The Gilchrist County Board of County Commissioners, in and for Gilchrist County, Florida, convened in a regular meeting on Monday, March 18, 2002, at 5:00 p.m. in Bell City Hall, located in the Bell Train Depot at 3240 W. Rail Road Lane, Bell, Florida, with the following members present to-wit:


Commissioner John Rance Thomas, Chairman       

Commissioner Wilbur Bush, Vice Chairman

Commissioner Randy Durden

Commissioner Sue Suggs

Commissioner Fred Wilkerson


Others in attendance were: Joseph W. Gilliam, Clerk of Court, John McPherson, County Attorney, Sam Ferguson, Director of Finance, Karen Heaton, Deputy Clerk, Ron McQueen, EMA/County Coordinator, Jim Suit, Paul Bryant, Margaret Hooten, Jim Hooten, Don Strickland, David Brooks, Chris Pedersen, Heather Sheehan, Nancy Pedersen, David Roberts, Sheree Lancaster, Freddie Garner, Howell Lancaster, Dennis Tharpe, Shayli Tharp, Mike Kern, Christina McKenzie, Sunshine Kennon, Deen Lancaster, Peggy Sue Hilliard, Gene Parrish, Sheriff Turner.


Call to Order:


Chairman Thomas called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.   Mr. Gilliam delivered the Invocation and Commissioner Suggs led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Agenda Changes:


Additions:                – Sheriff Turner / Agreement with Justice Benefits, Inc.

– Commissioner Suggs / Bell Boys and Girls Athletic Association


Motion by Commissioner Durden, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson, to accept the agenda with the changes noted.  The motion carried unanimously. 


Consent Agenda:


1) Approval of Minutes:

a.  Regular Meeting, February 18, 2002

b.  Regular Meeting, March 4, 2002


Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Durden, to approve the consent agenda.  The motion carried unanimously. 



Attorney’s Report:


Interlocal Agreement, Animal Control – A draft copy of the interlocal agreement was received from Mr. Duke Lang.  Commissioner Durden stated that the proposed agreement will be addressed at the next animal control meeting in April.   (1/100)


Comprehensive Plan, EAR Amendments – The Regional Planning Council plans to have the draft EAR-based comprehensive plan amendments before the Planning and Zoning Board in April.  (1/127)


Associated Uniform Rental Service – At March 4th meeting, the Board approved a settlement in the amount of $5,000 for this case.  Associated Uniform rejected that offer and has made a counter offer of $11,500.  Mr. McPherson advised the Board to reject the counter offer but given the cost of the attorney fees that will accumulate in Miami, he recommended that they consider an amount below $10,000.  Motion by Commissioner Durden, seconded by Commissioner Suggs, to authorize a settlement up to $10,000.  The motion carried unanimously.  (1/140)


Ginnie Springs v. Gilchrist County – Case Nos. 97-213 and 97-258: Ginnie Springs has filed a motion for voluntary dismissal in these cases.  Case No. 99-181: Ginnie Springs has taken no action since the court denied the Motion to Enforce the Settlement Agreement.  There is no action that the County should take at this time.  (1/140)


Medical Expenses of Prisoners – As directed by the Board at the last meeting, Mr. McPherson researched the possibility of recouping medical cost incurred by inmates.   He referred to Section 951.032, Florida Statues which states a county detention facility may seek reimbursement for the expenses incurred from the prisoner or person receiving medical care. 


Sheriff Turner discussed the recent case in which an inmate was hospitalized.  To date, the bills have totaled approximately $16,000 in which the County is required to pay a $10,000 deductible.  Mr. McPherson recommended that a lien could be placed on the prisoners cash accounts.  Sheriff Turner explained that the Sheriff’s Office is only allowed to seize 40% of what is brought in by the prisoner for daily subsistence fees.  Mr. McPherson suggested that it may be possible to put a lien on the balance of the inmates cash accounts for medical costs.  Sheriff Turner stated that he will meet with Mr. McPherson to review some of the cases in order to seek reimbursement of medical expenses.  (1/306)


Sheriff Turner:


Justice Benefits, Inc.  – Sheriff Turner submitted a copy of an agreement for professional services with Justice Benefits, Inc.  He explained Justice Benefits assists the counties by finding Federal funds.  Justice Benefits will receive 22% of any funds received. 


Mr. Gilliam questioned the use of any grant funds that may be found through JBI and the fact that some grants would not allow 22% of the funds to be utilized to pay JBI.  Sheriff Turner replied the corporation does not find grant funds but funds dealing with the inmate population of the jail.  Commissioner Durden stated that the agreement should stipulate that the County has the right to accept funds or not accept them. 

Mr. McPherson pointed out that the last two (2) pages of the agreement indicate that the County would have to prove the initiatives in advance.  He suggested that before the Board approved an initiative, they would make sure that the 22% could be taken out of the funds to pay JBI without having to impact the General Fund.  After further discussion, the Board asked Sheriff Turner bring back more information to the meeting on April 1st.   (1/660)


Request, Expenditure of Funds – Mr. Gilliam referred to a budget request from Sheriff Turner for the expenditure of $720 from Fund #190 for the purpose of purchasing ten (10) spare batteries for four (4) portable radios to continue our ability to communicate with dispatch.  Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson, to approve the request to expend $720 from Fund #190.  The motion carried unanimously.  (1/1090)


Victims Advocates – Sheriff Turner advised the Board that the week of April 25th is National Victim’s Rights Week.  Each of the Victims Advocates and their associated advocacy groups in the entire region will hold a candle-light vigil in each of the counties.  April 25th has been designated the date for event in Gilchrist County.  Sheriff Turner requested the Board’s permission to hold the candle-light vigil on the grounds of the Courthouse.  Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Bush, to allow the candle-light vigil for Victims Awareness on April 25th.  The motion carried unanimously.  (1/1115)


Byrne Grant – Mr. Gilliam referred to a letter from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement announcing the availability of the FY 2002 Byrne State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance Formula Grant – Local Share.  This year Gilchrist County is eligible for $36,601.  Sheriff Turner explained that this grant is used to fund the Tri-County Drug Task Force.  Motion by Commissioner Durden, seconded by Commissioner Bush, to submit the application and designate Sheriff Turner as the contact person.  The motion carried unanimously.  (1/1210)


X-Ray Equipment – Sheriff Turner received notice from the Lee County Port Authority is going out of business and they have a “National 1984 X-ray machine” available for bid.  The Board discussed the need for an X-ray machine for the courtroom and decided to wait until the Judicial Complex project is started to determine what type of equipment is needed.  Commissioner Suggs suggested that Sheriff Turner submit a bid for $1.00.  She commented that in the past she has obtained equipment for as little as $1.00 when the entity is required to bid and no one else submits a bid.  (1/1296)


Clerk’s Report:


Guardian ad Litem Program – A letter was received from Mrs. Diana Brummer for use of the office space to be vacated by the Chamber of Commerce.  Mr. Gilliam stated that Mr. Marvin Weaver and Ms. Sable Boling have also expressed a need for that office space.  He also mentioned that the Wilkerson house is also being leased by the County to provide space for the SHIP Program, the MIS Director, Mediation and for taking depositions.  Commissioner Durden suggested sending out a letter to all departments needing office space to submit a letter stating their request by April 30th.  (1/1500)



Pat Castor – At the March 4th meeting the Board authorized reimbursement to Mr. Pat Castor in the amount of $325.  Mr. Gilliam advised Mr. Castor has signed a letter and received the reimbursement.  (1/1570)


Budget Recap – Mr. Gilliam presented the budget recap for the period ending March 12, 2002.  He explained at the end of March the budget will be at 50%.  (1/1590)


Disbursement Report – Fees remitted to the Board for the month of February 2002. 



Local Officer Training




Law Library




State Attorney/Public Defender




Court Cost




Court Facilities








E911 Traffic Surcharge




Family Mediation




Court Facility Assessment








Church of Christ, Lease – Mr. Gilliam advised the Trenton Church of Christ has requested an extension on the lease through the end of June (The term of the lease ends March 21, 2002.).  Motion by Commissioner Wilkerson, seconded by Commissioner Durden, to extend the lease on a month by month basis.  The motion carried unanimously.  (1/1640)


Notice of Lands Available for Taxes – Mr. Gilliam submitted a list of lands available for taxes following the tax deed sale on March 12, 2002.  After 90 days, these lands will go on a list of lands available for taxes.  Most of the properties are non-buildable lots along the river.  (1/1684)


Union Baptist Church – Mr. Gilliam recognized Mr. Paul Bryant who requested the Commission to waive the permit fees for the construction of a new church building.  Motion by Commissioner Bush, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson, to waive the permit fees excluding the impact fees and radon fee.  The motion carried unanimously.  (1/1731)


Union Baptist Church Road Paving Project – Mr. Ferguson presented two (2) bids received from Capital City Bank and Drummond Community Bank for the financing of the Union Baptist Church Road paving project.


1)                 Capital City Bank                                    4 years                        4.15% interest

2)                 Drummond Community Bank            4 years                        5.35% interest 

Motion by Commissioner Durden, seconded by Commissioner Bush, to accept the financing for the Union Baptist Church Road paving project from Capital City Bank.  The motion carried unanimously.  (1/1813)


USDA Rural Development, Judicial Complex Project – Mr. Gilliam reported that the Architectural Agreement has been approved by USDA for the Judicial Complex project.  Motion by Commissioner Durden, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson, to approve the Architectural Agreement as amended by USDA Rural Development.  The motion carried unanimously. 


Mr. Gilliam was advised by Mr. Charles Nichols that most of the financing has been approved.  Mr. Gilliam asked the Commission to appoint a designee to go with him to Ocala on March 21st and sign a letter of intent to meet conditions of the agreement.  USDA will then prepare all of the documents for funding.  They have also requested a time to make a presentation of the check.  Mr. Gilliam suggested the presentation be made at the mid month meeting in April.   Motion by Commissioner Durden, seconded by Commissioner Bush, to schedule the mid month meeting, April 15th at 4:00 p.m. in Trenton.  The motion carried unanimously.  The Board agreed to designate Commissioner Bush to sign the documents in Ocala.  (1/1927)


Country Acres Subdivision: Final Plat:


Mr. McQueen presented the final plat for Country Acres Subdivision.  Mr. Gene Parrish reviewed the plat and answered questions.  Motion by Commissioner Durden, seconded by Commissioner Bush, to approve the final plat for the County Acres Subdivision.  The motion carried unanimously.  (1/2205)


Rock Bluff Highlands Subdivision, Final Plat: 


Mr. McQueen presented the final plat for the Rock Bluff Highlands subdivision.  He stated that Mr. Clark Cannon resided on this property in which he and his wife had a Life Estate on six (6) acres.  The smallest lot is 27 acres and it fronts on an existing County road.  Motion by Commissioner Durden, seconded by Commissioner Bush, to accept the final plat of the Rock Bluff Highlands Subdivision.  The motion carried unanimously.   (1/2366)


EMA / County Coordinator’s Report:


Government Services Group – The meeting scheduled with GSG on Tuesday, March 19th has been rescheduled to Friday, March 22nd.   This meeting is a preliminary meeting for the Fire Protection Assessment Program.   (1/2366)


Advanced Environmental Technologies – Mr. McQueen referred to a letter from AET to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection regarding three (3) wells that were drilled at the Gilchrist County Road Department for monitoring.  As reported at the last meeting, AET has completed the site cleanup at the Road Department and must now properly close the wells and submit a final report to the State.  The total work order amount is $2,971.44 which will be paid by DEP.  (1/2619)

FRDAP Grant, Hart Springs – Mr. McQueen received a letter from the Department of Environmental Protection authorizing commencement of the project construction at Hart Springs.  Mr. McQueen explained that the volleyball court has been deleted from the project.  (1/2657)


Hart Springs Park Electrical Facilities Retrofit Grant – Mr. McQueen submitted a modification for the contract for a time extension.  Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson, to approve the contract modification for the Electrical Facilities Retrofit Grant.  The motion carried unanimously.  (1/2704)


Russell Taylor Property – Mr. McQueen discussed a letter received from William H. Ogle, an attorney representing property owners in North Gilchrist County.  The property owners recently filed a complaint against Mr. Russell Taylor concerning the clearing of 160 acres in the Rock Bluff area.  The letter was also addressed to Suwannee River Water Management.  Mr. McPherson stated that he called and left a message for Mr. Ogle but he has not returned his call as of this date. (1/2778)


Shady Grove Church Road – An estimate was received from the Levy County Road Department for the paving of Shady Grove Church Road from SE 107 Place to SE 25th Avenue.  Mr. Justin Watson, Levy County Assistant Road Superintendent, advised Mr. McQueen that the portion of road to be paved is all in Gilchrist County.  The total estimated cost for Levy County to do the construction is $25,119.25.  Commissioner Suggs stated that she had been to the Levy County Commission to request their assistance in paving this road.  Because the entire road is in Gilchrist County, Levy County cannot do a shared project.  Mr. Watson suggested that Gilchrist County borrow their equipment.  Commissioner Suggs was told that Gilchrist County may obtain the asphalt and other materials for the same price paid by Levy County.  Levy County has also offered to allow one of their supervisors to assist with the project.  The Board discussed the estimate and noted a discrepancy in the amounts quoted.  Commissioner Bush stated that he will contact Levy County for clarification.  (1/2830) 


Zoning Board Application – A letter of application was received from Mr. Carl Rehberg for the vacancy on the Planning and Zoning Board.  Mr. Don Alexander will continue in the position until June 2002.  (1/3303)


Enterprise Florida Funds – Mr. McQueen discussed an application to be submitted for Enterprise Florida funding.  The applicant is Action Manufacturing and Supply.  The business has plans to manufacture Action Craft boats and Water Guard drinking water treatment equipment.  The owners of this company are considering the expansion of their business in Gilchrist County.  They are seeking to pave Sante Fe Avenue for access to their business.  Mr. McQueen stated the project has turned out to be larger than anticipated and they are considering moving the entire facility to Gilchrist County.  Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson, to move forward the application.  The motion carried unanimously.  (1/3348)


Hart Springs FRDAP Project – Mr. McQueen requested authorization to obtain a title search from Gilchrist Titles for the Hart Springs FRDAP Project.  Motion by Commissioner Durden, seconded by Commissioner Suggs, to approve the request.  The motion carried unanimously.  (1/3584)

Request from Mitchell Gentry – Mr. McQueen received a request from Mitchell Gentry and Hilman Cannon to allow them to bring in the a total allotment of tires for the Tire Collection on one day instead of 25 per day.  Mrs. Avery has asked that if this meets the Board’s approval, he be required to bring them in within the collection period.  Motion by Commissioner Wilkerson, seconded by Commissioner Suggs, to approve the request.  The motion carried unanimously.  (1/3618)


Public Hearing / Ordinance #02-05,  LDR Text Change:


(Notice of this public hearing appeared in the March 7, 2002 and March 14, 2002 editions of the Gilchrist County Journal and proof of publication is on file in the Clerk’s Office.) 


This is the first of two (2) public hearings for Ordinance #02-05.  Mr. McQueen stated that this issue was brought before the Planning and Zoning Board in a public hearing on March 14th.   Mrs. Sheree Lancaster represented the petitioner, Mr. Dennis Tharp. The Planning and Zoning Board recommended approval of the amendment with a change to the language to read: “The processing, storage, and sale of watermelons which are not raised on the premises, but within Gilchrist County or an adjacent county, are owned by the shed owner, and limited to the local harvesting season.” 


The proposed amendment would amend the Land Development Regulations to allow, by special exception “the processing, storage, and sale of agricultural products and commodities which are not raised on the premises” in an A-1 zoning district. 


Mrs. Sheree Lancaster addressed the Board regarding the proposed amendment.  She read a statement from the Land Development Regulations stating the intent of an agricultural zone, “....to provide for areas primarily consisting of agricultural and residential uses consistent with the areas designated as agricultural within the comprehensive plan,” and pointed out that agricultural zones A-2 through A-6 permit the processing, storage and sale of agricultural products and commodities which are raised on the premises.  Mrs. Lancaster discussed the fact that Gilchrist County has historically been considered an agricultural county.  Over the past nine (9) years since the Land Development Regulations were adopted, farming practices for watermelon growers has changed.  She contended that at the time the LDRs were written, the difference of classifications of A-1 and A-2 districts was simply density, the number of dwellings allowed per acre of land. 


Mrs. Lancaster referred to Section 16 of the LDRs which stipulates the Planning and Zoning Board, when considering a proposed amendment to the LDRs shall consider; “ 1) The need and justification for the change and 2) The relationship of the proposed amendment to the purposes and objectives of the comprehensive planning program and the Comprehensive Plan, with appropriate consideration as to whether the proposed change will further the purposes of these land development regulations and other ordinances, regulations, and actions designed to implement the Comprehensive Plan.”   She stated that she believed the Planning and Zoning Board considered those two requirements when it made it’s recommendation to grant the petition.  


Mrs. Lancaster described the methods used to day by farmers for the planting, harvesting and packing of watermelons.  If the amendment is approved, her client will then be allowed to seek a special exception to allow him to have a packing shed on his property.  In answer to opposing arguments heard by the Planning and Zoning Board, Mrs. Lancaster explained why she did not believe semi truck will cause a danger to children in the area and why the trucks hauling watermelons should be allowed to travel County roads as in other agricultural activities.  It had also been argued that the A-1 zoning should remain as it is.  She contended that the property in question is a 5-acre track within a 40-acre track directly across a graded road from A-2 zoning and therefore is right on the fringe of A-1.


Chairman Thomas called for comments from anyone else in favor of the amendment.  Mrs. Lancaster stated that she has talked with Mr. Ted Burt, attorney for Mr. Rodney Stull who owns the 40 acre track and he indicated that Mr. Stull does not have any objections to it.  Mrs. Lancaster also talked to Robin Hudson and Janice Crawford who live in the vicinity and they do not object to the watermelon shed.


Mr. Dennis Tharp stated that he had talked with Mr. Murray Read and he had told him that he was no longer opposed to the amendment.  He told the Board that he had also talked with other residents in the neighborhood.  There are five (5) residences within approximately 400 acres of property.  Mr. Tharp is a partner with Mr. Jerry Quincy and they have been growing watermelons for the past five (5) years.  They do not intend to process anything other than watermelons at this location.   Last year they loaded watermelons approximately ½ mile from that location. He explained the shed is needed to give them a roof and a ramp to load them with.  The activity will be seasonal and should not exceed a four (4) week period. 


Mr. Dean Lancaster also spoke to the Board in favor of the proposed amendment.  He owns property in that area and has plans to build there.  Mr. Lancaster pointed out that his father has a watermelon shed 1/4 mile from Ayer’s Meadows and there is a peanut processing shed in the same area. 


Chairman Thomas called for any comments in opposition to the proposed amendment.  Mrs. Margaret Garner Hooten addressed the Board.  She owns 40 acres adjacent to Mr. Tharp’s property.  Her daughter, Nancy Pedersen and her family live on the property.  She expressed concern that the watermelon trucks will cause excessive dust which will be hazardous to her grandchildren’s health, one of them has asthma and the other had heart surgery last year. 


Mrs. Hooten related that she had contacted the County Road Department and found that there is no weight limit on the graded road, however, the trucks will be turning onto CR 319 which has a weight limit of 50,000 lbs.  She contacted the Department of Transportation’s weigh station in Old Town and found that the average weight of a loaded watermelon truck is 80,000 pounds.  The Department of Transportation will allow a weight 10% over the limit.  Mrs. Hooten also objected to the fact that Mr. Tharp proceeded to build the packing shed without permission. 


Mrs. Nancy Pedersen stated that she and her husband live next to the property owned by Mr. Tharp.  She presented a map indicating the location of the watermelon shed and the residences


near to the property and pointed out that her residence will be the only residence passed in route to the shed on SE 97th Trail.  Mrs. Pedersen told the Board that she had contacted the Department of Transportation and found out that at her request, they will come out and weigh the trucks and every one that is over 55,000 lbs. will be ticketed and prosecuted.  She asked that if this amendment is approved will the weight limit on the road be changed.  She also expressed disapproval of the fact that Mr. Tharp went ahead and built the shed prior to approval.


Mr. Freddie Garner also spoke in opposition to the amendment.  Mr. Garner owns 40 acres opposite Mrs. Hooten’s property.  He contended that the trucks traveling the graded road will pose a health risk to the Pedersen’s and a great deal of damage to the road requiring it to be paved.  He mentioned that a subdivision is planned for the area within 1/4 mile of the shed. 


In response to the arguments that Mr. Tharp built the shed prior to obtaining permission, Mrs. Lancaster stated that she had been hired to represent Mr. Tharp prior to him buying the property.  He had asked her to do the research on the property.  She contacted the Building Department and found that it was zoned agricultural, A-2.  After he had started the barn, Mr. Murray Read went to Mr. Tharp and told him the shed was not allowed in that zone.  Mrs. Lancaster contacted the Building Department again and was told it was A-1.  She explained that it was difficult to determine at first because it is right on the line of A-1.  She stated that it was not Mr. Tharp’s mistake but hers.  Concerning the dust on the road, Mrs. Lancaster stated that semi trucks travel the road now with pine straw.


Mrs. Hooten referred to a copy of the zoning map and pointed out the areas that were zoned A-1 compared to the other areas that are already zoned for the shed.  Mrs. Lancaster replied that Mr. Tharp picked that area because he buys Jerry Quincey’s watermelon which are in that area.  They have farmed the Stacy Quincey’s property for years. 


Chairman Thomas called for comments from the Commission.


Commissioner Suggs told Mr. Tharp that she had talked to Mr. Murray Read who told her that he did not tell Mr. Tharp it was O.K. with him but that he would not come to the Board meetings and fight him.  She asked Mr. Tharp why he didn’t purchase property nearer to Mr. Quincey’s field.  Mr. Tharp replied that he attempted to find another location near the watermelon field.  The property he purchase was the only available property in the area.   Commissioner Suggs stated that the Board needs to leave A-1 as A-1.


Commissioner Wilkerson stated that he has considered both sides of the situation.  He asked Mr. Tharp about the location he loaded the melons last year.  Mr. Tharp replied it was at near the Rodney Stull property.  There were more residences there and they did not encounter any problems.  Commissioner Wilkerson discussed the fact that Gilchrist County is an agricultural county and the public roads are used by the farmers as well. 


Commissioner Durden referred to a portion of the original text change request which states “The processing, storage, and sale of agricultural products and commodities....”  He stated that he does not agree with the recommended revision, “the processing and selling of watermelons” as recommended by the Planning and Zoning Board.   He stated that if a text change is considered, it shouldn’t just say watermelons but it should apply to all agriculture.


Commissioner Bush discussed the fact that this is an agricultural county and that there are problems with graded roads.  He sympathized with the family of the child with asthma, however we cannot pave all of the graded roads.  He recommended that the LDR amendment be approved.  Concerning the watermelon trucks, the season is short and it was estimated by Mr. Tharp that there would only be approximately five (5) trucks per day traveling to that location.


Commissioner Thomas stated that the Commission has agreed to try an allow people to use their property in a way they can make a living, yet they are going to try and protect everyone’s interest. He commented that he is proud of the County’s agricultural heritage and he would like to see agriculture remain profitable so that people can stay in it.  At the same time, he believes we need to look at what is in the best interest of everyone in the County.  He agreed that if the change is going to be made, it should not be limited to watermelons. 


The Board discussed the wording of the proposed amendment and it was suggested that “commodities” could be left out.


Chairman Thomas closed the public hearing and stated the second hearing will be held on April 15th at 6:00 p.m. in Trenton.  (01/001)


Public Hearing / Ordinance 02-03, Wind Speed Zones:


(Notice of this public hearing appeared in the March 7, 2002 edition of the Gilchrist County Journal and proof of publication is on file in the Clerk’s Office.)


Mr. McQueen reviewed the proposed ordinance establishing Wind Speed Zones in the County. Chairman Thomas read the short title of Ordinance 02-03.






Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Durden, to approve Ordinance #02-03.  The motion carried unanimously.  (01/2546)



Public Hearing / Ordinance 02-04, Mobile Home Move-On Permits:


(Notice of this public hearing appeared in the March 7, 2002 edition of the Gilchrist County Journal and proof of publication is on file in the Clerk’s Office.)


Mr. McPherson presented and reviewed the proposed ordinance.  After discussion, Chairman Thomas read the title.





Motion by Commissioner Durden, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson, to adopt Ordinance #02-04.  The motion carried unanimously.  (01/2627)


Bell Library / Peggy Sue Hilliard:


Mrs. Peggy Sue Hilliard addressed the Board concerning a mini-grant awarded to the Bell Library by the Florida Learning Alliance.  The total amount of the grant is $5,000. The grant was awarded for a proposal written by Mrs. Hilliard for an innovative technology program.  She explained the program will train computer literate students to be coaches for non-computer users at the Bell Community Library for after-school technology help as well as in the Bell Elementary School computer lab.  The funds will be used for the training, the purchase of tutorial materials, Computer hardware and computer software. 


Mrs. Hilliard also discussed the Accelerated Reader Program used by the Gilchrist County Schools.  (1/3234)


Commissioner’s Reports:


Commissioner Bush stated that he will be going to look at rock crushers this week.


Commissioner Durden reported that he and Mr. McQueen attended a meeting of the Spring Ridge Homeowners Association recently and discussed animal control with them.  


Commissioner Suggs referred to a copy of a brochure produced by the Tourism Development Board.  She expressed that she did not approve of the fact that the Dive Shop at Ginnie Springs and Dannon Water identified but not Fanning Springs.  She stated for the record, as Commissioner over Parks, she did not approve the brochure or of the way Mrs. Fletcher handled this.  Mr. Gilliam explained that this brochure goes back to about five (5) years ago when Florida Power wrote a grant for the Development Authority and the Chamber of Commerce.  The Board did not have to approve it.  The brochure produced by the Tourist Development Board was approved by the Board.  Commissioner Durden stated the photos came from the Industrial Development Authority.


Commissioner Durden commended the Trenton United Methodist Church for their efforts in holding the spaghetti dinner to benefit the Fire Departments. 

Old Business:


Commissioner Suggs asked to clarify a motion she made at the February 18th meeting concerning the Bell Boys and Girls Athletic Program.  She stated that she has been asked about the children who are involved in more than one sport.  She suggested that if they do not meet the $1,000 limit that the Board make the $1,000 donation.  The Board discussed the issue and agreed that it will remain at $3.00 per child up to $1,000. 


New Business:



Public Participation:




There being no further business to discuss, Chairman Thomas adjourned the meeting at 8:45 p.m.







John Rance Thomas, Chairman





Joseph W. Gilliam, Clerk