Barron stated that the system may need to be re-engineered to produce the most efficient unit. The question may be should the unit be replaced or upgraded. Mr. Martin stated that the current unit is on top of the building and the ceiling between the kitchen and storage room is dropping out. Commissioner Bush made a motion to have the whole building analyzed and each contractor quote on the same work. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Sheffield, and unanimously approved.

Mr. Martin discussed use of his truck with the Board. Since completing the construction of the jail administration building, he has used his truck for all other county projects. He was offered the use of another county truck, however, it is standard shift, and he can not use a standard shift, due to the surgery he has had on both knees. Mr. Barron suggested the Board lease Mr. Martin's truck, and stated that he would inquire as to the lease rate for a similar vehicle.

The Board discussed the upcoming Tri-County Fair and Livestock Show and Sale. It was determined by the Board that they would purchase several hogs, as they did the year before, paying for them individually, and not from county funds.

Mr. Burt stated that he is in receipt of a request from the Division of Motor Vehicles, to renew a 3 year lease for their use of the property where the driver's license office is located. Commissioner Suggs made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Cannon, to approve the same lease agreement that is currently in effect, for a 3 year period of time. The motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Barron stated that the Suwannee River Economic Council is applying for funding from the Farmers Home Administration for a Housing Preservation Program, and are seeking support from the Board of County Commissioners. The Board agreed to support their project, and asked Mr. Barron to send a letter of support to them.

Mr. Barron submitted the recommendations from the SHIP Loan Review Committee as follows:

Applicant Income SHIP Request Total Cost Type

K. Koontz Low $17,500 $46,606 purchase

A. Dale Low $17,500 $39,500 purchase

A. Langford Mod. $10,000 $43,216.48 purchase

Commissioner Sheffield made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Bush, to approve the SHIP loans, subject to the areas identified by the Loan Review Committee being verified. The motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Barron stated that for the Board's information, a SHIP loan previously approved by the Board for N. Clark has been withdrawn upon the request of the applicant.

Mr. Barron stated that he has received a request from the Tri-County Council for Senior Citizens for a letter of support from the Board regarding their grant application for a tri-county health outreach program. The Board advised Mr. Barron to draft a letter of support.

The Board set the date of March 21, 1994, at 6:00 p.m. for a workshop on county ordinances.

Mr. George Parrott and Mr. Paul Dorshlander spoke to the Board about their concerns regarding the placement of kV transmission lines near their property, located on Tyler grade. According to Mr. Parrott, the line will be about 150 feet from his home, and both gentlemen are concerned about the possible magnetic field exposure. Mr. Dorshlander distributed materials for the Board's information. Chairman Wilkerson asked Mr. Dorshlander if he would contact the Clerk's office to be placed on the agenda for the next Board meeting.

The Board reviewed a letter from Sable Bolling, Administrator of the Gilchrist County Public Health Unit (Health Dept.). Ms. Bolling has met with staff from the Sheriff's Department and they have collectively developed some protocols to manage animal bites in the county, however, they are requesting technical assistance from the Board in regards to animal control/rabies management. Ms. Bolling identified several areas of concern in her letter. The Board agreed that since there is pending legislation regarding stray animals, they will table discussion until the issue has been addressed by the state.

Mr. Burt stated that he has researched the Board's request to establish a system of local bid preference for Gilchrist County, and has determined that it should be established by ordinance. The Board advised Mr. Burt to advertise and set a public hearing for the next regular Board meeting.

Following discussion, the Board authorized Mr. Burt to draft a resolution and interest bearing note for the purchase of a communications console for the Sheriff's Department, utilizing the moving violation surcharge fees as method of repayment.

Mr. Burt stated that he has learned since the discussion this morning that the county constructed and maintains the road questioned by Mr. Clarence Feagle, located in S4, T7S, R15E. The county owns the right-of-way and Mr. Feagle may dedicate the road to the county if he desires. Commissioner Sheffield made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Suggs, to accept maintenance of this road. The motion carried unanimously.

The Board discussed and adopted Resolution 94-11, drafted by Mr. Burt, which states their position on House Bill 241, Controlling Fire Arms. Commissioner Suggs made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Bush, to adopt the resolution. The motion carried unanimously and the resolution follows:




WHEREAS, House Bill 241 is being introduced to the Legislature in the 1994 term; and

WHEREAS, citizens of Gilchrist County have expressed their disfavor with the extent of regulation proposed in said House Bill 241 in both its original and amended versions; and

WHEREAS, the Gilchrist County Board of County Commissioners are concerned that passage of the House Bill 241 would not be in the best interest of the citizens of Gilchrist County, as well as the citizens of the State of Florida in general;

NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS RESOLVED by the Gilchrist County Board of County Commissioners that Gilchrist County go on record opposing said House Bill 241.

RESOLVED this 7th day of March, 1994.



/s/Fred Wilkerson, Chairman


/s/Jackie R. Barron, Clerk

There being no further business to come before the Board, a motion to adjourn at 8:00 p.m. was made by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Sheffield, and unanimously approved.