The Gilchrist County Board of County Commissioners, in and for Gilchrist County, Florida, convened in a regular meeting on Monday, May 21, 2001, at 5:00 p.m. in Bell City Hall, located in the Bell Train Depot at 3240 W. Rail Road Lane, Bell, Florida, with the following members present to-wit:


Commissioner Randy Durden, Chairman

Commissioner Wilbur Bush

Commissioner Sue Suggs

Commissioner John Rance Thomas

Commissioner Fred Wilkerson, Vice Chairman


Others in attendance were: Joseph W. Gilliam, Clerk of Court, Sam Mutch, County Attorney, Sam Ferguson, Director of Finance, Karen Heaton, Deputy Clerk, Valerie Anderson, Ron McQueen, EMA/County Coordinator, Margaret Hurst, Ben Coleman, Pearl Cribbs, Hoyt Roberts, Lettie Roberts, Gene Parrish, Rob Klemans, Bob Johnson, Dee Ann Swilley, Mike Kern.


Call to Order:


Chairman Durden called the meeting to order at 5:06 p.m. The Invocation was delivered by Joe Gilliam and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Commissioner Thomas.


Agenda Changes:


Additions:         SHIP Loan Applications (Clerk’s Report)

Request from Coast Guard Auxiliary

SHIP Loan Foreclosures (Clerk’s Report)

                        Invoice / Architects Design Group

Purchase Order / V.E. Whitehurst


Consent Agenda:


(1)               Approval of Budget Entry BE1-069

(2)                Approval of Minutes: Regular Meeting April 16, 2001


Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Thomas, to approve the Consent Agenda.  The motion carried unanimously.  (1/070)


Attorney’s Report:   


Driveway Ordinance - Mr. Mutch, Commissioner Bush and Nathan Martin have scheduled a meeting to discuss the proposed driveway ordinance.  (01/75)


Expanding Membership of the Planning and Zoning Board - This issue is scheduled to go before the Planning and Zoning Board in June. (01/094)


John Deane / Radio Tower - Mr. Mutch drafted a letter to Mr. Deane in response to recent correspondence with the Planning and Zoning Department. Mr. Deane has requested a special exception  for a 300 foot radio transmission tower to serve as a ham radio site.  Because, he has not submitted a complete application or paid the required fees, his petition for special exception  has not been accepted by the Planning and Zoning Department.  Mr. Mutch advised the Board and staff that since Mr. Deane has threatened litigation, all communication must be through the County Attorney’s Office.  Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Bush, to approve the letter from the County Attorney to Mr. John Deane.  The motion carried unanimously.  (1/097)


Farm Lease for County-Owned Property - As of this date, Mr. Mutch has not received a copy of the lease from Kelly Philman .  Once a copy is received, Mr. Mutch will prepare a lease for Mr. Philman to extend through July 2001.  (The County recently acquired property from Mrs. Vera Lindsey which was leased to Kelly Philman for farming.  At their regular meeting on February 19, 2001, the Board authorized a lease to permit Mr. Philman to continue farming the property until August 1, 2001.) (1/042)


Discussion on Eco-Tourism - Mr. Mutch was contacted by Pandion Systems, an environmental education and eco-tourism group.  They have offered to make a presentation to the Board of County Commissioners in July.  The Board recommended that Pandion Systems make the presentation to the Tri-County Tourism Board prior to coming before the Commission.  (1/188)


Associated Uniform Rentals - Mr. Mutch stated that he needs to have written complaints from the Road Department and the Solid Waste Department regarding the uniform service.  Once these are received, he will  prepare a notice of deficiency which will allow Associated Uniform Rentals thirty (30) days to take action to correct the problems.  If the problems are not corrected, Associated Uniform Rentals will be in breach of contract and Mr. Mutch will proceed with termination of the contract.  (1/235)


Grubbs Emergency Services - Mr. Mutch has reviewed the agreement with Grubbs Emergency Services.  The agreement includes a cancellation clause of 365 days notice rather than 30 days notice.  The Board directed Mr. Mutch to change this clause to 30 days notice. (1/271)


Clerk’s Report: 


Court Records Building - Mr. Gilliam reported that the renovation of the old Trenton Medical Center has been completed.  A roller file system will be installed next week.  This will allow the Clerk’s Office to relocate all of the court records to one location.  (1/385)


Municipal Code Corporation - Notification has been received from the Municipal Code Corporation that the County’s Code of Ordinances have been placed on their website. (1/453)



NE 11th Avenue - Mr. Gilliam reported that he had researched the minutes to determine what action was taken in the past about the maintenance of NW 11th Avenue (the road in front of the Library) and found that though the maintenance of this road was discussed, no action was taken by Board. This road is within the city limits of Trenton.  (1/467)


Budget Entry #BE1-078 - Resolution 01-31 amends the Local Housing Assistance Trust Fund (180) by an increase of $400 which represents funds received from Capital City Bank for full satisfaction of a second mortgage (SHIP Loan) executed by Kimberly Seig.  Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson, to approve Budget Entry #BE1-078 by Resolution 00-39.  The motion carried unanimously. (A copy of Resolution 01-31 is attached and made part of these minutes.) (01/488)


Revenue and Expenditure Report - Mr. Gilliam submitted the Revenue and Expenditure Report for April  2001:

                        Total Budget                 $17,443,990.00

                        Expenditures                 $  9,129,443.23

Revenue Received        $  9,266,397.02


SHIP Loans -


(1)               Susan Worthington – Very Low Income ($22,500), with County financing only.

The loan is for rehab only with an estimated cost of $21,968.  The Loan Review

Committee recommends approval up to $22,500 to cover any closing cost or unforseen expenses.  Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson, to approve SHIP Loan to Susan Worthington up to $22,500.  The motion carried unanimously. 


(2)               Janice Crawford – Low Income ($17,500), with Capital City Bank.  The loan is for new construction with an estimated cost of $56,000.  Motion by Commissioner Thomas, seconded by Commissioner Suggs, to approve the SHIP Loan to Janice Crawford in the amount of $17,500.  The motion carried unanimously.


(3)               Leslie Blake – Moderate Income ($10,000), with Capital City Bank.  The loan is for new construction.  The mortgage is $65,000.  Motion by Commissioner Bush, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson, to approve the SHIP Loan to Leslie Blake in the amount of $10,000.  The motion carried unanimously. (1/535)


Architects Design Group, Invoice #9 - Mr. Gilliam referred the Board to invoice #9, in the amount of $925, from ADG for additional design services required for the wheel chair lift in the courtroom.  (The Board approved the expenditure at the meeting held May 7, 2001.) (1/650)


V.E. Whitehurst / Purchase Order - Mr. Sam Ferguson submitted pay request #5 from V.E. Whitehurst in the amount of $54,980.89.  This is the final pay request for the CR 232 project (from SR 47 to the Alachua County Line).  Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Thomas, to approve payment in the amount of $54,930.80 to V.E. Whitehurst.  The motion carried unanimously.  (1/675)


Coast Guard Auxiliary - The Coast Guard Auxiliary requested the Board of County Commissioners to send a letter of support to the Coast Guard concerning the establishment of an organization in the area.  Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson, to approve the letter.  The motion carried unanimously.  (1/674)


EMA/County Coordinator:


NE 11th Avenue - The City of Trenton is requesting the County Commission to enter into a cost sharing agreement to resurface NW 11th Avenue as follows:


·                    The City will bear all engineering expenses, and take over future maintenance and ownership (based on the City’s assumption that NE 11th Avenue is currently owned by the County), if in turn the County commits to paying half of the cost associated with paving.


Commissioner Bush provided the Board with the proposed cost of the resurfacing:


– Asphalt (from US HWY 129 to SR 47)       $  6,500

– Additional Rock & Leveling       5,120

– Library Parking Lot                               2,208

Total                $13,828


Based on these proposals, the County’s portion of the expense will be $6,914.  The Commission agreed that this road does not need additional rock or base. Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson, to approve the amount of $6,500 for the asphalt with the County Road Department doing the leveling and  $2,208 for the paving of the parking lot with the City of Trenton paying half of the cost and with the expenditure paid from Reserve Fund.  The motion carried unanimously. (Total: $8,708; County’s portion: $4,354) (1/753)


US 129, Walker Curve - Mr. Eddie Dunn, with the Department of Transportation, contacted Mr. McQueen in regards to Walker Curve.  They are permitting the turn lanes to the proposed site of the Sheriff’s Administration Building, but they are requesting the County to wait until the road project on US 129 is finished before the culvert is put in.  (1/943)


Commissioner Wilkerson stated that he had received a call from Mrs. Troy Myers concerning limbs over US 129 South of Trenton.  Mr. McQueen will contact DOT about having these limbs removed.


Solid Waste / Acquisition of Property - Mr. McQueen and Diane Avery met with Mr. Matt Jones with Rayonier Wood Procurement regarding the proposal submitted by the County for the property.  Mr. Jones indicated that Rayonier will obtain two appraisals on the property before accepting the proposal.  (1/1054) 

Purchase Order, Laptop Computer - Mr. McQueen submitted a purchase order in the amount of $3,253 to Gateway Companies for the purchase of a laptop Computer.     Motion by Commissioner Wilkerson, seconded by Commissioner Bush, to approve the purchase of the laptop computer in the amount of $3,253.  The motion carried unanimously.  (1/1085)


County Rural Development Project - Mr. McQueen received a request from Mary Kay Carisso, Florida Association of Counties, asking for letters of support to be sent from the Commission to members of the US House of Representatives regarding additional funding for the County Rural Development Project for ten (10) additional counties.  Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Thomas, to approve the letters.  The motion carried unanimously.  (1/1205)


Local State of Emergency - The Division of Forestry has requested the County Commission to institute a “no burn ban.”  Mr. McQueen prepared an Order and a Proclamation for the Board’s approval.  Motion by Commissioner Bush, seconded by Commissioner Thomas, to approve the Proclamation and the Order declaring a Local State of Emergency and prohibiting outdoor burning.  The order extends to May 28, 2001.  The motion carried unanimously.  (1/1316)


Alachua County, Interlocal Agreement - An Interlocal Agreement has been received from Alachua County for the Cooperative Collections Center Arrangement Agreement.  The agreement has been reviewed by the County Attorney.  Motion by Commissioner Wilkerson, seconded by Commissioner Thomas, to approve the Interlocal Agreement with Alachua County.  The motion carried unanimously.  (1/1419)


County Zoning Map - Mr. D. Ray Harrison, Property Appraiser, sent a letter to Ron McQueen requesting information to complete the “Official Zoning Map.”  Mr. McQueen explained that the Zoning Map Mr. Harrison brought the Board in February 2000 a map prepared by the mapping department which was the Zoning map merged with the Future Land Use Map. This is not the official zoning map.  The Official Land Use Map was approved by the Board of County Commissioners in 1993.  Mr. McQueen will meet with the Property Appraiser’s Office and provide the information requested.  (1/1470)


The meeting recessed at 6:00 p.m.


The meeting reconvened at 7:30 p.m.


Public Hearing / Ordinance / LDR 01-1 (Off Street Parking and Off Street Loading Facilities):


(Notice of this public hearing was published in the May 10, 2001 edition of the Gilchrist County Journal and proof of publication is on file in the Clerk’s Office.)


Mrs. Valerie Anderson advised the Board that this is the first of two public hearings.  She read a portion of the Planning and Zoning Board minutes of the May 10, 2001 meeting as follows:


 LDR 01-1: this would be a change in text in the Land Development Regulations to waive the parking requirements for parking areas for approved Special Exceptions.  A draft that was prepared by the county attorney was reviewed by the board.  The board decided to make a change in Section, by adding a number (6) to state that these requirements would not apply to the requirements for handicap parking.   Also, on number (5) to add to the portion that states “all parking areas shall be grassed” and then insert “except for required handicap spaces”.  A motion was made by Jimmy Downing and seconded by Jonathan Kincaid to recommend approval of LDR 01-1 to the BOCC with the recommended changes.  The motion carried. The County Attorney was directed by the board to prepare the necessary paperwork for the next scheduled Gilchrist County Board of Adjustment meeting.


The County Attorney is making corrections to the proposed Ordinance to be reviewed at the next scheduled public hearing on June 18, 2001.  (1/1470)


Public Hearing / Ordinance / LDR 01-2, Signed Certificates to Appear on the Final Plat:


(Notice of this public hearing was published in the May 10, 2001 edition of the Gilchrist County Journal and proof of publication is on file in the Clerk’s Office.)


Chairman Durden read the portion of the minutes of the Planning and Zoning Board meeting on May 10, 2001 pertaining to LDR 01-2 as follows:


LDR 01-2:   This would be a change in text to the final plat certifications  in the Land Development Regulations.   The recommendations from the county attorney were reviewed.  The revised version was read aloud, a motion was then made by Jonathan Kincaid and seconded by Jimmy Downing to recommend approval of LDR 01-2 to the Gilchrist County BOCC.  The motion carried.


This text change will modify the appendices which allows the County Engineer or Land Surveyor to sign off on final subdivision plats without having to go back and make sure all of the survey data is correct.


The second public hearing for this Text Change has also been scheduled for June 18, 2001.  (1/1700)


Public Participation:


Mr. Hoyt Roberts and other members of the Southeast Gilchrist VFD Board of Directors appeared before the Board regarding issues within that Department.  Mr. Roberts submitted a list of complaints concerning the Fire Chief, Tom Smith.


Chairman Durden stated that this issue should be an agenda item so that all persons involved would have an opportunity to be present. The Board  scheduled a Special Meeting on Tuesday, May 29, 2001 at 6:00 p.m. in the Courtroom to discuss these issues with the Department. (1/2000)



New Business:


Code Enforcement Regulations - Mr. Mutch requested authorization to proceed with modifications to the Code Enforcement Regulations.  Motion by Commissioner Thomas, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson, to approve the request.  The motion carried unanimously.  (1/3139)


Commissioners Reports:


Commissioner Bush reported that he has contacted the Levy County Road Department regarding the Levy County road that intersects with Shady Grove Road.  (1/3237)


The Gilchrist County Chamber of Commerce and the Gilchrist County Recreational Authority have scheduled an Independence Day event at the Field of Dreams on June 30, 2001.  They have requested permission to close County Road 307 (from CR 344 to US 129) from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.   The Board discussed the request and agreed that it would not be necessary to close it at 5:00 p.m.  Motion by Commissioner Bush, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson, to approve the request, but changing the hours from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. with barricades and deputies on duty at each end.  The motion carried unanimously.  (1/3362)


Commissioner Thomas explained that he is aware of the issues within the Southeast Gilchrist VFD.  He has attended their monthly meetings and agrees that a meeting with the Commission is necessary to help resolve the problems.  (1/3607)


Commissioner Wilkerson stated that Diane Avery is hiring a new driver for the Solid Waste Department.  Mr. McQueen advised the Board that emergency repairs are need for the ramp for C & D at the landfill.  Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Thomas, to authorize Commissioner Wilkerson, Ron McQueen and Diane Avery to determine necessary repairs and have the repairs done.  (1/3718)


Commissioner Suggs told the Board that things are going well with Hart Springs and she commended Mr. Amos Philman for the job he does. 


Commissioner Suggs stated that Wayne Spears had contacted her regarding his position.  He would like to meet with her, Ron McQueen and Joe Gilliam to obtain clarification of the work orders.  (2/160)


Mr. Gilliam mentioned that he had attended an event last week sponsored by Suwannee River Water Management and the Department of Environmental Protection.  They propose to promote the Suwannee River for tourism.  The State owns 125 miles of the river-front property in which they propose to develop as a tourist attraction which will include canoeing and camping which will promote not only the parks but private enterprise as well.  (2/223)



Commissioner Durden received a call from Eva Fonteneau, she requests the Board to consider her for the Committee for the Mid Florida Area on Aging.  Commissioner Suggs will find out if there is a vacancy on this committee and contact Ms. Fonteneau. (2/300)


Old Business:



New Business:


SHIP Loan Foreclosures - Mr. Gilliam requested direction from the Board concerning two (2) SHIP Loan foreclosures.  Mr. Gilliam and the County Attorney have reviewed them and recommend that the Board not pursue any action.  Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson, to approve the request to take no action on the SHIP Loan foreclosures.  The motion carried unanimously. (3/350)


Public Participation:


Suwannee River Shrine Club - Mr.  Sam Ferguson came before the Board on behalf of the Suwannee River Shrine Club to request permission to hold their annual fishing tournament at the Hart Springs boat ramp on June 2, 2001.  Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Bush, to approve the request.  The motion carried unanimously.  (2/368)


Grading of Roads - The Board discussed the need to cut back on grading because of the dry conditions of the roads.  Commissioner Bush will contact Nathan Martin to have him adjust the grading schedule until the conditions improve.


There being no further business to discuss, Commissioner Suggs moved to adjourn at 8:24 p.m.  The motion was seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson and approved.






                                                                                                                                                            RANDY DURDEN, CHAIRMAN