The Gilchrist County Board of County Commissioners, in and for Gilchrist County, Florida, convened in a Special meeting on April 11, 1994, at 7:30 p.m., in the Commissioner's Meeting Room at the Courthouse in Trenton, Florida, with the following members present to-wit:

Fred Wilkerson, Chairman

Wilbur Bush

V. C. Cannon

Jimmie Sheffield

Sue B. Suggs

Other persons in attendance were: Jackie R. Barron, Ex-Officio Clerk, Ted Burt, County Attorney, Sherree Pitzarell, Deputy Clerk, Bill Brideson, Mike Avery, Richard Reiss, and James Buie, Civil Defense/VA Service Officer applicants, Jim Floyd, Sheriff, Diane Avery and Beth Latner, county employees, and John Ayers, Gilchrist County Journal.

Chairman Wilkerson stated that the reason for the special meeting is to interview applicants for the position of Civil Defense/Veteran's Service Officer. The Board anticipates this position will be vacant effective May 2, 1994, and it is the Board's desire to hire someone prior to that date.

The Commission interviewed Richard Reiss, Michael Avery, James Buie, and Bill Brideson for the position, with each Commissioner having the opportunity to ask specific questions of each applicant.

Following the interview process, Commissioner Bush made a motion to hire Bill Brideson, at a rate of $13,000 per year, requiring a 6 months probationary period to be served. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Sheffield, and passed by split vote as follows:

Bush- Yes

Sheffield- Yes

Cannon- Yes

Wilkerson- Yes

Suggs- No

Commissioner Suggs stated that in her opinion, Mr. Buie was the most qualified applicant and would be her first choice.


Ms. Latner, Veteran's Services secretary, submitted a request to attend the annual VA training class, June 19-25th. Commissioner Cannon made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Suggs, to approve the travel request. The motion carried unanimously.


Ms. Latner, Property Custodian, reported to the Board that the state's requirement to inventory property includes all items over $500. Ms. Latner stated that 39% of all county property inventoried is $200 or less and she is requesting authorization to remove those items $200 or less from her inventory, transferring the inventory responsibility to the individual department heads. Following discussion, Commissioner Suggs made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Sheffield to authorize Ms. Latner to remove items from inventory valued at $200 or less. The motion carried unanimously.


Commissioner Sheffield asked Ms. Latner, who also functions are the secretary to the Road Department, what type of paperwork Chuck Flowers is doing for the Road Department. According to Ms. Latner, Mr. Flowers submits a list of work orders every two weeks. On this list, Mr. Flowers identifies which parts were purchased for the repair of a particular vehicle. Commissioner Sheffield stated that he does not like to see overtime paid to a road department employee to do paperwork. Commissioner Suggs stated that it is ridiculous to have a mechanic do paperwork on overtime. Commissioner Bush stated that a work order should be completed as the work is done, rather than every two weeks. Chairman Wilkerson reminded the Board that these questions and comments should be directed to the Road Department Supervisor.


Chairman Wilkerson stated that he understands Paul Yates would like to come off the old water line and connect to the proposed new 6" water line the city has offered to extend to the county jail, at a cost of $10,015. Following discussion, the Board determined that it would be most advantageous to keep the line on the east side of US 129 and cross at the jail.


The Board unanimously agreed to nominate Mr. Albert Martin as their candidate for the "Older Workers Award", sponsored by the Department of Elder Affairs, upon a motion from Commissioner Suggs, which was seconded by Commissioner Sheffield.


The Board discussed whether or not there is a time limit on replacing residential structures in regards to the impact fees. The Board agreed to discuss this issue further during the May Board meeting.

Mr. Burt reported that he advised Dale Ridgeway to file a claim with the county's insurance carrier for damage sustained to his vehicle.

Mr. Barron reminded the Board that a workshop has been scheduled in Lake City on May 13th regarding small county revenues.

Mr. Burt requested the Board pay half of the expenditures related to a conference with the Florida Association of County Attorneys. The Board agreed to this request.

Commissioner Bush stated that he has referred Barbara Wiley to the SHIP program because she purchased a home with faulty wiring.

Mr. Barron informed the Board that the SHIP Advisory Committee will soon be adopting an incentive plan which will also need to the endorsed by the Board. In addition, the Committee will also file a plan amendment to increase the maximum cost of homes from $55,000 to $65,000.

Commissioner Bush suggested that the Board hold a public hearing regarding the proposed closing of the west courthouse door. Following discussion, Commissioner Bush made a motion to hold a public hearing on May 2, 1994, at 7:00 p.m. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Cannon, and unanimously approved.

There being no further business to discuss, a motion to adjourn at 10:40 p.m. was made by Commissioner Cannon, seconded by Commissioner Bush, and unanimously approved.