The Gilchrist County Board of County Commissioners, in and for Gilchrist County, Florida, convened in an emergency meeting on August 22, 1995, at 3:00 p.m., in the Commissioner's Meeting Room at the Courthouse in Trenton, Florida, with the following members present to-wit:

Wilbur Bush, Chairman

V. C. Cannon

Jimmie Sheffield

Sue B. Suggs

Fred Wilkerson

Other persons in attendance were: Jackie R. Barron, Ex-Officio Clerk, Ted Burt, County Attorney, Ron McQueen, Emergency Management/County Coordinator, Sherree Pitzarell and Cheryl Watson, Deputy Clerks, Susan Bryant, Supervisor of Elections, W. W. Welch, Tax Collector, D. Ray Harrison, Property Appraiser and Dennis Edwards, Gilchrist County Journal.

Mr. Barron stated that the reason he asked the Chairman to call an emergency meeting is because the last instructions of the Board to cut each department by 12% will not produce the desired results. Some budgets can not be cut by 12%, such as Fine & Forfeiture, State Attorney/Public Defender, Solid Waste and EMS. A 12% cut in those budgets would reduce them more than they are currently budgeted for this fiscal year. Also, some departments within general revenue requested very little increase, if any, while others requested a 20%-25% increase, therefore a 12% cut to each department/constitutional officer would not be a fair way to try to balance the budget. Mr. Barron stated that he is also concerned that constitutional officers are not on the same level; some have not turned in past cash carry-overs, while other have.

The Board discussed the constitutional officers' budgets, noting that the operating costs and reserves in the Property Appraiser's budget is considerably higher than the Clerk, the Tax Collector, and the Supervisor of Elections. Commissioner Sheffield requested that a report be submitted from the Property Appraiser, accounting for the amount of revenues received from agencies for mapping services.

Mr. Barron stated that the Board may want to consider going back to last year's budget amounts for each department and elected official, before any amendments were made to those budgets. Doing this would possibly mean the elimination of a position in the Clerk's office and may result in the loss of several positions at the Sheriff's Department.

The Board asked Mr. Barron if any funds can be used from general revenue to increase the funding for the fire departments. Mr. Barron replied that funds from general revenue can not be transferred to the MSTU fund because MSTU services are for the unincorporated areas of the county, and ad valorem taxes in general revenue are collected within the municipalities.

Mr. McQueen suggested that franchise fees, if imposed, could be used to fund public safety, such as the 911 service, which would offer relief to the other funds.

The Board advised Mr. Barron to cut budgets to the 1994-95 budget level (prior to amendments), or to the levels that the Board cut the budgets on August 21st, whichever is the least amount. The Board advised the constitutional officers to cut their budget requests to the 1994-95 level, prior to amendments.

There being no further business to come before the Board, a motion to adjourn at 5:00 p.m. was made by Commissioner Sheffield, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson, and unanimously approved.