The Gilchrist County Board of County Commissioners, in and for Gilchrist County, Florida, convened in a regular meeting on January 5, 1998, at 9:00 a.m., in the Commissioner's Meeting Room at the Courthouse in Trenton, Florida, with the following members present to-wit:

Jimmie Sheffield, Chairman

Wilbur Bush

Randy Durden

Sue B. Suggs

Fred Wilkerson

Other persons in attendance were: Joseph W. Gilliam, Clerk of Circuit Court, Samuel A. Mutch, County Attorney, Ron McQueen, EMA/County Coordinator, Sherree Pitzarell, Deputy Clerk

Commissioner Suggs made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Durden to approve the minutes of the meeting held 12-01-97. The motion carried unanimously.

Commissioner Suggs made a motion to approve the bills. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Bush and unanimously approved.

Chairman Sheffield commented about the information regarding the medical examiner in the agenda package. In addition to the request from FDLE for the endorsement or non-endorsement of the medical examiner, there was also a letter asking the Board to not support the reappointment, and copies of newspaper articles regarding some of his past practices. Mr. Mutch advised the Board that they have the ability to endorse or not endorse the appointment, which is made by the Governor. Mr. Mutch pointed out that under the law, the medical examiner is permitted to do the procedures that Dr. Hamilton performed. That does not however, mean that the Board has to endorse the reappointment. Commissioner Durden made a motion to not endorse the reappointment of Dr. Hamilton as the medical examiner for the 8th judicial circuit. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Suggs and unanimously approved. Mr. Mutch will draft a letter indicating the Board's feelings.

Chairman Sheffield asked about the outcome of the meeting with DOT regarding the lack of funding for Gilchrist County for the greenway project. Commissioner Bush stated the meeting was just a hearing and DOT was unable to give him an answer. Commissioner Bush stated that there was a good representation from the tri-county area in support of the project and DOT certainly got the message that this project is a priority.

Commissioner Suggs informed the Board that DOT donated some railing to install at Walker curve.

Attorney's Report:

Mr. Mutch distributed a memo stating that we have another intervention regarding the rate case with the public service commission.

Mr. Mutch updated the Board with a response from Secretary Wetherall regarding the fugitive dust issue.

The Taylor v. Gilchrist County is being covered. There was some question as to who the county's insurance company was during the time the incident occurred. A request has been sent to Mr. McQueen concerning the maintenance of CR 232 for the insurance adjusters.

There are a couple of foreclosures coming up involving SHIP recipients; the Lopez' and the Bells. The foreclosure hearing for the Bells is tomorrow and the foreclosure is for a loan of approximately $27,000. The outstanding SHIP loan is about $14,000. If the foreclosure goes through, we will lose the $14,000 invested in the property. The county could pay off the first mortgage (owed to New York Bank), which would put us in the first position. We could pay the first mortgage holder the amount owed ($27,000) prior to the foreclosure, or wait until the foreclosure. At that time, the first mortgage holder will bid the $27,000 and we could bid that amount, plus the outstanding SHIP amount. We can have a judgement placed against the Bells for the outstanding SHIP funds. Commissioner Durden made a motion to wait until the foreclosure takes place, and if we are foreclosed, to file a judgement against the Bells for an the outstanding SHIP amount. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Bush and unanimously approved.

Craig Watson:

Mr. Watson stated that the quote of $50,000 in the paper for the defense of the suit filed against the county is erroneous. He has a copy of the letter directing his attorney to take the lead in the defense of this suit. Mr. Watson stated that he is almost sure that he will go to administrative hearing on the permit process with DEP. He asked the Board to urge DEP to act as soon as possible. Commissioner Wilkerson made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Bush, to send a letter to DEP, urging them to act as soon as possible in regards to the administrative hearing for the permit (industrial waste and stormwater permits); with such letter neither supporting or not supporting the dairy. The motion carried unanimously. Mr. McQueen and Mr. Gilliam will draft a letter to DEP.

Attorney's Report (cont.):

Mr. Mutch reported that Cecil Harrington, who was previously approved for a SHIP loan had a judgement placed against the property, from Citizen's First Bank in Ocala. Their attorney has indicated that if Mr. Harrington can pay a small lump sum, they would be willing to do a partial release to release the property in order to get the SHIP loan. It appears that the family will be able to assist Mr. Harrington.

Mr. Mutch stated that he received a letter from Patrice Boyse, stating that she was going to default the county if the county did not answer the discovery. Mr. Mutch called her office and advised them to contact Mr. Pelham. The county has already answered the discovery. Mr. Mutch stated that the letter she sent to Chairman Sheffield recently should have been directed to the Planning and Zoning Board.

Commissioner Suggs made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Durden to appoint Ms. Rhonda Johnson to serve on the Original Florida Tourism Task Force. The motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Mutch stated that a request had been received from a church in Suwannee County for the use of the county's chipper. Mr. Mutch stated that the use by a nongovernmental entity of government equipment should not be allowed. In addition, the loaning of a piece of dangerous equipment, such as a chipper, places the county in a liable position.

Chairman Sheffield stated that he received a call from an individual stating that it is against the state law to leave equipment on the road right-of-way without being flagged and the county has done this several times. Commissioner Durden stated that he would advise Mr. Martin to flag any equipment left on the road right-of-ways.

Clerk's Report:

Commissioner Suggs made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Durden to approve journal entries 98017-98018, and 98020-98028. The motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Gilliam reported that disbursements to the Board for the month of December totalled $11,745.26.

Mr. Gilliam reported that the legislative delegation will be here on January 12th at 6:00 p.m. The Board agreed to ask the delegation to support the greenway funding from DOT.

Mr. Gilliam advised the Board that the grant for courthouse renovations has been received and a priority list needs to be established to the expenditure of funds. Commissioner Wilkerson would like the entire Board to meet with the constitutional officers. The constitutional officers identified the ADA standards as the first priority. Their second priority is air quality standards, and the third is new flooring, either carpet or tile.

Mr. Gilliam presented some prices for new trucks on state contract price. A 1998 Chevy S-10, two wheel drive, is $11,511.00 delivered. A half ton full size pick up, two wheel drive V-6 delivered is $13,817.00. Mr. McQueen reported that a utility body to attach to the back of a truck costs about $2400. The Board discussed purchasing a truck for Mr. Langford, using Solid Waste and EMS funds, since Mr. Langford uses the truck for special assessments. Solid Waste has more funds available than EMS. Mr. Mutch stated that if the Board wishes to use both funds, it should be divided equally, however, if Solid Waste has the funds available, Solid Waste could pay the expense upfront and EMS could reimburse Solid Waste. Commissioner Durden made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson to purchase the Chevy S-10 for Mr. Langford to use, paying the expense with Solid Waste funds, with EMS reimbursing Solid Waste when funds are available. The motion carried unanimously. The Board discussed the current vehicle Mr. Langford has been using and asked Mr. Langford if it could continue to be used. Mr. Langford stated that the vehicle is constantly needing repairs. The transmission is no good and the accelerator sticks. The motor appears to be good and could possibly be used in another vehicle. Mr. Langford stated that there is also a leak which causes the passenger side to be wet.

Mr. Gilliam presented a request from the Sheriff for the use of state LETF funds: $500 for the purpose of promoting drug awareness in both school. Commissioner Suggs made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Durden to approve the request. The motion carried unanimously. The Sheriff also requests use of state LETF funds in the amount of $15,000 to fund the Sheriff's Volunteer Program. Commissioner Suggs made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Bush to approve the request. The motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Gilliam spoke to the Board briefly about problems he and Mr. Langford have encountered regarding special assessments. Businesses operating out of their homes differ in that some have customers that patronize their residences, such as beauty shops, and some simply park their trucks at their homes, such as well drillers. In checking the assessments, some have been charged and some have not. There is no clear definition of how these businesses should be assessed. Mr. McQueen stated that a home occupation is defined as one that takes place entirely in the home. The Board agreed that this problem needs to be examined in a future workshop.

Mr. Gilliam announced that the Florida Institute of Government is hosting a workshop January 23rd. This workshop provides voluntary certification for the commissioners.

Mr. Gilliam reported that he is using Mr. Rehberg's services in conjunction with the SHIP program more frequently, for preliminary inspections and final inspections. Because of the time involved, Mr. Rehberg would like to bill the program for his services. A fee of $50 per inspection seems reasonable. Commissioner Suggs made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Durden, to establish an inspection fee of $50 for SHIP inspections, to be paid to the Building Department. The motion carried unanimously.

Commissioner Sheffield asked if Mr. Daube has repaired the vinyl flooring in Ms. Osteen's home. Mr. Gilliam stated that he has not been able to contact him.

Mr. Gilliam stated that Ms. Terry, Suwannee River Economic Council advised him that they are not using the freezer in the commodity building and have very little use for the cooler. In light of that information, there is no need to have any repairs made.

The county's insurance carrier responded that persons riding in county owned vehicles, with county employees, are covered in the same manner as county employees.

Commissioner Sheffield stated that it has been brought to his attention that when the Suwannee River Economic Council took over the services formerly provided by the Tri-County Council for Senior Citizens, they disconnected the stove at the Cruse Precinct. SREC is locking the building when they leave, limiting access to some local senior citizens that were accustomed to using the building and the stove. The Board agreed that Mr. Lewis should install another plug-in in the building so that two stoves may be used.

Commissioner Suggs stated that the solid waste pilot station is no where near finished and she understands that Mr. Lewis has been working at Hart Springs. There is not heat in the building. Mr. McQueen stated that Mr. Lewis has been working at Hart Springs, helping Mr. Ziegler move due to flooding. He also was diverted to the Cruse Precinct because it was vandalized. Commissioner Suggs stated that she has received reports that Log Landing is not being maintained and people are camping out overnight. Commissioner Durden stated that three times during the last two months, the monument has had to be repaired at Philpot Park. Commissioner Suggs made a motion to deed the Philpot Park back to the family. Commissioner Suggs modified her motion to advertise for a public hearing to deed back the park to the Philpot family. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Durden, and unanimously approved. Mr. Mutch stated that he would like to look at the deed to see if there are any restrictions. The motion carried unanimously.

Chairman Sheffield asked if the boat ramp near Judge Philman's home belongs to the county. Mr. McQueen will provide a list of county owned boat ramps to the Board. Chairman Sheffield would like to see that ramp maintained by Game and Fish if it belongs to the county.

Commissioner Suggs stated that Peg McPhearson asked her if the Board had taken action on the National Heritage project being sponsored by the SRWMD. Brian Lewis cautioned the Board about taking action. According to Mr. Lewis, the Board could be surrendering their sovereign interest and/or control to the United Nations. Commissioner Suggs stated that she could not document any of this information. The Board took no action. Mr. McQueen stated that the National Heritage designation is not particularly for the Suwannee River; he understands that it is a funding mechanism to do improvements.

Commissioner Suggs stated that the Board took action nearly two years ago to move the flag pole and light it. The flag was not raised on Veteran's Day. Commissioner Suggs stated that Mr. Brideson, as Veteran Service Officer, should raise and lower the flag at the courthouse. Mr. McQueen stated that Mr. Brideson is not always here everyday. The North Gilchrist VFD has donated a new flag pole. Mr. McQueen stated that he would have the work done to install the flag pole and add lights.

Mr. McQueen reported that the contract for Medical Director needs to be renewed in October.

Mr. McQueen introduced Karen Heaton to the Board, who was recently hired to work in Mr. McQueen's office.

Bid Opening- Construction of Vault and Renovations to the Weeks Building:

Gator Aluminum submitted a bid for vinyl siding, which includes wall insulation, soffit and facia around the building for $8123.10.

Quality Aluminum, from Chiefland, submitted a quote for $6,972.00.

Bill Woodard submitted a bid for the vault for $5,850 for the concrete portion of the vault and door area. For the sheet rock and electrical, it's an additional $1,108.00, for a total of $6,950.00. This is the only bid received on the vault.

For the room addition, which includes remodeling of a portion of the existing building (everything except the air-conditioning, which will have to be extended), Mr. Woodard submitted a bid of $5,778.00.

Other local contractors indicated that they did not have time to submit a bid. Commissioner Suggs made a motion to readvertise for the installation of vinyl siding, requiring each contract to quote as to the specifications, requiring the bids to be sealed when submitted. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Durden, and unanimously approved.

Commissioner Bush made a motion to accept the bid submitted by Mr. Woodard on the construction of the vault and the room addition. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Durden and unanimously approved. Mr. McQueen reminded the Board that the costs for the vault construction would come from general fund and the room addition would be charged to 911 and emergency management.

Bid Opening- Animal Control Services:

Commissioner Suggs stated that the bids were to be submitted sealed, however, they were not submitted as sealed bids and asked Mr. Mutch if this would present a problem. Mr. Mutch stated that the bids that were not sealed need to be rejected. One bid was submitted at the last meeting and the Board did not consider it (it was not sealed). Another bid was faxed and two were delivered sealed. Mr. Mutch stated that all bids could be rejected or all the bidders could be called and asked for a written waiver. Sheriff Turner pointed out that the proposal submitted last month was not submitted during the bid process. Commissioner Durden made a motion to reject all bids and to call for the Animal Control Committee to prepare specifications and rebid the services. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Suggs. The motion carried unanimously. Mr. McQueen will advertise the call for sealed bids after the Animal Control Committee prepares the specifications.

Don Thomas- School Superintendent:

Chairman Sheffield advised Mr. Thomas that the EMS department has been called quite frequently to the Bell School, which involves no transports. From the beginning of the school year in August, until December 16th, the ambulance went to the school 18 times. Of that total, 13 were non-transports. Mr. Thomas would like to know who is making the calls and the extent of the illness or injury. For a non transport, there is a $30 fee generated and someone, whether it's the school or parent should be billed. If the parent is billed and the student was not transported, they are not going to pay the bill. Ms. Walker will provide Mr. Thomas with the information he requested and he will present the information to the school board's attorney and insurance carrier.

The Board recessed for lunch and reconvened at 1:20 p.m.

Nathan Martin- Road Department Report:

Mr. Martin stated that the Suwannee has flooded some roads in the Rock Bluff area.

Mr. Martin discussed the current rock supply and overburden. Currently rock is being dug from under water and blasting will need to be done soon. Commissioner Suggs made a motion to reject the offer to purchase the Jimmy Shepard property, based on the engineering report and authorize Commissioner Durden to discuss with Gerald Roberts whether or not he is still interested in negotiating a price with the county. Motion died for lack of a second. The Board agreed to table making a decision at this time.

Mr. Martin asked if the Board had made any plans for the existing motorgraders. Currently there are four graders, two of which are running. The city of Trenton would like to buy one of these graders. Of the two graders not currently operating, one has a broken chassis, however the motor is good. The motor in the other grader is no good and he has thought about putting the bad motor on the broken chassis and selling it for salvage. The Board agreed to carry one of the graders to the Weeks Auction, which has a no-sale option.

Mr. Martin reported that a resident installed a sign on the county right-of-way and damaged a cable. Bell South has billed the county $802.16. If the county receives a bill, do not pay it because the damage was not caused by a county employee. A response needs to be sent to Bell South stating that it has been investigated and the sign does not belong to the county, nor was it installed by a county employee. It is the utility companies responsibility to bury the cable a certain number of feet.

Public Hearing: Drive-way Ordinance:

This ordinance sets certain definitions concerning drive-ways, providing definitions, as well as specific standards for drive-ways. The drive-way application, obtained through the Road department, may be applied for at the same time a person applies for a building permit. The application will be reviewed by both departments. Without the drive-way permit, a certificate of occupancy will not be issued. If the requirements can not be met, the individual would apply for a variance. Chairman Sheffield asked about private roads, since the ordinance seems to address drive-ways on county roads. Mr. Mutch stated that the ordinance addresses public or private roads on page six of the ordinance. Commissioner Durden made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Bush to adopt Ordinance 98-01, also known as the drive-way ordinance. The motion carried unanimously. A copy of the ordinance is on file in the Clerk's office.

Commissioner Wilkerson advised Mr. Martin that if the county would provide him a load of rock for the county road that adjoins his property, he would be willing to spread it for the county. In addition, the people at Otter Springs are also willing to assist the county with spreading rock on the road accessing their property. Mr. Mutch suggests that an agreement with these individuals would be proper to address liability and responsibility.

The Board discussed the county line road with Mr. Martin, regarding maintenance. Chairman Sheffield feels Boone Waste bears some responsibility because their trucks are damaging the road, adding that it is probably not the weight of the trucks but the frequency they travel the road. The Board advised Mr. McQueen to meet with Ed Culpepper from Alachua County to discuss the road maintenance problem.

Mr. Martin asked the Board about the raise policy regarding longevity. He questioned whether or not a raise is due for Kenneth Boyd. Mr. Boyd claims that he did not get a raise after 25 years service. Commissioner Suggs stated that this issue has been researched. The policy was adopted effective 1-1-94 and provides a ten cents per hour raise after 12 years continuous service, 10% after 20 years continuous service and an additional 5% after 25 years of service. The payroll clerk is verifying whether or not he received his raise.

Constitutional Officers:

The Board discussed the grant they will be receiving with the constitutional officers for courthouse renovations, which include ADA compliance. The grant is for $40,500 and the committee had identified ADA compliance, air quality and cosmetic improvements. The air quality problem has been eliminated in the courtroom and judge's chambers. The cost for air improvements in those areas was about $5000. Mr. Gilliam stated fire safety standards also need to be addressed. Mr. Mutch is concerned about the offices located upstairs being accessible to the public. All public spaces are supposed to be available to persons with disabilities. Beginning in 1998-99, the legislature has designated $100,000.00 per year for four years for ADA compliance. Estimated costs for installing an elevator is $70,000-$92,000. Ms. Bryant is concerned about the cracks in the supporting arches on the south side entrance of the courthouse. A study has been completed by a committee member from the Eight Judicial Circuit, which should be available today. The University of Florida's School of Architecture is willing to do a study of the building for approximately $2000. Commissioner Wilkerson made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Bush to hire the graduate students from the UF School of Architecture to do a study of the building. The motion carried unanimously. This study will include ADA, fire safety, air quality and cosmetic improvements.

D. Ray Harrison:

Mr. Harrison spoke to the Board, recommending the Board adopt an ordinance requiring subdivisions to be tied to state plane coordinates for GIS purposes. Recently his office has worked with companies that do aerial mapping and it was discovered that roads have been resurfaced, covering control points marked on highways. When covered, a surveyor must go back and re-establish those marks. These are points that citizens pay surveyors to establish property lines. He would like the Board to adopt an ordinance to require paving contractors to preserve those markings. Commissioner Suggs made a motion to authorize Mr. Mutch to prepare an ordinance requiring paving contractors to re-establish control points if covered during resurfacing. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Durden and unanimously approved.

Bailey, Bishop & Lane:

Phil Bishop and Greg Bailey presented the master plan for the proposed law enforcement complex between Trenton and Bell. The site is 26.7 acres, with 333 feet of highway frontage. The existing well is an irrigation well and not a public drinking well. The project is in two phases. Phase I is the administration building, estimate to cost $500,000. Phase II is the jail and detention facility with a capacity for 100 beds, estimated to cost $4.7 million . Also includes in the plans are a heliport at $20,000 and animal control pens for $5000. The price does not include the cost for a wastewater treatment facility and the expense of extending the fibre optic cable. Commissioner Durden made a motion to authorize the expenditures of funds for the architectural and mechanical engineering planning for the administration building, as well as further site planning, authorizing a comprehensive plan change and land use plan map change and rezoning for the law enforcement complex site, and to receive a report back from Bailey, Bishop and Lane within 90 days on the next stage of the planning. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Suggs and unanimously approved.

Commissioner Suggs made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Durden to approve the fee schedule for architectural and engineering services, as negotiated with the Sheriff, Mr. McQueen and Mr. Gilliam. The motion carried unanimously.

Sheriff Turner:

Sheriff Turner spoke to the Board about a new system, whereby inmates are charged for canteen items at the jail. Closing out the individual accounts total approximately $174.00.

Sheriff Turner submitted a bill to the Board for inmate medical care. The total costs for hospital treatment was $3584. Commissioner Suggs made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Durden to approve payment of the bill, funding the cost from the general revenue reserve. The motion carried unanimously.

Sheriff Turner spoke to the Board about funding an additional correctional officer position for the jail. This a position that the Sheriff requested during the budget workshops, however the Board chose not to fund that position at that time. Following discussion, the Board agreed to table any decision until Mr. Gilliam can determine the financial position of the Board. Mr. Gilliam stated that he would like to look at the first quarter's expenditures and may be able to have that information available by the mid-month meeting. Mr. Gilliam reminded the Board that the reserve for general revenue has been reduced several times this fiscal year. One area of concern are payments for special public defender. Even though the Board has a contract now, there were twelve cases that are being billed that were prior to the effective date of the for special public defender services.

Sheriff Turner presented the Sheriff's Volunteers quarterly report and reviewed the most recent jail inspection report with the Board.

Sheriff Turner reported that Judge Philman would like for Lt. Beach and Mr. Blankenship to attend a course, specifically geared for court personnel. Sheriff Turner approved the request. There is approximately $800 in the account and the total expense is $919.

Sheriff Turner pointed out that the inspection report sites him for an insufficient number of staff. He would like the Board to reconsider funding for a female correctional officer, which would give him a total of three. The total cost including fringes, would be a little over $20,000.

Sheriff Turner spoke to the Board about problems his department has experienced with speeding in certain areas of the county. He would like the Board to lower the limit to 35 m.p.h. Mr. Mutch read the statute to the Board regarding their ability to set speed limits. Mr. Mutch requested the actual description of the areas, he can prepare an ordinance for the next meeting.

EMA/County Coordinator's Report:

Mr. McQueen submitted a letter he prepared for the Chair's signature, supporting their grant application.

Mr. McQueen presented a contract for the Board's approval for comprehensive planning services with the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council. Commissioner Suggs made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Durden to approve the annual contract for $13,500. The motion carried unanimously.

The Board unanimously agreed to declare the old Hubert grader as surplus property, following a motion from Commissioner Suggs, which was seconded by Commissioner Durden.

Mr. McQueen spoke to the Board about the status of the right-of-way acquisition efforts on the landfill road.

Mr. McQueen submitted an agreement for the Board's consideration with the Department of Community Affairs (state and local agreement for emergency management) in the amount of $11,353. Commissioner Durden made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Bush to approve the agreement. The motion carried unanimously.

Mr. McQueen has received a letter from the Department of Community Affairs that the state is going to require the Board to have a local mitigation plan in effect. They will provide the funding in the amount of $44,500. The funding and plan will include the cities within the county.

Mr. McQueen distributed copies of the DOT five year work plan.

Mr. McQueen asked the Board to consider a resolution to accept the future maintenance and attendant cost in connection with the Aqua Penn project (CR 340). We must comply in four areas, prior to the state releasing funds for the project. Commissioner Suggs made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Durden to authorize Mr. Mutch to prepare a resolution accepting the maintenance of county road 341. The motion carried unanimously.

There will be an alternate water resource conference in February, sponsored by the Florida Association of Counties. Commissioner Suggs stated that she could attend the conference.

Hazardous Waste Collection date has been set for April 5, 1998. From April 18th thru May 2nd, the landfill will accept white goods and tires at no charge, with some restrictions.

Commissioner Wilkerson reported that the Hart Springs park manager will need to move off site due to the high water level. The Board will need to provide him a place to rent until the water recedes.

A total of 60 permits were issued by the building department during the month of December.

The EMS department would like to purchase two ventilators under the county awards EMS grant. Commissioner Suggs made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Durden to approve the purchase of the ventilators. The motion carried unanimously.

The Board agreed to purchase a camper top to install on Mr. Lewis' truck.

The newest EMS truck has over 180,000 miles on it and the Board needs to be aware that a new vehicle will be needed soon.

Mr. Gilliam reported that Judge Philman has requested that the Board identify some funds for court cost, which could be funded by the recent non-moving traffic violation increases. Commissioner Wilkerson made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Bush to ear-mark these funds for courthouse repairs and use. The motion carried unanimously.

Commissioner Suggs made a motion to adjourn. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson and unanimously approved.