Gilchrist County Board of County Commissioners Request for Bids for Disaster Recovery and Mitigation Consulting Services- Click Here 

Addendum #1 (11/28/23):


Section 1.10 Response Delivery Location: states that responses must be sent to 209 SE 1st Street, Trenton, FL, 32693. Section 2.4 Submission of Responses states that contractors must submit responses over email. Will the County please confirm that hard copies of the proposal are not required and that proposal responses can be sent VIA email to [email protected] in lieu of a hard copy submission?


Section 2.4 of bid packet is omitted, all submittals must follow section 1.0.



Due to the nature of this contract being for future unknown events, will the County remove the NTE requirement in the pricing form since that amount will be determined based on type of event, damages, and funding? The County will not remove the NTE Requirements


The County will not remove the NTE Requirements


Since this RFP response is a hard-copy submission, bidders will need to print and ship their proposals days before the 12/6 due date. With RFP questions due on 12/1, bidders will likely have already printed and shipped their proposals by the time the Q&A and an addendum are released – which will make it impossible to modify their proposals. Will the County consider extending the due date and changing the submission requirement to email only?


No the due date is already set and the county policy is sealed bids.


Will the County please confirm that bidders can submit an original proposal and a redacted proposal? This requirement was in Section 2.4 which was removed in Addendum #1.


Bidders will only be required to submit and original proposal, no redacted proposal will be required.


Will the County please confirm that documents can be signed using e-signatures (e.g. Docusign)?


The County Does accept e-signatures.


Section 2.2 has several references to a “Buyer’s Website” which can be monitored for amendments, cancellations, and other changing information. Will the County please provide the website address for the Buyer’s Website?


You can go to or the main county website at

Addendum #2 (11/29/23):

Addendum #2 Substitute Page 43


RFP, page 43—The Conflict of Interest form, which we are required to sign and submit, references “the town” in Section I and “Supervisor of Elections, Lee County Florida” in Section II. Will Gilchrist County post a revised form for bidders’ use?


Yes this should reflect Gilchrist County

Addendum #3 (11/29/23):

Addendum # 3 Substitute Page 40 41


RFP, pages 40-41—Under the Insurance Requirements, Additional Insurance Provisions, Items A and B reference “the Town of Fort Myers Beach.” We are asked to verify our compliance with the RFP’s insurance provisions. Will Gilchrist County post an addendum reflecting that respondents would be providing COIs to Gilchrist County?


Yes this should reflect Gilchrist County


One more question please, RFP page 26, Appendix A, Section 3 mentions a Business References form that should be submitted. Can you please advise if this is an error or provide this form for completion?


Please provide a reference from Businesses you have worked with. No form needed.


Does this work cover recovery for any recent events or only for future events?


No this is for future events only.


If there is work involved for recent events, can you please provide an estimated damage amount from Hurricane Idalia (and any other recent events, if any)?




Please confirm that the County is only requesting 1 original hardcopy of the proposal, delivered to the County at the address identified in RFP Section 1.10.


1 Original Hard copy will be sufficient.


Can you please advise if we are permitted to add additional labor categories to the pricing sheet? 


Yes that will be fine.




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