The Gilchrist County Board of County Commissioners, in and for Gilchrist County Florida, convened in a regular meeting on Monday, June 16, 2003 at 5:00 p.m. in the Board of County Commissioners Meeting Room located at 210 South Main Street, Trenton, Florida, with the following members present to-wit:


Commissioner Randy Durden, Chair

Commissioner Wilbur Bush

Commissioner Mitchell Gentry

Commissioner Tommy Langford

Commissioner Suggs, Vice-Chair


Others in attendance were:  John McPherson, County Attorney, Karen Heaton, Deputy Clerk, Sam Ferguson, Director of Finance, Jacki Johnson, Deputy Clerk, Ron McQueen, EMA/County Coordinator, Diane Avery, Cassie Minnich, Wes Skiles, Linda Harding, Dwayne Spears, Mark Litherland, John Ayers, Jacki Johnson, Lee Mills, Ben Chumley, Daniel Slaughter, Jeff Jordan.


Call to Order:


Chairman Durden called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.  Commissioner Bush delivered the Invocation and Commissioner Suggs led the Pledge of Allegiance. 


Agenda Changes:




Consent Agenda:

1.         Invoice from Gilchrist County Journal, $18,124.50 for Tangible Personal Property List & Delinquent Tax List.

2.         Invoice from Ring Rent, $41,100 for Caterpillar Model IT24F (Solid Waste).

3.         Approval of Budget Entry #BE3-053, General Fund, $9,353.


Clerk’s Report:

1.         Bid from Gray Construction, $39,450 for Solid Waste building.

2.         P.O. #301578 to Levy County BOCC for 34% of the salary and benefits for the Soil & Water Board district secretary for FY 2003.

3.         P.O. #310548 to RingPower, $15,300 for repairs to motor grader.

4.         P.O. #301549 to Ring Power, $300 for delivery fee.

5.         P.O. #301593 to TSE International, Inc., $2,163.50, blanket P.O. for repair parts for limber.

6.         Small County Salary Survey Results (Received June 3, on file in the Clerk’s Office.)



1.         Lee Mills, Mills Engineering

2.         Mark Litherland, RingPower


Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Gentry, to approve the agenda with the changes mentioned.  The motion carried unanimously. 


Consent Agenda:


                                                                Consent Agenda


2.                  Approval of Minutes: 

a.  Regular Meeting – May 19, 2003

b.  Regular Meeting – June 2, 2003


Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Gentry, to approve the Consent Agenda with the changes mentioned.  The motion carried unanimously. 



Lee Mills:


CR 138 – Mr. Mills presented a contract with Anderson Columbia for the CR 138 project for the Board’s approval.  Chairman Durden suggested the Board authorize him to sign the contract only after CR 341 has been completed and the work is satisfactory.  Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Gentry, to authorize the Chairman to sign the contract for CR 138 after CR 341 is completed to the County’s satisfaction.  Mr. Mills said he should be able to inspect the final paving product this week but the striping will not go down until October.  The motion carried unanimously.  (1/068)


CR 341 – Mr. Mills discussed the various problems encountered in the CR 341 paving project.  He said on the first day of the resurfacing, the contractor had failed to lay the sod prior to applying the final course of asphalt.  He explained this will cause marring on the final surface.  Mr. Mills contacted the contractor and resolved the problem and they will repair that portion of roadway.  Another problem which has also been resolved concerned the placement of the centerline.  Mr. Mills told the Board that surface cracking is unavoidable but most of it will be repaired by the contractor before completion of the project.  (1/154)


Martini Grade – Mr. Mills reported that he has completed the planned profile sheets for the Martini Grade project and he will be meeting with Suwannee River Water Management on June 18th regarding the retention areas.  He said if SRWMD concurs with the planned retention areas, he will then proceed to secure the property and the permitting.  At that time, he will also begin working on the final road cross sections, the bid documents and the drainage.  Mr. Mill estimated that these items will be completed within 60 days.  (1/624)


Sante Fe Avenue – Mr. Mills advised he will provide the legal description and the the sketch for Santa Fe Avenue to Mr. McQueen by the end of the week.  (1/825)

Major Dwayne Spears, Lancaster Correctional Institution:


At the request of the Board, Major Dwayne Spears, Lancaster Correctional Institution, appeared to answer questions pertaining to the inmate work crews.  Chairman Durden asked Major Spears about the County’s liability when supervising a work crew.  Major Spears replied that the contract with the County includes general liability.


Commissioner Suggs asked whether or not inmates are sent out that may have HIV and are the inmates screened for HIV.  Major Spears explained that the inmates are screened but due to the new HIPPA Rules, that information is not even provided to the correctional officers.


Mr. McQueen asked Major Spears what inmates are allowed to go out on work crews.  Major Spears explained that there are three levels of classifications for the inmates and only the ones who are minimum custody are allowed to be sent out as part of a work crew.


Commissioner Langford mentioned that one of the Road Department employees had told him that special uniforms may be necessary because of the risk of contact with an inmate with HIV.  Major Spears assured the Board that this was not true and that the employee had been misinformed.  (1/902)


Mark Litherland, RingPower:


Mr. Mark Litherland, Sales Representative, RingPower, appeared before the Board at the request of Mr. Ferguson and Chairman Durden to discuss recent incidents with one of the motor graders.  The estimated cost of the repairs to the motor grader is $15,300.  Mr. Litherland explained this estimate is a maximum amount and he expects the actual cost may come in lower. 


Commissioner Gentry asked Mr. Litherland to explain why these repairs were not under warranty.  Mr. Litherland stated the engine on the motor grader had blown due to overheating.  The technicians at RingPower found that the water pump was not functioning because of a loose belt, the coolant level in the grader was very low and the radiator was clogged with dirt.  Mr. Litherland explained that these items were things that should be checked by maintenance or the grader operator on a daily basis. 


Discussion was held concerning maintenance of the graders.  Commissioner Gentry contended that RingPower should share the responsibility for the repairs.  Mr. Litherland stated that RingPower is lending the County another motor grader until the repairs are made at no cost.  After discussion, Chairman Durden requested the Board consider payment of the repairs during the Commissioners’ reports.


Public Hearing / Ordinance 03-02, Special Assessment Districts:


(Notice of this public hearing appeared in the June 5, 2003 edition of the Gilchrist County Journal and proof of publication is on file in the Clerk’s Office.)


Mr. McPherson presented the proposed ordinance authorizing the creation of special assessment districts, establishing the procedures for creation of the districts and collection of the assessments.  He reviewed the ordinance and discussed the following procedures included in Section 1: (1) Petition, (2) Initial Hearing, (3) Estimated Cost of Improvement, (4) Notice, (5) Final Hearing, (6) Final Petition, (7) Recording of Notice of Intention, (8) Contract for Construction of Improvement and (9) Levy. 


After review, Mr. McPherson recommended striking #6.  He explained that with the County Commission’s home rule power, the Commission could impose the special assessment district without a final petition. 


Chairman Durden read the short title of Ordinance 03-02:


                                                               ORDINANCE 03-02



Motion by Commission Langford, seconded by Commissioner Bush, to approve Ordinance 03-02 with the exclusion of #6.  Mr. Jeff Jordan, 1310 SW 32nd Place, Bell, asked how the Board would determine the difference from a subdivision and a neighborhood.  Mr. McPherson replied that those two terms are not important, this ordinance would apply to districts.  Mr. Daniel Slaughter, 1770 SW 27th Place, Bell, offered comments opposing the approval of the ordinance with 60% approval from the property owners in a district.  He suggested that the Commission only consider petitions with 80% approval.  After discussion, Commissioner Langford amended the motion to include a revision to #1 to read “70 percent” instead of “60 percent.”  Commissioner Bush seconded the amendment and the motion carried with Commissioner Suggs voting “no.”  (1/2318)


Public Hearing /CPA 03-01, Special Assessment Districts:


(Notice of this public hearing appeared in the June 5, 2003 edition of the Gilchrist County Journal and proof of publication is on file in the Clerk’s Office.)


Mr. Ben Chumley presented an application submitted by Blue Springs Properties, Inc. for a Comprehensive Plan Amendment to change the Future Land Use Map designation of 31 +/- acres from Agriculture-2 (A-2) to Industrial, Light and Warehousing (ILW).  The applicant’s intent in requesting this map amendment is to allow for a spring water bottling plant and a distribution facility.  Mr. Chumley stated the amendment is also accompanied by a rezoning request which cannot be reviewed by the Commission until the Comprehensive Plan Amendment is approved.


Mr. Chumley advised the purpose of this meeting is for the County Commission to decide whether or not to transmit the proposed plan amendment to the Department of Community Affairs for review.  The Planning and Zoning Board has reviewed the application and on a split vote of 2 to 2, that Board outlined the following concerns for the County Commission:


1.                  Bulk water transfer to locations outside of the County/basin;


2.                  Whether the applicant holds valid water use permits from the Suwannee River Water Management District, and how long the permits will be valid.


3.                  Whether the Suwannee River Water Management District has placed a moratorium on water use permits or permits for water bottling plants.


4.                  The amount of traffic, and specifically truck traffic, that the proposed rezoning and plan amendment will place on County Road 340 and the surrounding road network.


In response to the question of bulk water transfer, Mr. Chumley stated that this is a decision usually made by SRWMD but there are no current rules that apply.  The Board of County Commissioners also have jurisdiction to regulate this as well. 


In response to a valid water use permit, Mr. Chumley provided a copy of SRWMD permit

# 2-97-00103 issued to Blue Springs, Inc. with an expiration date of May 3, 2018. 


In response to the question of a moratorium, Mr. Chumley advised SRWMD has not placed any moratorium on any water use permits.


Regarding the amount of traffic, Mr. Chumley estimated that the proposed plant would generate a maximum of 2,200 vehicle trips per day on CR 340.  He stated that even with this amount of traffic added CR 340 will still operate at the level of Service “A.”


Mr. Chumley referred to his staff report and pointed out the key issue is whether or not the County Commission wants to establish new Industrial uses outside of Urban Development Areas.  He stated the Comprehensive Plan encourages the County to direct Industrial uses to the urban areas.  However, in this case, the applicant intends to put in a spring water bottling plant which is a site specific use.  Mr. Chumley stated his recommendation is for approval of transmittal to DCA.


Mr. Robert Williams, Attorney for Blue Springs, Inc., 501 East Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, presented the Board a packet of information regarding the comprehensive plan amendment request.  He introduced Kim Davis with Blue Springs and Ralph Eng an engineer with Eng, Denman, and Associates.  Mr. Williams told the Board that Blue Springs does not object to writing in a condition to the comprehensive plan amendment to limit the use solely to a water bottling plant and there will not be any bulk sales.  He referred to the fact the comprehensive plan encourages the establishment of industrial uses within the urban development areas and explained that this is a unique situation in that the facility will need to be located near a spring.  Mr. William mentioned that the proposed facility will also benefit the County by providing jobs and an increased tax base.



Mr. Williams referred to the water use permit from SRWMD and letters from DEP to Mr. Craig Watson, Watson Farms, regarding ground water monitoring results.  He pointed out that based on these results, the proposed facility will be compatible with the dairy.  He also mentioned that there were other spring water bottling facilities in the area. 


Mr. Ralph Eng, the Engineer for Blue Springs, Inc. told the Board that he had also prepared the site engineering for Aqua Penn and for Poe Springs and that he is very familiar with CR 340.  He referred to the staff report prepared by Mr. Chumley and pointed out that the application has been found to be in compliance with the Comprehensive Plan.  Mr. Eng also discussed the impact to traffic and stated that the road is presently a “level service D” and the estimated increase in traffic at the highest estimate will bring the traffic count to only 14% for that level of service. 


Commissioner Suggs asked Ms. Davis if the proposed plant will affect the recreational facility.  Ms. Davis explained that the proposed facility is located on the opposite side of CR 340 and that the pipe would not be in the spring itself.  The water will be drawn from wells on the property showing conductivity to the spring. 


Chairman Durden expressed concern regarding the use of the County’s natural resources.  Mr. Williams stated that according to the hydrology reports and the water use permit they do not anticipate there being a change in the overall quantity of water.  Again, Mr. Williams pointed out that the facility would bring additional jobs and tax base to the County.


Mr. Wes Skiles told the Board that there are a variety of agencies monitoring the spring resources.  These agencies include SRWMD, the Department of Environmental Protection and the Florida Geological Survey.  He explained these groups are working together to study a daily discharge from the individual springs and volume of the river.  Mr. Skiles stated that in the future, CR 340 is going to be a growth corridor so there are very realistic concerns about the utilization of this water.  The State is focused on the monitoring and management of the springs in the area.  SRWMD has reviewed the water use permits and is pulling the inactive ones.  The permitted uses include mining, industry, farming and specific uses such as water bottling facilities.  Mr. Skiles advised the spring sheds for Blue Springs and Ginnie Springs represents 240 square miles.  He encouraged the Board to view this request as a positive growth industry setting a precedent and encouraging business growth.  


Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Langford, to transmit the Comprehensive Plan Amendment to DCA.  The motion carried unanimously.  (2/1341)



The meeting recessed at 8:00 p.m. for the Board of Adjustment meeting.



The meeting reconvened at 9:31 p.m.




Bud Riffle, North Gilchrist VFD:


Mr. Bud Riffle, Fire Chief, North Gilchrist VFD, told the Board that the Department plans to expand the conference room in the fire station and to put in air-conditioning.  They intend to use the room for meetings and training.  Mr. Riffle said if they can get approval to expend the funds, the Department will provide the labor.  He advised that he has also talked to Ms. Susan Bryant and she has indicated that she would like to use the building as a voting precinct.  If so, the Department will need to provide two (2) handicapped parking spaces.  Chairman Durden suggested that Mr. Ferguson meet with Mr. Riffle and bring back a recommendation regarding funding.  Mr. Ferguson stated that he would meet with him and bring back a recommendation to the next meeting.  (3/001)


Diane Avery, Solid Waste:


Ms. Diane Avery presented a bid from Gray Construction in the amount of $39,450 for a 25' X 50' metal building.  She advised the specifications were advertised but Gray Construction submitted the only bid.  Considering the amount of the bid, Commissioner Gentry recommended that he work with Ms. Avery in contacting other companies.  The Board agreed.  (3/172)


Ms. Avery advised the Prentice loader was delivered the past week.  She recalled at a previous meeting, the Board approved a concrete slab to dump the C & D on.  She explained that an additional area of 16' X 12' X 6' is needed where the trucks are dumping on the asphalt.  She requested approval to remove the asphalt and replace it with concrete.  The cost will be $2,120.80.  Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Bush, to approve the request.  The motion carried unanimously. (3/255)


Attorney’s Report:


Amended Road Policies – This item is set for a time certain this meeting.  The Board agreed to table it to the July 7th meeting at 2:30 p.m. 


Pending Litigation – Mr. McPherson reported there has been no activity in any of the pending litigations.


Ship Defaults – Mr. McPherson advised he sent demand letters to Kimberly Quincy and Will Mitchell relating to their failure to maintain the SHIP loan homes as their primary residence.  He gave them a deadline of June 20th to reply.  (3/350)


Clerk’s Report:


(Mr. Ferguson presented the Clerk’s report in Mr. Gilliam’s absence.)


Suwannee Valley Leagues, Inc. – Mr. Ferguson advised the Board received a letter from Suwannee Valley Leagues requesting permission to use the firing range for fireworks on July 5, 2003.  Sheriff Turner has indicated that he does not object as long as they obtain the required permits.  Mr. McQueen mentioned last year the Board waived the permit fees.  He advised that Ginnie Springs and another individual came in to get permits on this date for fireworks.  Chairman Duren recommended that the Board request approval from the Sheriff in writing regarding the use of the firing range due to the fact that in the past, use of this property was questionable.  Commissioner Suggs asked Mr. McPherson about the County’s liability.  Mr. McPherson replied that the County’s liability insurance should cover this activity unless there is an exemption listed.  He stated that he would call the insurance company and find out.  Motion by Commissioner Langford, seconded by Commissioner Gentry, to approve the request contingent upon receipt of a letter from Sheriff Turner and findings from Mr. McPherson regarding liability insurance.  Chairman Durden suggested that the issue of fireworks permits be placed on the agenda at a future date to consider requiring these permits to have Board approval.  The motion carried unanimously. (3/365)


Tax Collector – Mr. Ferguson presented the following documents submitted by Mr. Welch.


a) Recap of County held certificates ($11,644.97)

b) E&I Corrections ($7,835.89) 


Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Bush, to accept the recap of County held certificates and the E&I Corrections as submitted.  The motion carried unanimously.  (3/575)


Recommendation/Rock Crusher – Mr. Ferguson advised he has submitted requests for proposals with the local banks for the financing of the rock crusher.  He will bring back a recommendation to the July 7th meeting.  (3/642) 


Public Officials Liability Application – Mr. Ferguson presented the Public Officials Liability Application for the Chairman’s signature.  (3/658)


BellSouth, Contact List – For the Board’s information, Mr. Ferguson referred to a list of contact persons with BellSouth.  (3/658)


Resolution 03-53, SB 1660 – Mr. Ferguson presented Resolution 03-53 for approval.  This resolution requests the Governor to veto CS for CS for SB 1660, an Act relating to community development and planning. 


                                                        RESOLUTION NO. 2003 – 53



Chairman Durden stated this is pertaining to the “Right to Farm Act.”  Commissioner Suggs explained this bill will take away the rights of the counties to place restrictions on agricultural operations.  Mr. McPherson said that this bill is an attempt by the State to limit home-rule authority and the County may want to suggest to the Legislature that counties should have the right to adopt their own regulations.  Chairman Durden stated that he did not agree with the wording of the resolution.  Motion by Commissioner Gentry, seconded by Commissioner Suggs, to approve the resolution.  The motion carried with Commissioner Durden voting “no.”  (3/667)


Analysis of Revenue Options – Mr. Ferguson referred to a copy of the Analysis of Revenue Options provided to the Board and asked that the Commission review it prior to the budget process.  (3/873)


RingPower, Replacement of Grader – Mr. Ferguson referred to a quote received from RingPower for a new grader to replace the one which rolls off in August.  The price is $138,847 and the buyback is $85,000.  The total cost to the County will be $55,847.  Motion by Commissioner Bush, seconded by Commissioner Suggs, to approve the purchase with the buyback.  Commissioner Gentry suggested a temperature cutoff switch be included.  This will cost an additional $1,500 and $150 per year for inspection.  Commissioner Bush amended the motion to include the mercury shut off switch.  The motion carried with commissioner Langford voting “no.” (3/883)


Tax Deed Overage – Mr. Ferguson presented a Tax Deed Sale disbursement for approval.  (Pursuant to Chapter 12-D-12.38, Rules of the State of Florida Department of Revenue, the overage amount is to be transferred to the Board of County Commissioners.)


Tax Deed Application #2002-167

Certificate #98-481

Amount of Disbursement – $6,230.18


Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Langford, to approve the transfer in the amount of $6,230.18 to the Board of County Commissioners.  The motion carried unanimously.  (3/1080)


Soil & Water Conservation – Mr. Ferguson presented Purchase Order #301578 in the amount of $9,352.92 to the Levy County Board of County Commissioners for Gilchrist County’s portion of the salary and benefits to be paid to the Soil & Water Conservation District secretary.  Mr. Ferguson explained the budgeted amount was based on the incorrect figures resulting in a deficit of $1,300.  He referred to Budget Entry #BE3-053 and requested the Board authorize him to transfer $1,300 from General Reserve to the Soil & Water budget.  Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Gentry, to approve the transfer of $1,300 out of General Reserve to the Soil & Water budget.  The motion carried unanimously.  (3/1108)         


RingPower, Purchase Order – Mr. Ferguson presented the following purchase orders to RingPower.


P.O. #301548              Repair Motor Grader, 4MK00796                   $15,300.00

P.O. #301549              Delivery Fee, Loaner 12H Motor Grader          $     300.00


Commissioner Langford objected to paying the delivery fee due to the fact it took the Road Department so much downtime to clean it up.  Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Bush, to pay the $300 delivery fee and the cost of repairs not to exceed $15,300.  Commissioner Langford stated he would agree with the cost of repairs but not the delivery fee.  Commissioner Suggs amended the motion to approve the cost of repairs not to exceed $15,300.  Commissioner Bush seconded the amendment.  The motion carried with Commissioner Gentry and Commissioner Langford voting “no.”


Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Bush, to approve P.O. #310549 for payment of the delivery fee in the amount of $300.  The Board discussed the condition of the grader that was loaned to the Department.  Commissioner Bush stated that he saw the grader when it was delivered and the radiator was clogged up.  The motion failed with Commissioner Bush and Commissioner Suggs voting “yes.”  (3/1157)


Purchase Order, TSE International, Inc. – Mr. Ferguson presented Purchase Order #301593 in the amount of $2,163.50 to TSE International, Inc. for parts for the limber.  Motion by Commissioner Gentry, seconded by Commissioner Suggs, to approve P.O. #301593.  The motion carried unanimously.  (3/1350)


Small County Salary Survey Results – Mr. Ferguson advised the Board has received the results from the Small County Salary Survey and that a copy is on file in the Clerk’s office for review.  (3/1385)


EMA/County Coordinator:


Rejection of CDBG Application – Mr. McQueen advised the County’s CDBG Application has been rejected by DCA due to the fact the notification requirements were not met.  Discussion was held concerning the responsibilities of Jordan and Associates.  Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Gentry, to put together a RFP for a grant writing consultant.  The motion carried unanimously.  (3/1413)


Final Inspection / FRDAP – Mr. McQueen referred to a letter from DEP regarding the final reimbursement for the Hart Springs FRDAP project.  (3/1574)


Waters Lake – Mr. McQueen advised he had met with a representative from the Homeowners Association and he is moving forward with the project.  (3/1588)


SRWMD / Hart Springs – Mr. McQueen advised that he has provided Mr. McPherson a copy of the proposed contract with SRWMD for his review.  The contract is for the pumping and dredging of the springs. (3/1666)


Hart Springs Change Order – Mr. McQueen presented a change order for the contract with Gray Construction for the Hart Springs manager’s residence.  He explained that the change order, in the amount of $2,139.29, is for the 8' X 8' post for the porches.  Motion by Commissioner Suggs, seconded by Commissioner Gentry, to approve payment in the amount of $2,139.29 out of General Reserve.  Commissioner Gentry mentioned that this project is being financed.  Commissioner Suggs amended the motion to approve the payment adding it to the financed amount.  The motion carried unanimously.  (3/1699)


Jail Inspection – Mr. McQueen referred to a recent letter from Sheriff Turner regarding the Jail Inspection.  Mr. McQueen advised he has contacted Ben Barron and he will do the inspection next week.  Mr. Randy Wiggins is currently in the process of becoming certified to do the inspections.  (3/1773)


Gilchrist County Library   Mr. McQueen referred to a letter to the Commission from Ms. Wilma Mattucci regarding the receipt of a counterfeit bill recently.   (3/1814)



Commissioners’ Reports:


Commissioner Suggs advised she will be leaving this week to attend the Florida Association of Counties Conference.  She mentioned that the Hurricane Conference this year was very beneficial.


Commissioner Gentry reported, in regard to Martini Grade, the attorneys for the Langfords have both agreed to the contract for sale and purchase but they have not signed them yet.  Mr. Ray Langford had offered to trade the amount for his payment for the closing of Tyler Grade east of Martini Grade.  Ms. Walling has requested $3,500 for her portion of the right-of-way.  Commissioner Gentry stated he will contact her to negotiate the amount. He also advised that Ms. Carol Mixon has mailed her contract to the County. 


Commissioner Langford mentioned that he received a phone call from the Road Department employees who supervise the inmate crews.  They told him that they have been placed on a 5-day work week schedule.  Commissioner Langford spoke to Mr. Gothard and found out that he and Mr. Martin had decided to change the schedule to best utilized the inmate crews.  They can only have the inmates out 6 hours per day.  Commissioner Langford stated that this should be a supervisors decision.  Chairman Durden stated the difficulty the employees had with the decision was that it occurred right after they received the raise for this position and they felt like they were being punished.  He suggested that maybe all of the Road Department employees go to a 5-day work week to improve production.  Commissioner Langford mentioned that he had a problem with ‘rain days.’ He stated if they work 4 days per week and they work Monday and Tuesday and it rains on Wednesday and Thursday, they are getting paid 40 hours for 20 hours.  They don’t have to come in on Friday and they don’t have to make it up.  He suggested that the Board consider this issue in the future. 


Commissioner Langford advised he has obtained a copy of RingPower’s maintenance checklist for the motor grader.  He will contact them and request that they provide a copy of a daily checklist, a weekly checklist and a monthly checklist.  The grader operators will be required to sign them daily and turn them into a supervisor. 


Commissioner Langford mentioned that the Road Department would like to begin having their mail delivered at their street address. 



Commissioner Langford told the Board that he received a request regarding an amendment to the nudity law. 

Commissioner Gentry suggested that the Commission consider having a County wide maintenance department.  The Board agreed this issue could be considered during the budget process. 


Old Business:



New Business:



There being no further business to discuss, Commissioner Suggs moved to adjourn at 10:45 pm.  The motion was seconded by Commissioner Langford and carried. 






ATTEST:                                                                     Randy Durden, Chairman




Joseph W. Gilliam, Clerk