The Gilchrist County Board of County Commissioners, in and for Gilchrist County Florida, convened in a regular meeting on Thursday, October 3, 2002 at 1:00 p.m. in the courtroom, located in the Gilchrist County Courthouse, 112 South Main Street, Trenton, Florida, with the following members present to-wit:


Commissioner John Rance Thomas, Chairman

Commissioner Wilbur Bush, Vice Chairman

Commissioner Randy Durden

Commissioner Sue Suggs

Commissioner Fred Wilkerson


(Chairman Thomas arrived at 1:35 p.m.)


Others in attendance were:   Joseph W. Gilliam, Clerk of Court, John McPherson, County Attorney, Karen Heaton, Deputy Clerk, Sam Ferguson, Director of Finance, Jacki Johnson, Deputy Clerk, Ron McQueen, EMA/County Coordinator, Diane Avery, Lee Mills, Busy Shires, Brenda Schaltenbrand, Lee Schaltenbrand, Richard Esseck, John Ayers, Nathan Martin, Frank Salonko, Frank Salonko, II, Susan Beardsly, Roger Hemond, Will Weathers.


Call to Order:


Commissioner Bush called the meeting to order at 1:10 p.m.  Commissioner Bush delivered the Invocation and Commissioner Durden led the Pledge of Allegiance.  


Agenda Changes:


Mr. Gilliam presented the following agenda changes.


Additions:         a) Budget Entry #BE2-108, Law Enforcement Trust Fund ($5,000) (Consent                 Agenda)


b) Letter of support for the Gilchrist County Health Department.  


c) Request from Mr. Zack Wheeler, Selective Service Board.  


d) Update on space needs.


e)  Request from the Florida Highway Patrol for purchase of Radar Detector.


f)  Revised Interlocal Agreement with the Town of Bell re: Bell VFD.


g) Renovations and updates for the church building.                                         

Motion by Commissioner Durden, seconded by Commissioner Suggs, to accept the agenda with the changes noted.  The motion carried unanimously. 


Consent Agenda: 


1.                  Approval of bills.

2.                  Approval of pay increases for Bill Brideson, Daniel Cox and Randy Wiggins.

3.                  Approval of Purchase Orders:

a. #222209, Fason Electric, $1,400

b. #222208, G.C.R.A., $5,990.58

c. #222237, City of Trenton, $5,100

d. #222226, Exeter, $21,510.29

4.                  Approval of Minutes:

a.  Joint Meeting w/ City of Trenton, July 30, 2002

b.  Regular Meeting, August 5, 2002


Motion by Commissioner Durden, seconded by Commissioner Suggs, to accept the Consent Agenda with the addition of budget entry #BE2-108.  The motion carried unanimously. 



Attorney’s Report:


Bond Ordinance & Resolution – Mr. McPherson stated the Bond Ordinance and Resolution for the Judicial Complex has been scheduled for a time certain this meeting.  (1/151)


Comprehensive Plan / EAR Amendments – The Planning and Zoning Board has scheduled a final hearing for the EAR Amendments to be held on Thursday, October 10, 2002.  (1/160)


Ginnie Springs v. Gilchrist County – Mr. McPherson reported there has been no activity in this case. 


Benjamin H. Poitevint v. Gilchrist County – Mr. McPherson advised he has filed a motion to dismiss the complaint filed by Mr. Poitevint based on the fact most of the issues raised go beyond the question of consistency with the County’s comprehensive plan.  (1/170)


Brooks and Strickland v. Aderholts and Gilchrist County – A hearing on a Motion for Temporary Injunction has been scheduled for October 15th.  Mr. McPherson stated that he would attend the hearing.  (1/181)


Access to Hart Springs – Mr. McPherson provided a copy of a memorandum he prepared in answer to a question raised concerning access to Hart Springs by way of boats and swimmers coming up the run from the river.  (1/190)


Voting on Minutes – Mr. McPherson also provided a copy of a memorandum he prepared concerning a question raised as to whether a member who was absent from a meeting should vote on the approval of the minutes for that meeting. 


Road Department:


Mr. Nathan Martin reported the department will complete preparations for the paving of Shady Grove Road next week.  Mr. Martin also reported one of the graders is in the shop for repairs. 


Mr. McQueen mentioned the need for a time clock for the Road Department.  He explained that time sheets are currently filled out by the supervisor and certified by his office.  He discussed various problems with using the current time sheets.  Commissioner Bush recommended using a card swipe system.   After discussion regarding implementation of such a system for the Road Department, Commissioner Durden asked Mr. McQueen to obtain an estimate for the system and bring back for the Board’s consideration.  (1/213)


(Chairman Thomas arrived at 1:35 p.m. at which time Commissioner Bush relinquished the Chair.)


Building Department Report: 


Mr. McQueen presented the Building Department report for the month of September. (1/763)


Mobile Homes                            10 Total / 12 Replacements

8 impact fees = $11,530.48

(Capital=$2,959.04 / Transp.=$8,571.44)


New Constructions                     4 Total / 1 CFE substation

3 impact fees = $4,323.93

(Capital=$739.76 / Transp.=$3,214.29)


2 impact fees paid for electric service = $2,882.62

(Capital=$739.76 / Transp.=$2,142.86)



Remodeling & Additions  3

Barns                                        4

Sheds                                        0

Pools                                        0

Roofing                         1

Miscellaneous                            1



Clerk’s Report:


Fees Remitted to BOCC – Mr. Gilliam presented the disbursement report for fees remitted to the Board in April thru August 2002.  (Total / $88,834.76)  (1/842)


Tax Deeds – Mr. Gilliam presented four (4) Tax Deed Sale disbursements for approval.  (As required by Chapter 12-D-12.38, Department of Revenue, notice of the overage amount is mailed by certified mail to the previous property owner.  If the overage is not claimed within 90 days, it is disbursed to the Board of County Commissioners.)


1)         Tax Deed Application 2001-75 / Certificate #95-368 / Amount: $25.61.  

2)         Tax Deed Application 2001-93 / Certificate #96-214 / Amount: $41.25

3)         Tax Deed Application 2001-39 / Certificate #95-202 / Amount: $23.32

4)         Tax Deed Application 2001-66 / Certificate #95-577 / Amount: $5,945.92


Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Durden, to approve Certificate #95-368 in the amount of $25.61.  The motion carried unanimously. 


Motion by Commissioner Durden, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson, to approve certificate #96-214 in the amount of $41.25.  The motion carried unanimously. 


Motion by Commissioner Bush, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson, to approve Certificate #95-202 in the amount of $23.32.  The motion carried unanimously. 


Motion by Commissioner Durden, seconded by Commissioner Suggs, to approve Certificate #395-577 in the amount of $5,945.92.  The motion carried unanimously.  (1/858)


Request from Mr. Zack Wheeler – Mr. Gilliam advised that Mr. Zack Wheeler, Selective Service Commission, has asked the Board to appoint an active member to the Selective Service Board for Gilchrist County.  Motion by Commissioner Durden, seconded by Commissioner Suggs, to appoint Commissioner Bush to serve on the Selective Service Board.  The motion carried unanimously.  (1/939)


Frank Edward Salonko, Citizen’s Request: 


Mr. Frank Salonko appeared before the Board concerning a complaint against the Sheriff’s Office.  He presented copies of the following documents for review:


·                      Letter from Dept. of Veterans Affairs dated May 15, 2001

·                      Copy of check #1266 and #1269 from Dwayne E. Colson.

·                      CAD Operations Report #02-04891 dated Aug. 9, 2002. (G.C.S.O.)

·                      Incident Report #0201732 (G.C.S.O.)

·                      Receipt from Scoggins Chev. Olds. to Dwayne Colson for towing. ($130.)

·                      Sworn Complaint filed with the Levy County Sheriff’s Office against Frank Salonko.

·                      Letter from Sheriff Turner to Mr. Salonko dated September 10, 2002.


Mr. Salonko reviewed the documents and discussed the incident concerning two (2) checks he had cashed for his son which were issued by his employer.  The checks were returned for insufficient funds and subsequently Mr. Salonko’s account was overdrawn.  Mr. Salonko’s son, Frank E. Salonko, Jr. had driven the company truck home and it was located on Mr. Salonko’s property.  Mr. Salonko explained that he had called the Sheriff’s Office for assistance concerning the checks and to make sure they were doing the right thing.  He was told it was a civil matter and he would need to contact his attorney.  Later on that same day, Mr. Dwayne Colson filed charges against Mr. Frank Salonko, Jr. with the Levy County Sheriff’s Office for Grand Theft.  Mr. Salonko pointed out on the Incident Report that Deputy Thomas had told Mr. Colson that he would have to report the truck and equipment stolen in order for the Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office to assist him with retrieving the vehicle.  Mr. Salonko contended that the G.C.S.O. had assisted Levy County with these charges against his son.  He also made a complaint that Sheriff Turner would not provide certain records and sited Florida Statute 119.01. 


Mr. Frank Salonko, Jr. and Ms. Susan Beardsly also made comments regarding the complaint.  After further discussion, Mr. McPherson advised Mr. Salonko that the County Commission simply cannot take any action concerning his complaint or inject itself into the legal process.  He stated that if he is innocent of stealing the truck, that is what the criminal process is for.  He advised Mr. Salonko if he had charges against the Sheriff or Sheriff’s Office, he would need to contact the State Attorney’s Office.  (1/945)                                                                                                                   

Division of Forestry, Bill Clark:


Mr. William Clark, County Forester, presented the Annual Fire Control Report for FY 2001/2002 and the Annual Report from the Florida Division of Forestry’s Cooperative Florida Assistance Program.


Chairman Thomas asked Mr. Clark to discuss the problem with beetles.  Mr. Clark explained that the problem should be relieved with more rain and with more planting.  The drought had contributed to the problem.     


Mr. Clark also discussed the amount of trees planted throughout the County.  He stated that the drought index has improved this year. 


Florida Power:                        


Ms. Lynette Vermillion, Community Relations Manager, Florida Power Corporation, announced that Florida Power is changing its name.  Effective January 2003, Florida Power will become “Progress Energy.”  The name will be phased in over the next two (2) years. 


She explained the goal is to build a stronger identity among the customers, employees and the communities they serve.  She stated they are committed to Gilchrist County, to improving service, continuing to work on lowering rates and improving reliability and that they have the resources to make this possible.



Public Hearing / Ordinance 02-11, Public Improvement Revenue:


Mr. Will Weathers, Gardnyr Michael Capital, Inc. appeared before the Board concerning the proposed Public Improvement Revenue Bonds ordinance.


Mr. McPherson presented and reviewed the proposed ordinance authorizing the issuance of public improvement revenue bonds.  Mr. McPherson also presented Resolution 02-60 to be considered in conjunction with the Bond Ordinance.  He pointed out the date of Resolution 02-60 would need to be revised from October 7th to October 3rd. 


Mr. Weathers explained the proposed ordinance and resolution provides the legal authority to proceed with the bond issue for the construction of the Judicial Complex project.  He stated that Mr. McPherson will be preparing the other bond documents required, certificates of rights-of-way and the preliminary title opinions.  Mr. Weathers also discussed the phases to be completed prior to the construction phase.


                                                             ORDINANCE NO. 02-11




Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Durden, to approve Ordinance 02-11.  The motion carried unanimously. 


                                                    RESOLUTION 02-60




Motion by Commissioner Durden, seconded by Commissioner Bush, to approve Resolution 02-60.  The motion carried unanimously.     


Lee Mills:


Mr. Lee Mills presented a contract for renewal with Mills Engineering for FY 02/03.  Motion by Commissioner Durden, seconded by Commissioner Bush, to approve the contract.  The motion carried unanimously.  (2/260)


Mr. Mills reported they are still waiting to proceed with the proposed Martini Grade paving project.  Mr. McQueen stated that D.O.T. has approved the project.  Mr. Mills stated that he will go ahead and flag the existing corners.  He suggested a meeting be scheduled to provide information to the property owners along the road.  The Board scheduled a special meeting on November 4th at 7:00 p.m. 


Mr. Mills advised he had contacted Hipp Construction and Anderson Columbia regarding their bids.  Both companies have agreed to hold the contracts open until the first of November.   (2/300)


Mr. Mills also advised he will advertise for the CR 337 project next week.


Mr. McQueen referred the following invoices received from Mills Engineering:


1) #2002012    $   325.00        Landfill Groundwater Monitoring

2) #2002043    $5,840.00        Courthouse parking lot & storage area, Hart Springs

3) #2002003    $   352.50        Plat of North Woods


Motion by Commissioner Durden, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson, to approve payment of invoices #2002012, #2002043 and #2002003.  The motion carried unanimously.   (2/416)


Clerk’s Report (continued):


Sheriff Turner – Mr. Gilliam presented the following checks submitted by Sheriff Turner:


1. Ck. #1574, $48.31              Prisoners Transport Expenses

2. Ck. #1575, $2,813.61         Refund on Task Force Salary

3. Ck. #1576, $1,261.04         Housing of Federal Inmates

4. Ck. #1577, $66.00              Restitution on dames to Car

5. Ck. #1579, $2,649.45         Civil Cost


Insurance Update – Mr. Gilliam referred to a letter from Risk Management Associates (R.M.A.) regarding an increase for the County’s Liability Insurance.  The actual increase was $106,000 instead of the projected $40,000 increase.  Mr. Gilliam stated that he contacted R.M.A. and found out a majority of the increase is for Workers’ Comp Insurance.  He explained a portion of the Workers’ Comp insurance is based on payroll which had increased by 5.52%.  Another reason for the increase was in the amount of Workers’ Comp coverage for the volunteer firefighters.  The rate increased from $500 per firefighter to $1,500 due due to the September 11th act of terrorism.  The rate for law enforcement officers went from 7.61% to 10.60%.  Mr. Gilliam recalled the liability insurance was budgeted at approximately $40,000.  He stated that by the end of the year, a portion of the insurance premium will need to be paid from Reserve.  (2/720)


Contingent Liability   Mr. Gilliam advised Ms. Pitzarell recently pointed out that the County does not have “additional covered member” or Contingent Liability insurance with the Sheriff’s coverage.  He explained the Board of County Commissioners may be added to the Sheriff’s policy with the Florida Sheriffs’ Self-Insurance Fund for a premium of $4,380.  The Board asked Mr. McPherson to review the policy and bring back a recommendation.  (2/840)



Workers’ Comp Recovery Program – Mr. Gilliam referred to a letter from Nationwide Risk Management Services (N.R.M.S.), concerning a Workers’ Comp Recovery Program.  Mr. Gilliam explained this program will audit the work comp claims and premiums.  A fee is not charged unless they discover an overcharge at which time N.R.M.S. will be paid a percentage of the recovery.  Mr. Gilliam expressed concern in opening the claims history and payroll to another party.  Mr. Gilliam stated he will inquire regarding the confidentiality of the claims records and report back.  (2/936)


Judicial Complex Update – Mr. Gilliam presented a draft of the proposed site plan.  The Construction Committee had met on October 25th and finalized the floor plan pending approval by USDA.  Mr. Gilliam reviewed the site plan and discussed changes that had been made.  He also reviewed proposed plans for the exterior of the building. 


Mr. Gilliam stated the next step is to proceed with the plans and specifications.  He estimated the cost for this phase would be between $150,000 to $170,000.  Mr. Gilliam suggested postponing the expenditure until a construction date has been decided.  Discussion was held concerning the budget and the upcoming legislative hearings which will determine the amount of funding available for the project.  Motion by Commissioner Durden, seconded by Commissioner Suggs, to postpone spending any more funds on the project until after the legislative process in April or May which will allow enough time to include the project in the next budget year.  The motion carried unanimously.  (2/1050)


Budget Update – Mr. Gilliam presented a Budget Recap Report for FY 2002 for the period ending September 30, 2002.  (2/1368)  


Traffic Fines – Mr. Gilliam presented a request from FHP for the purchase of a radar detector.  Mr. Gilliam stated FHP writes 66% to 70% of the traffic tickets in the County and substantial revenue is received from those fines.  He presented an estimate in the amount of $2,339.10 for a ‘Stalker’ radar detector.  Motion by Commissioner Durden, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson, to purchase the Stalker radar detector for a cost of $2,339.10.  The motion carried unanimously.  (2/1517)


Legislative Request – Mr. Gilliam advised he has prepared a request for $1,000,000 from the Small County Courthouse Program.  (2/1611)


Budget Requests – Mr. Gilliam presented Budget Entry, #BE-02 (Clerk’s Budget) in the amount of $2,000 transferring $510 to Regular Salaries and $1,490 to Repair & Maintenance.  Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson, to approve the request.  The motion carried unanimously.  (2/1650)


Resolution 02-59 (BE2-107) – This resolution amends the General Fund Budget (001) by an increased amount of $10,953 which represents the grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, to be utilized for the purpose of reducing crime and improving public safety. Motion by Commissioner Durden, seconded by Commissioner Suggs, to approve Resolution 02-59.  The motion carried unanimously.  (2/1692)


Wilkerson House  – Mr. Gilliam advised it will be necessary to temporarily relocate the offices currently occupying the Wilkerson house while repairs are being made.  These are for Buddy Ellis, the MIS Director, Dennis Raddice, SHIP Administrator and the probation officer.  Motion by Commissioner Wilkerson, seconded by Commissioner Suggs, to allow the Clerk to locate space for those three (3) functions.  The motion carried unanimously.  (2/1725)


Reschedule November 18th Meeting – Commissioner Suggs requested the Board to reschedule the mid-month meeting.  Her son is getting married on that date and has invited the Commissioners to attend.   The Board agreed to reschedule the meeting to Thursday, November 21st.  (2/1821)


Hospice   Mr. Gilliam presented a Certificate of Appreciation received from Hospice of the Tri-Counties for supporting the 9/11 Memorial Project and allowing them to use the Courthouse premises for the ‘Healing Walls.’  (2/2055)



EMA / County Coordinator:


FAC Editorial – Mr. McQueen provided a copy of an article from the Florida Association of Counties publication concerning the State’s water supply.  He discussed the issues coming before the legislature concerning water and stated it will be one of the main issues.  (2/2095)


Notice of Mediation – Mr. McQueen advised a Mediation Conference has been scheduled in January for Workers’ Comp claim filed by J.B. O’Steen.


Strategic Intermodal Transportation System – Mr. McQueen referred to a memorandum concerning a meeting scheduled October 10th for the Strategic Intermodal Transportation System. He explained this will effect Gilchrist County because of SR 26.  He stated that he plans to be in attendance.  (2/2238)


Ayers Health and Rehabilitation Center – Mr. McQueen presented a letter from Joanna Buckles, Administrator, Ayers Health and Rehabilitation Center, requesting support of their “Safe Place to Trick or Treat” Program.  She asked the Commission to donate candy for the event.  (2/2284)


Action Manufacturing & Supply, Inc.   Mr. McQueen referred to a letter from Ben Chumley, County Planner to Mr. Paul Guard, Action Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. requesting a letter of intent to fulfill the requirement to create 50 new jobs for the EDTF grant.  Mr. McQueen stated the contract has been awarded by the Governor’s Office.  He explained the contract includes a stipulation that for the manufacturer to comply there is no provision to return funds.  The only requirement is to make a final report.  Mr. McQueen referred to contract to Mr. McPherson for review prior to the next meeting.  (2/2306)


North Gilchrist VFD Building – Mr. McQueen referred to a damage report from the North Gilchrist VFD for damages to the station.  The necessary repairs have been completed.  (2/2402)


Memo from Isabel Smith – Mr. McQueen referred to a memorandum from Isabel Smith dated September 20, 2002 thanking the County for the driveway repairs on her property located at 6839 SE 75th Avenue.  He explained the problems to the driveway were created during the resurfacing project to SE 75th Avenue.  (2/2414)


Fire Services Agreement – Mr. McQueen presented the proposed M.S.T.U. Fire Protection Agreement with the City of Trenton for approval.  Motion by Commissioner Durden, seconded by Commissioner Bush, to accept the Fire Protection Agreement with the City of Trenton.  The motion carried unanimously.  (2/2426)


 C & D Disposal – Mr. McQueen referred to a letter from Watson Construction Co., Inc. advising the Solid Waste Department of a rate increase.  Mr. McQueen recommended revising the fees charged by the County to cover the actual cost to the County.  Ms. Avery recommended increasing the rates for C & D, Household and Class 3 garbage.  Motion by Commissioner Wilkerson, seconded by Commissioner Suggs, to increase the rates from $55 per ton to $60 per ton based on the recommendation of Ms. Avery.  The motion carried unanimously.  The Board agreed the rates should become effective November 1, 2002.  (2/2551)


Renovations to Church Building – Mr. McQueen reported the renovations are going well to the Church Building.  He commended Mr. Ferguson for the work he has done to coordinate the project.  Mr. Ferguson advised the contractor began last Tuesday on construction, the electricians will complete their work next week.  He stated Jerry Orenchack is the contractor for the project. 


Mr. Ferguson presented two (2) estimates from Lipham Music Company for a sound system.  The first estimate he had received was for $14,408.40.  After amending the list of equipment, the second estimate was received for an amount of $8,839.20.  Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson, to approve the expenditure of $8,839.20 to Lipham Music Company for the sound system.  The motion carried unanimously.  (2/2760)


Mr. Gilliam stated that he had received requests to name the building after the builder, Mr. Frank Beach, Sr.  He asked the Board to consider suggestions to bring back at a later date. 

Mr. Ferguson advised he received a recommendation from Pitt Glass to insulate the windows of the church building by placing an additional piece of glass over each window pane.  Pitt Glass submitted an estimate in the amount of $8,720 (10 windows, 6 panes per window plus arch at the top.  The price includes installation and trim work.).  Motion by Commissioner Durden, seconded by Commissioner Bush, to approve the expenditure in the amount of $8,720 to insulate the windows.  The motion carried unanimously. 


Mr. Ferguson stated there will be five (5) pews left over from the renovations.  Several persons have expressed interest in receiving them.  Commissioner Durden suggested offering them to the Bell Town Council for the Bell Depot Meeting Room.  The Board agreed.


Bid / Sewer Treatment Plant – Mr. McQueen presented the contract with Mack Concrete for construction of the Sewer Treatment Plant.  Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Durden, to execute the contract with Mack Concrete Industries.  The motion carried unanimously.  (2/3468)


Clerk’s Report (continued):


Gilchrist County Health Department – Mr. Gilliam referred to a letter of support he drafted for the Gilchrist County Health Department for the Primary Care Challenge Grant application.  Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Durden, to approve sending the letter of support.  The motion carried unanimously.  (2/3548)


Commissioner’s Reports:


Commissioner Durden submitted a letter from Aurora Dairy Group to be sent to the Health Department and to filed with the Clerk.  The letter stated planned actions and current procedures for fly and mosquito control.  (2/3631)


Commissioner Durden presented an Interlocal Agreement with the Town of Bell for the County to assume operations of the Bell VFD.  Motion by Commissioner Durden, seconded by Commissioner Bush, to accept the Interlocal Agreement with the Town of Bell.  The motion carried unanimously.  (2/3750)


Commissioner Durden submitted a request from the Chamber of Commerce for authorization to install a security system that was donated to them.  The Chamber will pay the monitoring which is $34.95 per month out of their budget.  The Board agreed to the request as long as the bathrooms remain accessible.  (3/130)


Commissioner Durden advised the City of Trenton has tentatively agreed to enter into an agreement for Code Enforcement.  He stated the Town of Bell and the City of Fanning Springs are also interested.  The consensus of the committee was to go with the recommendation of the County Attorney to have a ‘Hearing Officer’ instead of a Code Enforcement Board.  The committee suggested a quarterly meeting for the County and the municipalities and to split the cost of the Hearing Officer.  Mr. McQueen recalled that there are four (4) determinations that have been collecting fines.  He suggested that the Board instruct Mr. McPherson to go ahead and proceed with foreclosure.  Chairman Thomas directed staff to schedule this item for a time certain the next scheduled meeting.  (3/173)


Commissioner Durden reported the Animal Control Committee met on October 2nd and the Animal Control vehicle has been purchased.  He stated the proposed ordinances should be ready for the Board’s consideration the mid-month meeting in November.  The Committee plans to begin the program January 1st. 


Commissioner Suggs recalled the Board had asked her to prepare the ‘request for bids’ for the mowing services.  She asked if a bond will be required and what kind of insurance will be required from the bidder.  Mr. McQueen replied they should provide proof of liability insurance and workers’ comp insurance.  Mr. McPherson told Commissioner Suggs he will prepare the language for the bid and forward a copy to her.  (3/350)


Commissioner Suggs advised the meeting concerning Water Policy will be held on October 9th.  She plans to be in attendance.  (3/445)


Commissioner Bush reported Ms. Sable Boling had asked him to attend a Quality Improvement Review for the Health Department.  At the meeting, he found out that the Gilchrist County Health Department has been recognized as the best in the State in six (6) categories.  He commended the Department for the work they are doing.  (3/515)


Commissioner Suggs mentioned an article in the Gilchrist County Journal about the Gilchrist County Recreational Authority changing it’s name.  She explained the article includes a statement that the County has nothing to do with G.C.R.A. and she suggested the Board send a response to the Journal to let the citizens know the County has assisted them.  Commissioner Durden suggested a letter first be sent to G.C.R.A. to give them an opportunity to make a correction.  Mr. McQueen will draft the letter for the Chairman’s signature.


There being no further business to discuss, Commissioner Suggs moved to adjourn at 5:02 p.m.  The motion was seconded by Commissioner Wilkerson and carried.






Randy Durden, Chairman




Joseph W. Gilliam, Clerk