The Gilchrist County Board of County Commissioners, in and for Gilchrist County, Florida, convened in an emergency meeting on November 8, 1995, at 9:00 a.m., in the Commissioner's Meeting Room at the Courthouse in Trenton, Florida, with the following members present to-wit:

Wilbur Bush, Chairman

V. C. Cannon

Sue B. Suggs

Fred Wilkerson

Other persons in attendance were: Ted Burt, County Attorney, Sherree Pitzarell & Sam Ferguson, Deputy Clerks, Beth Latner, Administrative Assistant, Sheriff Jim Floyd, Chief Deputy Jim Cooper, Lt. Rusty Yelvington, Gilchrist County Sheriff's Department.

Chairman Bush stated that the reason an emergency meeting has been called is to discuss the problems with the jail roof. Chairman Bush added that Mr. McQueen called him last night from Orlando, where he is attending a meeting, to advise him that the jail has been flooded.

Sheriff Floyd reported that last nights storm flooded the jail and though Mr. Martin is in the process of replacing the roof, the job is just underway, and the flooding that occurred has left water standing in the cells, and caused extensive damage to sections of the ceiling. There is also water coming out of the electrical outlets and in the overhead lights. Power has been turned off in sections of the building for safety purposes. The fire alarm system is also out due to the flooding.

Chief Cooper stated that the prisoners will have to be moved in order for the standing water to be removed. He recommends that the prisoners be removed until the roof job is finished.

Mr. Martin stated that he was supposed to have inmate labor from Lancaster to assist him with the job, however, during the last two weeks, they sent 7 men for 6 hours. The remainder of the time, only he and his two paid helpers have been working. Mr. Martin stated that the remainder of the trusses will arrive today and tomorrow. If he had another block layer, he could finish laying the block by tomorrow evening and Monday morning they could begin setting the trusses. The roofing material will arrive next Tuesday. There are several men in the road department with carpentry skills. Mr. Martin stated that he would like to hire Larry Filliponi to work on the project. If he can hire Larry and work several men from the road department, he could probably finish the job by a week from Friday.

Chief Cooper stated that it will cost approximately $1400 per day to house the prisoners elsewhere. Chief Cooper added that when he calls the Federal Marshall to move the federal inmates, they may be permanently removed. Levy County jail is full, however, Dixie and Suwannee counties have plenty of room.

Mr. Burt recommends that an electrician be brought in as soon as possible to get the premises safe. If the premises can not be made safe, then move the prisoners. Chief Cooper suggested that Chris Wonka be called because he is familiar with the electrical system.

Mr. Ferguson reported that the cost of the job so far totals $20,612.00. This amount includes the roof materials and trusses. Mr. Martin stated that he will probably need a little more T-one-eleven siding and concrete to lay the blocks.

Commissioner Suggs made a motion to authorize Mr. Martin to use as many road department employees as necessary and to transfer up to $10,000 from general fund reserve, to complete the job. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson, and unanimously approved.

Chairman Bush asked what is the daily cost of operating the jail. Sheriff Floyd stated he could provide that information. Chairman Bush added that he would like to see a comparison between the cost of operating our jail and the cost of housing inmates in another county.

The Board agreed to visit the jail to view the damage. Visual inspection of the facility revealed that the trustee room received extensive ceiling damage and water was standing, in some places, two inches deep. It was observed that water was running from electrical outlets throughout the building. Water was dripping from the ceilings, and nearly every cell was flooded. In addition, the smell of mildew was very strong in some areas of the facility.

While touring the facility, Chief Cooper spoke to the Dixie County Sheriff, and reported that Dixie County is willing to house our inmates until the roof job is completed. They will house the inmates in their facility, providing Gilchrist County provides the additional correctional officers to them during that period of time. Dixie County will bill the county for the cost of meals, and our county will continue to provide medical as needed.

Commissioner Suggs made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson, to transport the inmates to the Dixie County jail, if our facility cannot be made safe by the end of the day. The motion carried unanimously.

There being no further business to discuss, a motion to adjourn at 10:37 a.m. was made by Commissioner Wilkerson, seconded by Commissioner Cannon, and unanimously approved.